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  1. I quote myself and I add that Rensoup has never chosen easy paths. Therefore I am convinced he will surprise us (again).
  2. Another Alfa Romeo F1 179B, 1980, #23 Bruno Giacomelli, 40 colors. Philsan_AlfaRomeo_1980_3.xex
  3. I've read all the posts and I think everyone is very thankful to rensoup and to people involved. Many people, depending on their skills, have contributed in some way (betatesting, mock-ups, sfx, ideas, tips...). Regarding prologue screen, people tested files on real hardware to provide feedbacks. I don't like interlace but I gave a positive feedback for flicker2 on PAL CRT. Someone has humbly expressed a preference for a colorful prologue screen, perhaps rensoup will make an interlaced colorful screen, I don't know, but obviously it's up to him to decide what to do. Considered the masterpiece he programmed, I think he will surprise us with a nice prologue screen too. Anyway, I am sure everyone here will be happy, whatever prologue screen will be made.
  4. As written by me and others, example 2 flickering is minimal, at least on real pal hardware and CRT monitor, and could be used. But in my humble opinion José color solution is a lot better.
  5. I've tested the three files on PAL machine with s-video output. Noflicker looks good to me. Flicker1 flickers too much to be used. Flicker2 flicker slightly, it can be used (says someone who doesn't like flicker at all).
  6. As asked by Jacques, Robert Ramsay's new painting dedicated to International Karate+. 52 colors. Philsan_IK+_2_RobertRamsay.xex
  7. Robert Ramsay yesterday released a beautiful oil pastels on pastel paper image dedicated to IK+. Here is a 55 colors conversion for A8. Not bad! It would be a nice intro screen for International Karate+ work in progress. Philsan_IK+_RobertRamsay.xex
  8. Buried in this thread (and included in @Stephen's zip - post #2374) are the following Depeche Mode covers I made eight years ago: Philsan_DM_SoundsOfTheUniverse.xex Philsan_DM_DeltaMachine.xex
  9. Eight years ago (!) I made Violator cover. Philsan_DM_Violator.xex
  10. If I press F7 on my Notepad++ (installed in C/Programs) nothing happens. I have to use the old version of N++ inside Turban.w10 folder. What should I do to let work my N++?
  11. MadStudio supports FastBasic editing and compiling/running too.
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