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  1. Hmm, I will play about with a few ideas and send them over pretty soon. Things have been a bit turbulent here, but have hopefully settled down for a while. I agree 100% on the points you raised. P.S: looking forward to seeing something about Fast Basic on the Compy CLC-88 one of these days over at the Catrin Labs website
  2. I'm in for at least one; two if the price isn't exorbitant.
  3. ..I just typed it incorrectly here, but had it correctly in my code, but thank you in any case, vitoco. Now that I got a little sleep and are feeling a bit better health wise, time to play around with this little project some more and mess about with using the old TextPlot machine language code from Compute's First Book of Atari Graphics. Have a great evening!
  4. I don't recall why I started doing it that way. Just three or four weeks ago I found some old code on a floppy from late 88 or early 89 (saved on an XF551, which I bought very soon after they were released in the U.S.A.) and it was similar back then. Now I will always remember Preppie when working on this stuff
  5. Just in case someone comes across this thread in the future, some quick results testing the above (removing the synchronizing PAUSE above) and using a simple WHILE TIME<900 [15 seconds] WEND loop and moving the joystick for the entire time. Fast Basic V4.5... Using binary operations for the flag variables XF/YF XF=(ST&8=0)-(ST&4=0) YF=(ST&2=0)-(ST&4=1) averages 1,965 iterations in 15 seconds over three runs using the code as listed in OP averages 1,598 iterations in 15 seconds over three runs Using binary operations and the Windows cross compiler averages 2,296 iterations in 15 seconds over three runs
  6. That is an extremely impressive ten liner, @vitoco ! Wow!
  7. @dmsc, I will help some more on the manual! All of the previous work and a lot more I had done was on a laptop that was stolen a few months back. Just let me know what I need to do! Thank you very much for this new version! I am really impressed by the speed increases using the cross compiler.
  8. Great idea, Culo! I can do whatever needs to be done There are a couple of games that I've been working on a little bit here and there, but this isn't part of it except for..... this was just a quick exercise to see how much quicker it was to use PEEK(632) vs STICK(0), so as to have more time to other stuff in the main loop on one game. It is more than 30% faster to just read 632 than use STICK(0). Now that you guys have helped me, I will also try it on the cross compiler version later this evening and gain some more As far as the different screen widths, the one thing I've working on is something like Cosmic Ark for the Atari 2600. It will use GR.1.
  9. Ahh, I see now, thank you! Man, I hadn't slept in almost two days when I was working on that and it was driving me mad I generally use binary operations, but hadn't stuck them in yet.
  10. ...I suppose it is applicable across different versions of BASIC, but I'm working in the newest version of Fast Basic V4.5RC1 from @dmsc. This is just a test, moving a character across a GR.12+16 screen. I am using PEEK(632), as it is ~30% faster and POKEing the character directly to the screen. All works as expected, except when moving right. Using the inbuilt POSITION works fine. I'm a chronic insomniac and having a severe brain fart right now and can't see what is wrong. I know if it was a snake it would've bitten me by now. Could someone point me to my error, please? ' some variables are ' for later ' OX/OY are old X/y ' X=20:Y=12:OX=X:OY=Y MF=0:XMF=0:YMF=0 XF=0:YF=0 GRAPHICS 12+16 SCR=DPEEK(88) ' set the char to the initial position DPOKE SCR+(Y*40)+X,65 DO ST=PEEK(632) XF=-(ST=9 OR ST=10 OR ST=11)+(ST=5 OR ST=6 OR ST=7) YF=-(ST=6 OR ST=10 OR ST=14)+(ST=5 OR ST=9 OR ST=13) X=X+XF:Y=Y+YF IF X<0 THEN X=39 IF X>39 THEN X=0 IF Y<0 THEN Y=23 IF Y>23 THEN Y=0 ' * * * * * * * * * * ' NEW AND OLD ' POSITIONS NP=SCR+(Y*40)+X OP=SCR+(OY*40)+OX IF OX<>X OR OY<> Y MF=1 ELSE MF=0 ENDIF IF MF PAUSE 0 DPOKE NP,65 DPOKE OP,0 ' * * * * * * * * * * ' THIS WORKS FINE 'POS.X,Y:?#6,"A"; 'POS.OX,OY:?#6;" "; ENDIF OX=X:OY=Y LOOP Regards, Mark FBASIC4.5RC1.zip
  11. Thank you, @TIX. I need to hurry and start again of assembly language
  12. Thank you for working on this. We never had many arcade machines around the tiny town I grew up in and Kangaroo was one of them. It is still one of my favorite games to this day. I still remember seeing it in an APX catalog way back when and saving up the $$ to get it. While it played pretty good, it was a bit disappointing to me. The thing that seemed most out of whack was the difference in the Kangaroo’s jumps. On the Atari 8 bit version the jumps were a little short horizontally and vertically. The way Mario jumps in the A8 Donkey Kong sets it apart from other home versions, IMHO, and something similar would make this version play so much better.
  13. No Atari 8 bit list is complete without Star Raiders, but the lack of an easily accessible keyboard might make it difficult to play. Soooo... No list of Atari 8 bit games is complete, IMHO, without having AtariBlast! on it. Just an absolutely phenomenal game on the A8, and one that would have made the author a lot of cash wBITD. One of the games I also routinely play and keep in a folder of favorites is the version of Mr. Robot and His Robot Factory that some forums users modified the sprites on. Another title that those guys did graphics mods to is Popeye. The characters look *much* better and I’m 99.9% certain they fixed it where Popeye is more accurate when punching the bottles being thrown. B.C.’s Quest For Tires is one I always come back to. The new game from Poland called Albert is also a phenomenal game for the A8, but I don’t think it works correctly on NTSC machines
  14. ...testing it now I am quickly becoming addicted to using the cross compiler. Later on on Sunday I plan on playing with the new PROCedure parameter passing. Thank you so much for this awesome software, @dmsc!!!!! Edit: Holy cow, the speedup on certain things using the cross compiler is amazing...
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