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  1. AVGCart doesn't need SIO cable, as-is it loads all files that Ultimate Cart loads. It costs half the price, has more compatibility, it loads some Homesoft collection ATR too (it has a button dedicated to swap disks), it emulates Side2 cart and has other nice features Ultimate cart doesn't have. SIO cable is optional, you can add it if you want full ATR compatibility. Side3 costs the same price of Ultimate Cart (double the price of AVGCart), it has the same compatibility of AVGCart, has a battery backed clock, SpartaDOSX and together with U1MB internal expansion loads ATR. I agree on the fact most of the games are available in XEX and CAR format; without ATR compatibility in my opinion you miss only 30 masterpieces. Did you read Topic for newbies and its loading devices comparison table (with links to sellers)? Anyway, if you have questions use that thread or feel free to contact me, I don't want to hijack this thread. Sorry all for the off topic and keep up with the good work to give us a multicart for 7800! Thanks developers!
  2. Out of curiosity, why Ultimate Cart and not Side3 cart or AVGCart (both carts are continually improved and among other advantages have ATR compatibility, Side3 if together with U1MB, AVGCart if equipped with SIO cable)? Ultimate cart is a good open source project but unfortunately development stopped years ago.
  3. Ehm, hard disk was disabled... Now I turn on computer, press Help+Reset, U1MB screen appears, I press L, Side3 Loader appears, ATR load, thanks! Is there an easier way? EDIT Found Boot to loader option. EDIT 2 The best option IMHO is BIOS logo: Boot
  4. I attach my copy of His Dark Majesty, a game worth playing. PBI BIOS updated (how can I check?) and Basic disabled. I loaded from Side3 loader. Should I go to U1MB BIOS and press L? His Dark Majesty (2010)(Jakub Debski, Jakub Husak, Adam Powroznik, Krzysztof Ziembik).atr
  5. Tested the new firmware (thanks for the update Jon) with Sandisk Ultra 16GB and U1MB 320KB. All CAR works with few exceptions that will be fixed (The Eidolon and Koronis Rift don't load after intro screen, Conan, Gauntlet, The Goonies). XEX seems to work too. I have problems loading many ATR, for example His Dark Majesty, Spelunker.
  6. I haven't received my FujiNet yet but the device is now available so I decided to update Topic for newbies.
  7. Comparison table and first post updated. As usual, please tell me if there are errors or I missed something. It's not easy to keep up to date all infos.
  8. Jon, I tried to send a PM but I received this message: flashjazzcat cannot receive messages.
  9. @flashjazzcat should I start tests or is it better to wait your upcoming new firmware?
  10. Yes, I tested files and reported issues for AVGCart, I will do the same with Side 3 too.
  11. Yesterday I received the cart. I agree on the fact the green led should be turned off. On 600/800XL machines it's really annoying. I am glad it could be done with an update. I didn't have the time to test the cart yet but I noticed some CAR don't work. I am sure the compatibility will improve with updates.
  12. Is "20" medal for 20 balls at the same time then?
  13. Thanks everyone. The revenge of Custer's Revenge girl could have been an original plot... Stereo shots would be nice. I will investigate.
  14. As usual Christian makes very good games, thanks! I played with it a lot on the weekend.
  15. I introduce The Lady, an ABBUC Software Contest 2020 game. I am happy to have partecipated in such an old competition organized by the club of which I am member. It's a simple game with very good graphics and tunes. Instructions A strong female gunsliger, known as the Lady, must fight and defeat three outlaws to survive. Press the right key before enemy shoots. Development Two years ago I noticed a nice C64 homebrew game called Tombstones (2017) by Megastyle (https://megastyle.itch.io/tombstones). I liked it and I tought I could do something similar. Atari 8-bit computers are 2.5 years older than C64 but nonetheless have some strenghts that I could have used, even considered the fact I am not a skilled coder. Thanks to 16 shades of one color graphics mode 9, I decided to make the game look like old black and white western films and a designed a smooth background. Taking advantage of A8 widescreen and overscan features, there's a "cinemascope" screen and duelist enter from sides. Atari sprites have a limited horizontal width but unlimited heigh. Therefore I asked @TIX if he could design tall characters. Konstantinos made ninety awesome 16x64 pixels 3 colors animation frames and smartly solved the problem of the deaths, not easy because of narrow sprites. Regarding music, I asked @miker to make Ennio Morricone's The Good, the Bad and the Ugly main theme (https://youtu.be/rblUfXTkSLs). He always wanted to do it for Atari and in fact the result is really good. Recently the Italian composer, one of the greatest and most influential film composers of all time, passed away and we would like to honor him. Michal made victory and death tunes too. The game was programmed with @dmsc's FastBasic. Not only Daniel made an awesome new language, but he helped me when I was stuck. Sprites were made with @playsoft Atari Player Editor and tunes were composed with Raster Music Tracker (RIP Radek Sterba). The game ajusts speed for PAL and NTSC machines. This was a relaxed project, without deadlines, started on February 2019. On May 2020 the game was nearly finished therefore I decided to enter ABBUC Software Contest 2020. The project would never have been possible without AtariAge 8-bit computers forum, thanks @Albert! The game will be available for free at the end of ABBUC Software Contest 2020 (November 14).
  16. Atari Control Picture (PAL).xex Copymate XE (128).xex Hardware Tester.atr Memory Test Radon.atr MILF.atr Screen Height Meter.xex SysInfo v2.24.atr Video Upgrade Test.xex XRAM v0.21.xex
  17. ABBUC Magazine #142 landed in Switzerland. This year's games are awesome but I want to thank people involved in magazine (very good quality), floppy disks, packaging and shipping.
  18. I can help with Italian.
  19. I don't like this version too. Menu and selections are faster but still unresponsive. No problem if a strategic game is slow but interface should not be slow. Did you take the Basic code and used Altirra Basic instead of Atari Basic? I've used TBXL but menu are too fast. I think the code could be fixed.
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