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  1. ...testing it now I am quickly becoming addicted to using the cross compiler. Later on on Sunday I plan on playing with the new PROCedure parameter passing. Thank you so much for this awesome software, @dmsc!!!!! Edit: Holy cow, the speedup on certain things using the cross compiler is amazing...
  2. Nice setup, @Gunstar! I have such a soft spot for the Indus GT. BITD I luster after them, but never had the $. When I had the $, I was too busy playing baseball, partying hard, and chasing girls 😂 I have two, too I’m going to make that four of them this year, just because that is what I wanted way back then. I don’t have much use for them, pragmatically speaking, but ehhh.
  3. Speaking of @dmsc’s amazing work, I was notified an hour ago of a new Fast Basic v4.5 release candidate Thank you for the awesome work, Daniel!! https://github.com/dmsc/fastbasic/releases/tag/v4.5-rc To the original question, I LOVE Turbo BASIC XL, but if you need to wring more performance out of a BASIC program, Fast Basic will definitely gain you a good deal of performance in most areas. This evening I was playing around with Fast Basic V4.4, TBXL, and Advan BASIC, just testing how many times it would read a joystick and print the STICK(0) results at 0,0 on a GR. 2+16. Nothing else was going on, just reading STICK(0) and printing that value at 0,0 for 15 seconds in a WHILE/WEND loop. Fast Basic does a little over twice the # of iterations (averaged about 3,600). This was directly on real hardware.
  4. Post pics, please The Indus GT is the coolest looking disk drive ever made, IMO. Also, if anyone that sees this has one they’d like to sell, hit me up
  5. Antonia 4MB, but I’ve not installed it yet. I really want a couple of U1MB upgrades, too - thinking we overpaid Uncle Sam, so a couple of U1MB should come true soon I have a couple of SysCheck V2.2 that I absolutely love, since it has the easiest possible installation and is so easy to swap between machines
  6. ...evidently the PICO has lots of overclocking headroom. The guys at the Raspberry Pi forums are saying it will hit 436Mhz 😳 Thank you for the info on how to prepare the UnoCart board for low cost programming The biggest issue for me is that I have no clue how to interact with the accelerator version of the UnoCart. I understand where in memory regular carts are mapped, TRIG3, etc., but I wouldn’t what to do from there.
  7. The demos on your YouTube channel using the UnoCart as an accelerator of sorts is amazing. It buy another UnoCart to use for that purpose...if I knew how to utilize it
  8. If I remember, I will ask the guys in a retro Zoom meeting we are having tomorrow if they know of sorting algorithms. Past that, I will look through some of the Holmes disks and see if anything pops up. Sorting is about the first real software thing I remember studying in my first computer class 40 years ago.
  9. The only necessary things are food and water After that, shelter and clothing. Everything else is icing on the cake
  10. This is a problem I’ve discovered in several dozen images I’ve converted and discarded. There was so much blue in the sky, along with a few puffy clouds here and there, that it just doesn’t work out for me on the Atari. It would be really cool to see a VBXE version of Rastaconverter
  11. ...and a fantastic option at that! dmsc has done a great job with FB.
  12. In non-COVID times, being routed to Puerto Rico shouldn't matter, since it is a part of the United States.....BUT! the United States Postal Service service is a total clusterf*** now. I just received a couple of little things from the city where the closest USPS distribution facility is to me (only ~80 miles south of me) and it took 5 business days plus a weekend.
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