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  1. Philsan


    Mr Robot's link is for Ultimate cart. For AVGCart's instructions see first post.
  2. Four years ago Phaeron ported Adventure to A8. He ported Combat, Midnite Magic, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Seaquest and Stampede too.
  3. If someone's interested, here is data to build replacement:
  4. Pursuit of the Pink Panther for VCS has been dumped and released yesterday: I hope A8 cart's owner will change his mind...
  5. See comparison chart in Topic for newbies. Considered ATR compatibility (useful but obviously limited because it's not a SIO device) and second button to swap disks, search functions, Side 2 loader emulation and nice price, at the moment I think drag and drop on SD cards AVG Cart is the best choice.
  6. Very sad news, my condolences to his family. The fact his last day Mark visited AtariAge means a lot.
  7. I have disk drives and tape recorder connected to my computer but when I buy games I prefer cartridges, more collectible and faster to load. Moreover, carts have plenty of memory for enhanced games and can save states or high scores. Anyway, I like floppy disk and tape releases too!
  8. CAR/ROM/BIN: files that are reproductions of cartridges. Therefore you need a multicart to load them. See Topic for newbies, Loading devices section.
  9. Yes, Lotharek's splitter is a very nice solution. I've connected: SIO2PC-USB 1050 drive 1050 drive I use the remaining free port for other less used SIO devices like SDrive, SIO2SD, SIO2BT, recorders,printers...
  10. A bit off topic but... please, make a BASIC for Lynx! As written here, very good and fast modern BASICs exist for 2600 and 7800 consoles, Lynx deserves a BASIC too, especially now that many multicarts have been sold.
  11. What a surprise, thank you very much!
  12. Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519), 35 colors. Philsan_MonaLisa.xex
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