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  1. I took a risk. The guy had no feedback, but he FaceTimed me showing me the AV. I sent him $650 via PayPal, and it was shipped and delivered right away. Anyway, you're right, it was a while ago, 2014. Here is the original thread:
  2. I like it, but they're missing quite a bit. Just off the top of my head they are missing Adventurevision, Atari XEGS, or Lynx (yet they have the Lynx II). Another thing that I found weird was that I could add Bally Astrocade games but not the system. I also tried the manual add feature for the Adventurevision. Was going well, but it forced me to choose from "Select a platform." Since "Entex" or "Other" wasn't on the list, I was forced to abandon. Still, you are correct. It's the best so far and I'm using it. Thank you. Edit: It lists my Vectrex and CIB Xbox 360 as being worth $0. Weird. My CIB RCA Studio II is listed as $507. Way high.
  3. If you RGB-mod the console with Voultar's internal RGB mod it will work just fine with the CD add-on. Most people like to replace the RF output with a Genesis-style 9-pin mini-DIN. Because you can get properly-amplified and mixed stereo output from the CD dock, there's no problem with Voultar's amp not having an audio amp. That's awesome. Do you have a direct link? On his site, I only see a Turbo Duo/R/RX & Supergrafx RGB Kit. https://voultar.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=53
  4. Does Voultar’s RGB bypass board/amp allow me to hook up my CD-ROM to the TG-16? Basically what I'm asking is that I want my TG-16 to have RGB SCART, but I want to keep my CD-ROM attached. Every cable that I've seen plugs into the expansion port, so you can't hook it up and your CD-ROM at the same time. Someone needs to work on a bridge adapter, something that plugs into the TG-16 port, then you put the CD-ROM into that. What are my options if I want RGB with the CD-ROM still hooked up?
  5. I got an Adventurevision a few years ago right here on Atari Age for the incredible low price of $650 shipped. It is worth at least three times that.
  6. RF Generation seems to be good with all of the rare and obscure systems, but what I don't like about it is that it lumps all of your games and consoles together, and no price guide.
  7. I saw a cool Funko Pop! site where you create an account, log on, and then add all your Pop!'s. It then tells you your total Pop! worth, which goes up and down daily. While that's cool, I want something similar for my video games and systems. I downloaded a couple of apps, but I'm not happy with them. GAMEYE looked promising, but what good is it if it's missing the Entex Adventurevision? It's not all that obscure, people have heard of it and it gets the nickname of "Holy Grail" after all, so it shouldn't be missing. The Bally Astrocade wasn't there either, so I stopped after that. Perhaps there are some good sites instead where I can add my collection. Anyone know any?
  8. Do I see a hint on the release date?
  9. I wonder how many votes "Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night" would have got...
  10. Does anyone have any info on this? A guy posted this in 2015. It's an RGB board where you can keep your CD-ROM hooked up to your Turbo Grafx.
  11. I desperately want this, but the link doesn't work. Does anyone have a working link? Or any more info on this?
  12. It's pretty much priceless. I'd trade my Adventurevision plus $3,000 for one in a second.
  13. Any links? eBay came up empty for "Philips cm8833-ll switch and "Commodore monitor switch." Edit: I think I found one. This it? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Netzschalter-Power-Switch-Commodore-Monitore-C64-C128-Amiga-z-B-1084-1901/273833534752?hash=item3fc1c02520:g:6XQAAOSwb2lczE6S
  14. I don't want the value to go up because I want to sell, I just want it to increase my net worth lol! My best investment was spending $650 on an Adventurevision a few years ago. I'd say I at least tripled that.
  15. Then it's like their Mega Man helmet, a total bust. Oh well, at least the MM Press Kit is valuable.
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