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  1. I would think that the Unicorn would be much faster than all of the cartridge-based solutions like NetUSBee, isn't it?
  2. You're correct. That's what I had, a working prototype. I abandoned it because of the lack of speed. Why 384x240 screen resolution? I probably should have made it clear that this was the screen resolution (low rez RGB overscan). I received my developer Falcon030 in 1992, and did most of my development on it in the early 1990's before most people, and even before the internet was available. So I'm sure I gave up too quickly on having it run at a decent frame rate. Oh, and about Comanche... I also worked at Nova Logic. They set up the developers with very fast PC's. This ensured that the games had the best looking graphics. But, I speculate that many people may have felt that their frame rate problem was that they needed to upgrade their PC--not that the game itself was too taxing for their system. In other words, I don't think it was just those data disks. It looked to me like frame rate was an issue for the average user even for new releases. After having a conversation here, it makes me want to resurrect my Jag and Falcon dev kits and start coding on them again. If I weren't so busy with my current job and project, I would dig everything out right now!
  3. Even if I don't have exactly what you're looking for, I'm certain I have my own version buried deep in the abyss of my archives. For my ATARI Falcon030 version, this was 16-bit pixel depth, 384x240 and horribly slow. I had just given up on making it playable when I met Jeremy at the 1995 E3 and saw Phase Zero, which was very playable. They got speed by lowering the resolution of the height-mapping. I hadn't considered bringing the resolution down for speed because Nova Logic had Comanche (another voxel-based game engine), which looked like it was at a decent resolution.
  4. I just happened upon this post, and hadn't seen it before now. I did not program the ATARI Jaguar game engine for Phase Zero. I just wanted to clarify that. I was hired by Hyper Image to do the Sega Saturn version since I had experience with developing pixel-aligned height mapping engine (or voxels) on other ATARI system. This was an in-house project that sadly, was cancelled. As far as having any source code for the original Jaguar version, the guys at Hyper Image (GREAT bunch of guys by the way!) gave me a few parting gifts, but I don't recall if it included Phase Zero source code or not. The other assembly language guy there was Otavio. If you can find him, he may help tack it down. Or, if anybody is still following this thread and has hit dead ends, PM me and I'll make setting up my ATARI dev stuff again a priority to see if any of the code made it into my storage.
  5. Sorry for the delay, I forgot to reply with my happiness! Yes. That would be great since I just received my Incognito and hope that will allow me to use your burner (really XE/XL compatible?). I definitely would like to get dibs on one for sure.
  6. I'm looking for: Soundpool ADAT Soundpool MO 4 Steinberg SMP II
  7. I'm looking to re-create the creation of ATARI 800 cartridges with original ATARI hardware. This means, even though I new burner connected to a PC is better, the point is to re-create the experience. At this point, I need the burner itself. I understand that one of these will work: Thompson Electronics Proburner Radical Systems Cartridge Maker CSS Super E-Burner Gang Super E-Burner Or, any other eprom burner that attaches to an original ATARI 800. I'm not picky about how new the burner is, as long as it only requires the ATARI 800 & 810 etc. NOTE: IF THIS POST GETS OLD, PLEASE STILL INQUIRE!
  8. I'm looking to buy these items: Soundpool ADAT Interface Soundpool “Sample Rate Converter” Soundpool MO4 Steinberg SMPII Please reply or email me. My email provider is yahoo and my user name is duckman_079.
  9. I have a version of DynaCADD which is something like 2.06 and is copywriter 1989 or 1990. I'm looking to find out what the version number is for their latest ATARI release. I read it was in 1993 and Falcon030 compatible. Does anybody know what this version number is? If so, where I can find a copy (I have a dongle/key, so it doesn't have to be cracked)?
  10. I'm looking for: STEINBERG Falcon Digital Interface STEINBERG Falcon Analog 8 with any hardware that would come with these. With or without Cubase Audio. Contact me at duckman_079 <at> yahoo dot com.
  11. haha! Kinda like when I used to restore muscle cars... only the collectors keep the bias ply tires and original batteries in their cars. People who actually own them to drive know that the original delco batteries will spew acid all over the engine compartment, etc :-P
  12. I was able to find it (and possibly EVERYTHING else?) here. You need to wade through the French, but it was pretty intuitive. I found it and downloaded both disk images successfully, although the D/L speed was pretty atrocious! Good luck! --Timster-- Hey, thanks a lot! I've downloaded them and just need to copy them to floppy and we'll be playin 4 players on my HDTV YAY!! Again, thanks a lot!!
  13. Hey, I have a store bought version of Gauntlet 2 for the Atari ST which stopped working. Does anyone know where I can download this game?
  14. Falcon 4 megs ST, 8 megs Blowup RAM 36mhz Falcon CT60, 16 megs ST, 64 megs TT 66mhz
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