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  1. guess I might be the odd one out, but I like Rezolve, especially as an original title, rather than a port or a sequel.
  2. 30,356 standard 9,496 expert (had to at least try hehehe)
  3. cool, i've been waiting for a good time to make a comeback, maybe this is the season!
  4. Interesting, wasn't there something said years ago about an online portal where you can verify your previous purchase? He would set something up to get your information, in an effort to sort out all the XM preorder stuff going on? I still have my email from like 2010
  5. Don Rickles tonight at the Saban Theater 1/30/2016!

    1. retrorandy


      Nice, would be cool to see him. My friend went to a show about a year or two ago and enjoyed it. :)

    2. Jess Ragan

      Jess Ragan

      It's gonna be Morphinominal™!

  6. basketbrawl, crazy brix, jr pac man, one on one, mario bros, space invaders
  7. I chimed in on the 'spring break' forum, not sure what the status is. Just dusted my 7800 off and started playing again after a couple-months hiatus.
  8. yeah, the telegames doesn't have the diamond knurl like that, either. I've never seen that one.
  9. O'shea was so awesome. I went years with a paltry 7800 collection, then BAM, found O'shea.
  10. anyone up for bringing back the HSC?
  11. like available download or available cart? either way, pretty cool. (I see the download)
  12. My brother and I did the old lemonade-stand thing to earn money to buy Titlematch when we were kids in the late 80s. I believe we acquired Ikari Warriors in a similar fashion. Oh the memories! As far as the game itself, Titlematch leaves a lot to be desired. Still, I'm nostalgic for it, and I do still play it once in a while. I'd give it a 'meh' to balance my own emotions with the gameplay. Kung Fu Master came later, during the ebay era. I believe it was one of the last 5 or so original 7800 games I had to purchase for my collection to be basically complete (I think only Mean 18, Tank Command and Motor Psycho came later for me). I do like it, but it seems like it should have utilized the 2nd button. No biggie. Somewhere between meh and solid.
  13. 126,070 double dragon. the other high score members here inspired me to actually play through this game again. we got a great group of 7800 fans here! on a side note, this is one of the few 7800 games that I had as a kid, 'back in the day'.
  14. looks like I beat my old high score record: 116,230 Double Dragon.
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