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  1. Would it be possile to have a menu that list all characters so that you can insert them in the editor like Word? Sometimes it is necessary to press 4 keys to insert an Atari character; moreover many people have laptops with reduced keyboards.
  2. NewTek Demo NewTek Demo (2019)(Philsan)(pal).xex I converted some images from the famous Amiga NewTek Demo Reel #1 (1987). Images are ripped from Amiga, manually edited and converted with RastaConverter program by @ilmenit. Slideshow code is by @pps. Amiga demo soundrack is Art of Noise's Paranoimia. I added it to the video, it isn't included in the demo.
  3. I use SIO2PC-USB by Lotharek and RespeQt software.
  4. SIO2PC-USB (do it yourself or by Lotharek) not only is very cheap but it's the best solution, as long as you have a PC near your Atari. You only have to make disks so it's OK for you even if you don't want to keep a PC nearby. Eventually you can buy other solutions (for example a multicart if you want instant or very fast loadings).
  5. It would be nice to read the code of this interesting game.
  6. BTW, I would love HDM with a new plot or set in a different historical period.
  7. Philsan


    You can find instructions on first post. Files can be on root or inside folders.
  8. On the subject of sales, some A8 games sold 100+ copies, for example Bomb Jake and Yoomp! (both free to download). If I am not wrong The Rescue Expedition sold more than 150 copies.
  9. Download CC65 here: http://cc65.github.io/cc65/getting-started.html#Windows Unzip all folders in C Download fastbasic-windows here: https://github.com/dmsc/fastbasic/releases/ Unzip it in C:\cc65\fb Download MadStudio here: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/258728-mad-studio/?do=findComment&comment=4331488 Unzip it in C:\madstudio Double click on madstudio.exe, click on Source Code Editor, select FastBasic where you see Mad Pascal, go in Tool/Options/FastBasic, write C:\cc65\fb in FastBasic user definited location. Now you can code. If you click on Play icon, your program is compiled and runs with your emulator (if you have associated .xex extension with it).
  10. Not every news appears on AtariAge. It is necessary to check other sources, first of all our friends website Atarionline. But thanks to KazKompos we can catch up.
  11. I don't program with FastBasic on Atari. I use PC and make the XEX file.
  12. I'd like to mention the fact that it is possible to sell carts with good packages without asking much money, for example The Rescue Expedition, 39 Euros. AtariAge store sells awesome packages for $50: for example Aardvark (VCS), Scramble (5200) Baby Pac-Man (7800)...
  13. The fact a game is released on cart doesn't mean that you cannot use it with other loading devices. For example, Pac-Man 2012, Bomb Jake or Space Harrier have XEX versions too...
  14. If you check the first post of the thread dedicated to homebrew games packages you'll see Dimo's Quest, Bomb Jake, Yoomp! and Hobgoblin packages. They were games free to download but they sold well. If a game is good, have a nice package and doesn't cost too much, collectors buy it even if it is free (I do it). Obviously a good game not free to download would sell more. There are not many commercial only games in the A8 world. If I'd sell a game, I would use cart that allow saves (like Bomb Jake, Dungeon Hunt II, Pac-Man 2012, Space Harrier): fast loadings and high scores/save states.
  15. Compared to other old computers, I don't think accessories are expensive. With a $6-15 SIO2PC-USB you can connect the Atari to the PC and load 99% of the software. Good stand-alone solutions cost circa $50.
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