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  1. There are so many, but one that I was just thinking about was One Must Fall 2097. I played the hell out of this game, and it had amazing music! Wow, I just realized at 0:44 that the robot dabs when victorious! We might have found the inventor!
  2. You are totally right, I misread the title. lemme edit it with something else.
  3. Crazy coincidence, I just found a link to your game just now while browsing archive.org: https://archive.org/details/Cliffall_game
  4. Update: For the most part, everything is working properly. Shout outs to all who of those have helped me in this thread, especially wierd_w. He not only generously sent me a free package of goodies, but also spent hours of his time in PM's and on the phone helping me. Much appreciated! So right now I have the 386 running DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.1. Added hardware is a Sound Blaster 16 and a CD-ROM. Accessories are my old Gravis GamePad, which I just took apart and cleaned. The HD is a 2gb CompactFlash to IDE adapter. Since DOS can't format such large sizes normally, it was formatted in EZ-Drive. Stuff to get done: 1) A serial mouse. My PS/2 to Serial adapter did not work with my PS/2 mouse, so one is in the mail. Not having a mouse is severely holding me back in Windows. 2) Remove that battery and replace it with a modern solution. I dread this, but I know that I have to do it. Miraculously, it's still holding a charge. 3) Get the Sound Blaster 64AWE that's coming in the mail. 4) Possibly get it connected online with WiFi232 or something similar. Stuff I can't figure out: When formatted with EZ-Drive, it can not detect both the A and C drives together. When I boot to the HD and I insert a disk in A, it lights up for several seconds, but doesn't make any noise and I get that abort, retry, fail message. The A drive works fine however. On a boot disk, it boots right up in A. However, then I can not see the C drive. What's odd is that the B drive always works when either the A or C drives boot up. It's the same story when formatted in Disk Manager. But when I format it in MSDOS, all drives work together just fine. But I can't do that, because it only formats in 120mb or so. Very weird. Any suggestions? Anyway, here's a pic from last night!
  5. Unfortunately I had to get ready for work, so the last time I used the 386 was for 10 minutes of Pharaor’s Tomb. 😎 I am off tomorrow though, can't wait to check!
  6. Well, the longer floppy cable arrived today, allowing me to hook up two drives at once. At first the 5 1/2” B: drive didn’t read. I cleaned the heads and popped in an old disk that I had. Wow!
  7. I got my Atari Mega STE online about two years ago. I use something called the WiFi232. It was a lot of fun going online BBS's after all of these years. Wonder if it would work in DOS...
  8. Thanks so much, and PM me your PayPal and shipping costs. I actually was a massive DOS gamer starting in 1993. A little late on the scene, but I still have plenty of old disks. Yay!
  9. Actually scratch that, it works. It was a bad disk. I formatted another one, look: Well, that’s one major problem solved.
  10. Btw, I opened and cleaned the floppy. When promoted for a disk, when I press a key it’ll spin, but that center thing won’t move up and down. It also appears to be spinning very slowly, and is very quiet. The message on screen is “DISKETTE BOOT FAILURE.” I guess add a floppy drive to the list of things I’ll be needing lol.
  11. Yup, I posted the wrong cable, doh!
  12. Thanks, it's been so long I had forgotten. I found an excellent pic that I included, I'm gonna go change the cables around after I eat something. I think they are wrong anyway, since the A: drive light always stays on. I'm going back like 27 years, but I think that means backwards. I have a good disk cleaner that I used with 91% isopropyl alcohol last night on my Pentium II laptop. After that I made a boot disk with a brand new 3 1/2" floppy. Gonna try it soon with the floppy cables correctly inserted. If I get any read errors on the 386, I'll try the same. The 5 1/4 appears to be insanely loud. I'm gonna have to give it maintenance. I tried two old IDE HD's that were in my drawer. One was insanely loud, and both didn't work. They tried to read, but didn't. Too bad, one was from that era or so, 1.2gb. The problem can also be in my bios. To set the HD, there are only 47 choices. Here's another pic. Notice the disk drive order there too. Then again, both drives may be dead. That might be why I replaced them in the first place.
  13. It was likely a defective card. I contacted the seller, waiting on his/her reply. It started smoking. I quickly turned off the PC but the damage was done to the CD->IDE adapter. There is damage to the back. In the meantime, I'm going to look for a an old IDE hard drive. I have one somewhere, thanks for that offer weird_w. I'll keep you posted. Also, in regard to changing boot order of the 5 1/4" and 31/2?": This is done in BIOS, correct? Finally, I have tried a few floppy programs of both drives. None ran. Is this because I need a boot disk, or should they load anyway? That old "abort, retry, fail" keeps showing up...
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