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  1. From help file included in Rastaconverter REGISTER OFF|ON FROM TO REGISTER is one of the following registers: COLOR0,COLOR1,COLOR2,COLBAK,COLPM0,COLPM1,COLPM2,COLPM3,HPOSP0,HPOSP1,HPOSP2,HPOSP3 OFF turns off the usage of registers in lines, ON turns on. ON is default for all the registers in the whole picture. FROM is line number in picture starting from 0 TO is line number in picture up to Picture Height-1 Every line in "OnOff file" is processed one after another. Example: To turn off usage of player 0 and player 1 in picture of height 240 pixels use the following OnOff file: COLPM0 OFF 0 239 HPOSP0 OFF 0 239 COLPM1 OFF 0 239 HPOSP1 OFF 0 239 In the GUI there's Register on/off button. Never tried but I think you should load a TXT file with above text.
  2. I am sorry, I remember this question has already been asked but if I am not wrong I didn't undertand the reply. Why when playing videos with Side or AVGCart there's a background noise and volume is low? Thanks
  3. His page on Demozoo. He also used to write about homebrews on Retro Gamer UK magazine. RIP Jason and condolences to his family.
  4. I know someone is working on it.
  5. Yes, I know your version has Phaeron routines, you wrote it in your first post. I meant that people have the choice to use original version, original version with Phaeron's routines, your version with more changes besides Phaeron's routines. Regarding PAL-NTSC colors, I attach what I have in my programming folder. Palette Color Conversion - NTSC-PAL.pdf
  6. Blasphemy ah ah. Good job, if someone doesn't like it, he can still use original version (or the one with faster explosions by Phaeron). PAL/NTSC detection would be nice.
  7. PAL Atari 800XL + U1MB (320KB selected) All car versions work with AVGCart All disk versions work with AVGCart + SIO cable Awesome!
  8. Thanks for your help. I've done what you asked but unfortunately nothing changed. I think hard disk driver isn't recognized.
  9. Thanks. I checked mint.cnf and that line and similar lines seems commented: #FS_VFAT=D,E,F,G #FS_NEWFATFS=A,B,C,D till letter Z In fact all lines start with #, apart two lines with SETENV
  10. I would like to run FreeMint on my Falcon. I downloaded latest version here. I put all the files on an hard disk partition (made with PP's excellent driver). I removed all files from AUTO folder apart MINT030.PRG. I booted from that partition (thanks to PP's driver). Here's what happened: VID_20210612_132905.mp4
  11. Nice to see you back to work on Atari Marcin!
  12. Please make a game with this engine!
  13. I hope you'll complete the game, a beautiful showcase of Falcon capabilities. When entering my name in the high score table with normal Atari joystick (not Jaguar gamepad), it happens that a letter is entered two times. If it's not my machine's fault, I think the button should be released and pushed again to enter the same letter again. It would be nice to delete letters in case of errors.
  14. Awesome game @AnimaInCorpore ! Is it complete? Do you plan to finish it?
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