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  1. Wrathchild Galahad and the Holy Grail XEGS.rom: doesn't load with Altirra and AVGCart Wrathchild Galahad and the Holy Grail (1982)(APX)(US)[no intro - low load]: loads with Altirra and AVGCart
  2. I've tested Star League Baseball various versions with AVGCart: Homesoft XEX: 2 seconds Wilheim ROM: 1.8 seconds Wilheim CAR: 1.8 seconds Wrathchild SLB_XEX-load_AtariMax.car: 2.4 seconds Wrathchild Star League Baseball (low load).xex: doesn't load and loads with Altirra
  3. Considered the fact ATR and XEX versions of the game exist, at first I didn't think it was really necessary to make a ROM/CAR version of that game as proposed by Wilheim on Facebook (yesterday I posted a photo of my Star League Baseball game) because Multicarts like AVGCart, Side 2, Ultimate load XEX files. But ROM/CAR files are loaded instantly, for example by AVGCart. Therefore I changed my mind and I told him it was a good idea to do it.
  4. Do you mean "Boot Atari executable"? I tested your W64 RespeQt with new icon and it loads XEX files.
  5. In fact I was just wondering if someone would make a beautiful 3d printable case for it. Another solution would be U1MB; I've read that now it can be installed without solderings on socketed 800XL.
  6. If you want an external memory expansion, you could think about Sys-Check II, a diagnostic card that can be used as memory expansion too:
  7. Or AVGCart, cheaper and with more features (Side 2 cart emulation, ATR limited compatibility and swap disk button, search functions).
  8. What are icon specs (size, colors)?
  9. AtariMax format would be useful if you'll add hi-score saves.
  10. Would it possible to change the Atari Infogrames "belly" logo with real Atari logo or another icon? Thanks!
  11. Recently our friend DearHorse informed us: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/126098-galaga-for-8-bits/?do=findComment&comment=4444451
  12. https://ataritools.fr.gd/1-_-PHOENIX-PROJECT.htm
  13. It's a work in progress homebrew by AtariAge user @DearHorse https://ataritools.fr.gd/1-_-PHOENIX-PROJECT.htm
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