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  1. If you ever find it and can transfer the file, please let me know.
  2. 2) Just out of curiosity, why is there a limit to monochrome when he punches?
  3. I might have to change that by testing out my capture card!
  4. Zap!

    House Party

    My friend Joe bought this for me on Thursday, and so far I can't put it down. It's a Windows game available on Steam. Basically, you're invited to a house party by your buddy Derek. When you start the game, you're inside the house and don't know anyone except him. Your goal is to make new friends and hook up. Picture a less cheesy Leisure Suit Larry meets American Pie. It's a fantastic game, and it really makes me miss being in my late teens and early 20's, because I went to many house parties then and had a blast. So, has anyone played it?
  5. Lol, no I always lived in NYC. Do you still own a copy?
  6. Hotdog. It was from the late 80's, 1989 being the latest, but it could have been old then. It was a complete ripoff of Lemonade Stand, only that you sell hotdogs instead. Probably for Apple II. No one remembers this game, not even Google.
  7. Amazing work! Can't wait to play this!
  8. Sadly, no. I need one at attaches to the CD-ROM. With the one listed on eBay, you can't use the CD-ROM with it.
  9. My guess is that it helps you more when you pull it out.
  10. Wow, that's awful! With such an expensive collection though, he had to have cameras everywhere. I just can't fathom having a collection worth at least 10-20 times what I own (and I'm over 25k) and not having cameras. It's a cheap install.
  11. Yearly thread bump! Any updates? This game is fantastic. Would love to see just a couple of bugs fixed.
  12. Good morning everyone! Today is August 13th, and important date that I remember every year. It's the 27 year anniversary of Geese Howard's death in the original Fatal Fury! Don't believe me? Well here ya go!
  13. No diagonal sword swinging is a huge letdown, but putting that aside it's a fantastic game. Neutopia 2 addressed this issue. Speaking of Zelda clones (I don't consider it a true clone but many others do), ever play Golvellius on the Sega Master System? Now that's a game with poor control.
  14. There are at least four revisions of The Revenge Of Shinobi on the Genesis. What stinks is there's no way to tell without putting in the cartridge and playing it. The box, instructions, and cart look the same.
  15. Atari, Intellivision, and Colecovision did it pretty well until the crash. The NES, Genesis, and Super Nintendo were all selling well in 1992 too. As for the Wii "doing its own thing," do you make the same argument for the Switch? After all, it's very unique. Also, sometimes the also-rans are more awesome than the mainstreams. Just look at the Bally Astrocade, Odyssey 2, Vecrex, Sega Master System, Turbo Grafx, Neo-Geo, and Dreamcast. Mmm, I'm getting excited.
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