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  1. The US version. The official US release date of the Neo-Geo was October 25th, 1990, but it was scarce then. My serial number is 90A followed by 011604.
  2. I even scanned the receipt to prove it.
  3. I haven't seen any clones of this yet, not even on AliExpress. I was a bit surprised because Everdrive clones are (or were) all the the place there.
  4. Wow, that's odd. What's behind it, and what's holding it on? Solder?
  5. You're welcome! 29 years, my how time flies! I'm good and yourself? Not much new though lol. I see this is still one of the busiest threads on all of AA.
  6. Today marks the 29th anniversary of Geese Howard's fall from grace. Next year's the big one!
  7. Just be grateful that you never got the infamous "Out of heap space" error in CoC. I played till almost the very end and got it on my Atari ST. As in 99% complete. I couldn't get past it and never actually finished it. I consider it a beaten game with an asterisk; there was nothing else I could have done and it happened through no fault of my own, so I consider it a win lol. KQIV is amazing, although it being my first KQ game I'm a little biased. Yeah, it was released in 1988 IIRC.
  8. If any old Sierra game needs a VGA update, it's CoC and KQIV. They are my favorite Sierra games ever. A shame they didn't update them for VGA.
  9. I pre-ordered on Friday the 30th, and it said it'll ship in early 2022. To those of you that ordered Thursday, did it say yours will ship in late 2021?
  10. That's an awesome story! Only one weekend to complete it? Man, I remember it talking me the whole Summer of 1991 or so lol!
  11. What was it for? MS-DOS? What year would you say you played it? It sorta fits the description of the aforementioned Monster Bash.
  12. I got mine yesterday. While I didn't yet really dive into the instructions and maps yet, I can tell they're pure quality. Played on the easiest level so far. Looks amazing in RGB on my PVM! Next up I might do a YouTube or Twitch of me playing.
  13. I just got a Microsoft green-eyed mouse, which was the first mouse they ever put out. It was listed for $79.95 obo, and as untested and scratched up. I offered $60 and he accepted. Well, I plugged it in and it works like a charm! Even better yet it cleaned right up with some Windex and Magic Eraser. So excited, it really fits the XT’s look and time period. Also use the WiFi232 to go online and on the BBS'. Next up, maybe a sound card and some games that take advantage of the mouse.
  14. I already checked my spam folder, and that e-mail address is still getting mail. Hmm, I'll switch it to another address. Maybe the change will spark a reset? Edit: Ok, just changed my e-mail address. Someone please reply to this so I can test notifications.
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