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  1. I agree. Only Jon should have the right to post here ah ah! 😂
  2. Good idea, thanks! Missing AA nicknames so far: Michał Jaskuła @Mikeee76 Paul Lay @playsoft
  3. Computer Aided Design, a Turbo-Basic XL program that could be converted (with some enhancements) to GUI. Computer Aided Design (1988)(Sawfish Software).atr
  4. Inside Solid States disk I found three example objects that I wanted to type in to complete the disk I published here together with infos about this application, 3D Studio's precursor.
  5. I added to the disks three other example objects found on a disk provided by @CharlieChaplin. Tie Fighter, Atari 800 and letter A objects still missing.
  6. Could you attach C.A.D.? I cannot find it ATM.
  7. Do you have informations about this program called C.A.D.?
  8. Solid States inspired the awesome Super 3D Plotter II program (1985, Elfin Magic Software). Manual - Download. The author Rand Constan wrote on the manual: "I wish to thank Tom Hudson and A.N.A.L.O.G. magazine for finding and publishing the "SOLID STATES" program, as this was in fact the original inspiration to create SUPER 3D PLOTTER". In fact on the disk there is the above Solid States 3-d space shuttle and there's a Basic program to convert objects from Solid States.
  9. After Solid States, here's a topic dedicated to two other interesting 3D applications, 3-D Supergraphics (1980) and Atari World (1981) by United States of America. Images by ebayer videogames-orbit ("stolen" for historical purposes). I recorded two videos of applications demos. Applications were conceived to run on NTSC machines, therefore to see colors you have to use NTSC machines or enable artifacting on emulators. 3-D Supergraphics Atari World You can download the applications on @www.atarimania.com (3-D Supergraphics - Atari World). Unfortunately Atari World manual isn't available there. I found it on ebay but it costs 149.99 Euro. I hope someone interested would buy and scan it for the community. If you have more infos and memories please share them.
  10. Thank you very much. Your manual (last page is missing) seems the same revision of this one: http://www.atarimania.com/documents/Disk_Operating_System_Reference_Manual.pdf
  11. Works on real hardware from SIO devices (with OPTION key pressed to disable Basic) and from AVGCart (no need to press OPTION key because that key enables Basic).
  12. Awesome graphics, can't wait to try them Victor!
  13. Eight years ago my 800XL went online with Dragoncart and Contiki. More useful and entertaining was getting online two years ago to play 8bit-Slicks racing game against C64 e Apple II computers (no photo, sorry).
  14. Philsan


    A photo I've made some days ago. No problems to extract card, as long you have normal nails.
  15. Philsan


    I don't like to see SD card on the top of the cart. I solved the problem with microSD + short adapter: https://www.ebay.com/itm/For-MID-MacBook-Pro-Air-MicroSD-Card-Adapter-TF-to-Short-SD-Adapter-Black/182686946979? (slow shipping)
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