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  1. Wow, I thought your being a little hyperbolic about the time it took for the game to build the data files, @hlorberg. You definitely were not.
  2. ...including an EPROM that you made for me That project 600XL is next to the desk now, waiting on me to get a soldering station to remove chips from an XE and XEGM. I hope the cartridge arrived ! If you have had challenges with her Atari based unit a neophyte like me would probably pull out what is left of his hair learning it and I can’t afford that 😂 This is very good information. Thank you! It would be great to have the ability to easily switch firmware with the flip of a switch. I have little in the way of original software on floppy that may be copy protected or the like, but it would be nice to have so that I could help dump some disks if the need arises. I’m medically retired and have the time to put towards doing something like that that many people do not have. Thus far the Indus has only been used for making Fast Basic, Advan BASIC, QUICK, and storage floppies for them and Actiion!. After being spoiled with the 125kb speeds via RespeQT/AspeQT, an SIO2PCUSB, and the SysCheck 2.2 from Nezgar, I’m more than ready to kick the Indus GT into high gear. If only my wallet agreed 😂 I’d be more happy getting some Atari stuff refurbished and the VW New Beetle back on the road. I’ve talked to tf_hh via email and he was EXTREMELY nice and helpful. Guys like him help with hobbies more than they can realize. I do hope to use a postal method of something other than Deutsche Post/USPS, however, after ordering a couple of C64 things from a seller in Germany. The D.P. got it to the handoff point in two or three days ordered on December 27th or 28th). The USPS stuck it in a container on January 1st. Yesterday the USPS postman marked it that there was no recipient available on his electronic gizmo, even though there were three of us at home between the two houses at my address. There wasn’t even an address for me for the first 20 years I was at this location and I never missed a single piece of mail...but I knew the postman very well. Now if my number gets drawn in the Mega Millions or Power Ball (I only play with change, do not very often) I will have a collection for the ages by summer Maybe a Ferrari, too
  3. Thank you, xbrevin, that will be a valuable resource for me! Don't buy them all...save one for me I can't wait to get a proper desk setup again myself. I've got a temporary solution, err mess, that is farrrrrrrr from optimal. Soon, soon I hope to get something better. Thank you also for the recommendation on the TL-866! It appears I overpaid Uncle Sam, so I'm getting the EPROM burner, soldering station, and associated goodies pretty soon. I'm certain I will probably need to ask you guys more Indus questions. The lady of the house legit LOL because I call the Indus GT a sexy beast More great info, Gunstar, thank you! I've looked at her EPROM burner. I dig it. I'm not sure whether to do that or not. Maybe I should get one of each
  4. In my price range Awesome! Thank you.
  5. Necro bump. @slx, did you get your Indus GT upgraded? If so, which ROM version did you end up using? I now have (finally!) an Indus GT and want to upgrade it in a few weeks. I’m going to order a few things from tf_hh, including his 64KB RAM upgrade for the Indus GT. It would probably be best for me to procure an EPROM burner, too, as there are other projects coming up this spring and summer that would benefit from buying one - to the point of breaking even pretty quickly. Can anyone recommend an economical EPROM burner? I’ve done cursory searches, but don’t have the experience to know which is which.
  6. Thank you, @hloberg! I will check this out this afternoon.
  7. @hloberg do you have a link to the correct atr/BASIC file? I’d like to check it out, too. You probably already know this, but if you’re using Altirra you can put the virtual Atari into high gear by pressing F1 The old Atari running at 2000% is pretty fast
  8. Bumpity bump. I have been searching AtariAge for SIO jacks, hoping to find another one or two.
  9. This is a *very* clean install! It does indeed look like it rolled out of the factory. Beautiful machine!
  10. Me either I’ll be happy camper when I get my 07 Beetle back on the road It looks a bit funny with my huge body in that little car I do hope to grab another Indus GT in a couple of months and order a couple of 64K kits from tf_hh for them. Good times!
  11. Me either I’ll be happy camper when I get my 07 Beetle back on the road It looks a bit funny with my huge body in that little car I do hope to grab another Indus GT in a couple of months and order a couple of 64K kits from tf_hh for them. Good times!
  12. This sexy beast showed up today. I’ve been wanting one since first seeing them in advertisements almost 37 years ago.
  13. @fred Hit me with your mailing address via PM and I will send you something out Wednesday or Thursday.
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