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  1. I mean, as source you should use 320x240 pixels images (Rastaconverter resizes images to 160x240 graphics 15 Atari resolution). For example, instead of this 320x206 source image you used use that 320x240 image In this way you will not have the black space at the bottom.
  2. I am just working on a title screen similar and I would need graphics mode 0,1 and 2: Regarding character set editor, when I generate Basic source code, I get this: 0 REM ******************************* 1 REM CHARACTER SET DATA 2 REM ******************************* 10 DATA 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 20 DATA 0,24,24,24,24,0,24,0 ... It would be useful to choose starting line number, for example 1000, 5000, 10000.
  3. Would it be possible to have graphics mode 2 in Display list editor? In Character set editor it would be nice to choose starting line number. Thank you!
  4. @Gury, your images would look better if you use full vertical resolution (160x240 pixels).
  5. Facebook (at the moment) doesn't know if we are alive. Moreover, Curt's family is using his account. When and if they'll want, they can change Facebook account status. More infos: https://www.facebook.com/help/103897939701143
  6. This WIP is not bad too. https://arlagames.itch.io/funfair-inc
  7. @Heaven/TQA, this new C64 game (an enhanced version of a type-in game) reminded me Beyond Evil: Infos: https://www.commodoreplus.org/2020/09/el-castillo-del-dragon.html?m=1
  8. Thank you very much Daniel, your work is much appreciated.
  9. Ciao e benvenuto! Ho visto che stai iniziando a programmare un gioco col batariBasic, Shadow Reflex. Diversi anni fa programmai L.E.M. Potresti usare il kernel DPC+, che aumenta il numero di sprite, migliora la risoluzione grafica ed elimina le linee vuote. Nel caso fossi su Facebook, se vuoi puoi iscriverti al gruppo Atari World Italia.
  10. Great game and great package I've bought other homebrews and other Retronics games. I would gladly buy your game too but I have U1MB installed.
  11. Magical Fairy Force (5200) COMPLETED and converted to A8 by Homesoft The Lady COMPLETED (ABBUC Software Contest 2020 entry) BTW, there are a lot of completed games for ABBUC Software Contest 2020: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/304677-abbuc-software-competition-2020/?do=findComment&comment=4620560 Thank you!
  12. There's a lot of people that program games with Basic. There are awesome games made with only 10 lines. One of the best coders is Vitoco: http://www.vitoco.cl/atari/10liner/ At the end of Topic for newbies there are some infos.
  13. Thanks for the info @Mrarkus Perhaps I am wrong or the seller forgot to do it but the RCA audio version page doesn't mention double shielding.
  14. The tabs are in the same position, in the first photo the keyboard overlay is upside down.
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