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  1. I’ve used privacy dot com for virtual debit card purposes a few times this year without issue. I haven’t setup a PayPal account in ages (my accounts are ancient), but it seems like you should be able to link the virtual debit card to PayPal, without bank info?
  2. Bumping it to the top. I would like to purchase an XL variant, if they are available.
  3. Jose, that is usually performed by PayPal on the sender. There is a small fee from PayPal, plus the exchange rate from the GBP/USD/etc to the Euro. If you change you mind, I have some duplicate 400/800 carts within an arms' reach of me that I'd gladly sell and have the funds forwarded to you. I have a few people that owe me some not insignificant amounts of money from previous business dealings and when/if I collect on it, I am Europe bound to see some relatives in the Cumbria, Northumberland, and County Durham areas of England, and a few spots in Scotland before visiting Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and then head east to see the Dead Sea (my passport expired a good while back and I've never renewed. I would LOVE to catch up with some of the AtariAge guys and share a pint. And if any of you huys are ever in the Southern Appalachian region of the Southeastern United States, give me a holler and I will feed you one of the gigantic American entrees It makes me smile at the response from this small section of AtariAge
  4. You have PayPal from me, too, Jose. I empathize 100% with your issues.
  5. I got a 1050 dirt cheap a couple of days ago, knowing it needed work. I guess since it is nearly 2020 it is time to learn to work on them
  6. Is there a beta available from the last month or so? I’d love to to try it out if there is one (it seems I have a beta from around the middle of August). It has been unusually warm here for this time of year, but that trend is supposed to break in a few days and autumn will bring her cooler weather With that, I’m healed from this summer’s medical procedures, and would like to help some more soon. I’d be happy to help some more with the manual (I have found mistakes I made), samples and snippets, etc. Browsing a local thrift store netted me another dirt cheap Dell E6230. 25 dollars in and I’ve got a nice little dedicated Atari emulator laptop. I finally setup a real 800XL and 1050 a few days ago, along with an SIO2PC USB cable and booted Fast Basic first (image below). It was surreal to use it on a physical, real Atari. I would be happy as a pig in poop to help in any manner I can.
  7. https://www.atariarchives.org/ is an indispensable online library of essential Atari literature. De Re Atari and Mapping The Atari are basically canonical.
  8. I’ve got three 1200XL machines, but only one here handy at home. The other two are buried deep in storage. A few days ago was the first time I had ever even plugged in and turned on. I thought the video output quality was bad on my 800XL machines. I’ve read for years, err decades now, about the keyboard issues. Sure enough, about 1/4 aren’t functioning. The 1200XL is my favorite Atari 8 bit from a looks perspective. I hope to do some mild upgrades (keyboard repair, Ultimate 1MB, clearer video output of one flavor or another, SIO 5V). I’ve got a bunch of C64s, but haven’t messed with them in more than a decade. I did unearth a couple of 128s this summer. I’m going to set it up this autumn or winter at my cabin, along with the 1200XL, CoCo 3, and similar
  9. Nothing wrong with this tune, but “most advanced” is highly subjective.
  10. @Scatter, this may be the correct link. There are some patched ROMs in the thread.
  11. Thank you for the link! I will try that out in a little bit. Looks cool and makes me wish I had an 810. It was a pain in the ass, but I got the outer heatshrinked off of my cable and connected the CTS wire. The shell around the USB connector was loose, so I popped it off. There was a loose wire at a solder joint. I fixed it and super glued the shell shut. I made a TBXL disk and it boots and all, so I’m a happy camper. SIO speeds are improved over the prior incarnation. This 1050 definitely needs to be made Happy, however. Edit: Retrobits has an article about 1200XL keyboards being wonky and a guide to repair them. I pulled out one of my 1200XLs two days ago and some of the keys do not work. This is quite helpful!
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