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  1. Got a copy of H.E.R.O. for Atari 2600 in pretty great condition. Only two spots on the top right corner, overall the cart is in amazing condition. I'll be willing to trade torwards any SNES or NES I do not have (list of what I need below), or PAL SNES exclusives or Super Famicom Games. If you don't have any of that just make me a money offer. Games I'm looking for: http://www.nintendoage.com/index.cfm?FuseAction=My.Collection.Edit&clId=30730&pId=4&bAvailable=0&etID=1 http://www.nintendoage.com/index.cfm?FuseAction=My.Collection.Edit&clId=32345&pId=1&bAvailable=0&etID=1
  2. I'm looking to add a copy of Harvest Moon for SNES to my collection. Doesn't even have to be in good condition, I just want to get a copy. Willing to pay a good price, if you have one let me know. Thanks!
  3. I need to clear some space with gaming items so I'm selling my Microvision and 2 games. Unfortunatley I cannot get the system to display a picture, however the games sound effects were working. The system itself is in great condition and the box is in great shape aswell. Star Trek is missing its manual and the box has duct tape across it but the game itself is in great condition as well. I'm not sure if this is fixable or not, but everything is in nice shape. I have no idea what these are worth now, so if anyone is interested just shoot me an offer. Thanks.
  4. Got a couple things I'm looking to clear out of the house. I will trade anything here for NES/SNES/Genesis games I don't have. Let me know what you have and we'll work something out NES Carts: Will trade these 1 for 1 with any NES game I don't already have SNES Carts:
  5. I've had a 2600 Jr and a ton of games for years but no ac to test them all out. Somebody hook me up so I can get to playing!
  6. I'm looking for a couple SNES uncommons. Cart only is great. Here's what I'm looking for: 3 Ninjas Kick Back Aerobiz Supersonic Bebe's Kids (pending) Brainies Chavez II (pending) Fun 'n Games Incantation Oscar Pieces Ren & Stimpy Show: Fire Dogs Sonic Blast Man 2 Super Solitaire Zero: The Kamikazee Squirrel Thanks!
  7. I'm trying to hook up my 2600 Jr but the ac that came with is the wrong one(doesn't fit.) Is there any other systems I can use for my power supply so I don't have to buy one? Thanks
  8. I'll personally saw these with my own eyes; Ben's a great guy and he takes good care of his games!
  9. Bought a game off him, it came really quickly and was shipped very well. He also responded with any questions I had very fast. Would not hesitate to do business with again!
  10. If it has a game or two, I'd say that would be reasonably priced.
  11. I'm looking to buy a resonably priced TurboGrafx-16 and some games. I don't need a box for the system and HuCard only games are fine.
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