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  1. I confirm it now works on PAL 800XL from FujiNet (and still works from AVGCart). Thank you!
  2. For reference too, that's how the last image looks on my stock PAL 800XL. You don't see the left bar (and you don't see it in Altirra with normal ovescan mode).
  3. XEX runs on my PAL 800XL from AVGCart (but not from FujiNet and Side3 - but for the latter I do not have the latest firmware). In the manual I would suggest standard XL/XE configurations for emulators. Altirra on first time setup lets you choose between Atari XL/XE and 5200. To select Atari 800 you have to go in System/Configure system menu.
  4. Cool news! I've read Your emulator (e.g. Altirra, Atari800WinPLus, ...) should be configured as 'Atari 800 OS-B NTSC / 48K' On Altirra it seems to work with standard configurations too (XL/XE). I think the same on real hardware, otherwise most people could not run it.
  5. I made a video to show that you can code on real Atari too. Other modern languages cannot do it. This is a big difference!
  6. What a tragedy! Everyone knew him on AtariAge. Rest in peace Kurt.
  7. I meant Homesoft collection is not complete, not yours. 😃
  8. Yes, Homesoft has the best versions of games (no cracks, no glitches on start, no long depacking times). It has ATR too of games not available on XEX format. It is possible to download the entire collection with one click. But it's not a complete collection. To my personal collection I added few games and CAR games (they load faster and sometimes they don't need memory expansion - AVGCart with SIO cable loads everything ah ah).
  9. Very nice and thanks for PAL60 version. Would it be possible to add high score?
  10. @Mauro Rodriguez, best wishes for your foot! As written in the first post, could you please follow these rules? Post converted Atari image screenshot and Atari .xex file (filename format: "Author's name_imagename"). Thanks
  11. I've read STart Magazine January 1990 article about Laser Disc control: https://www.atarimagazines.com/startv4n6/laserdisc.html https://archive.org/details/STart-Magazine-Issue-29/page/n72/mode/2up I downloaded the program (compiled GFA Basic with source) https://www.planetemu.net/rom/atari-st-coverdisks/start-magazine-volume-4-issue-06-1990-01-antic-publishing and it seems very nice. I don't have a Pioneer LaserDisc nor a connection cable therefore I only tested program's interface. Has anyone ever tried it? Do you have to use a simple connection cable or an expensive interface?
  12. To make a PAL50 version many changes should be done but luckily almost all not very old CRT TVs and all LCD TVs supports the much better PAL60, that keeps NTSC speed. Only colors values needs to be converted. Therefore nowadays almost all homebrews use PAL60.
  13. Hardware mods are not within my competence but the best internal expansion is this one: There are simplier solutions but some soldering is always involved, unlike other machines with expansion ports.
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