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  1. Damn I didn't see this until now because it wasn't in the Classic Computing section (mods please move). With that being said, the X68000 has been a dream of mine for a while. Prices are not only high, but even with the money they are pretty hard to find on eBay complete. One day soon hopefully.
  2. Awesome, thanks. Any idea when you will be taking orders?
  3. This! For me too it was my first King's Quest game. I first played in in 1992 for my Atari ST, and to this day I still have it, boxed and mint. It is probably my favorite KQ game, although I also had great fun with KQ V.
  4. This is an absolutely fantastic game. I will buy it in a second and promote it on my sites, but a few minor changes need to take place: 1) Pressing escape just quits. Please make a "Quit? Y/N" option after escape is pressed, in case of an accidental press. 2) Am I missing a joystick option? Playing with a keyboard is decent, but I'd love to play with a joystick. 3) The map. When I press the map button, please add a blinking cursor so I know where I am. Also, disable movement while on the map screen, because if you press left or right, you will actually move. Do these simple changes and you will have an A++ game. I plan to review this on my Twitch real soon.
  5. Just beat Super Castlevania IV on my Twitch Channel. I like to complete it from start to finish every year or so.
  6. Do you know if this one does? https://www.ebay.com/itm/BAKU-BK-601D-110V-SMD-Brushless-Heat-Gun-Soldering-Iron-Station-with-Stand-700W/172602609533?_trkparms=aid%3D1110001%26algo%3DSPLICE.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20200603055202%26meid%3D305ac90d7d924d6c940af6c237a6a9d3%26pid%3D101111%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D12%26mehot%3Dpp%26sd%3D303586984190%26itm%3D172602609533%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2563228&_trksid=p2563228.c101111.m2109
  7. I still wish that I could find one that has the option of changing Celsius to Fahrenheit.
  8. I know that Dave hasn't logged on here since June 25, 2004, but here's something that will hopefully find its way to him anyway somehow. I just made this little Twitch stream where I played several of his games on my Mega STE with Ultrasatan. Dave was my PD/Shareware idol in the early to mid 90's. I think that I can truly speak for all of us by saying thank you for all of the incredible memories that you have given us. You are truly the King of ST PD/Shareware, and an inspiration to us all.
  9. Awesome, I can't wait for this, totally interested!
  10. Ever watch 90 Day Fiancé? These people meet someone online and date them for up to a few years before they finally meet. I doubt they consider them strangers lol. Me personally? I'm in the middle. For the most part, I agree that people I've never met are strangers, but if I talk to them on the phone or FaceTime them, then I no longer consider them strangers. That's just me though.
  11. Thanks, didn't know about that nickname. The Tandy is one of the few classic computers that I have zero experience with. One day maybe...
  12. What's a Coco? I tried Google, but all that came up was a movie and hot chocolate.
  13. The Jaguar. I didn't want to, but it was the Summer of 1994 and I was jobless, and I started to get into PC's. I got an IBM XT for free and fell in love. While awesome, I needed far more power. I traded my Jaguar (that I had gotten for Christmas 1993) for a 386 and VGA monitor to legendary NYC BBSer Saor, aka Xodus. It was a pretty good deal at the time and I had zero regrets.
  14. I just started. It's pretty cool, I've been short-streaming for now while I fine tune it.
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