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  1. AtariMax format would be useful if you'll add hi-score saves.
  2. Would it possible to change the Atari Infogrames "belly" logo with real Atari logo or another icon? Thanks!
  3. Recently our friend DearHorse informed us: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/126098-galaga-for-8-bits/?do=findComment&comment=4444451
  4. https://ataritools.fr.gd/1-_-PHOENIX-PROJECT.htm
  5. It's a work in progress homebrew by AtariAge user @DearHorse https://ataritools.fr.gd/1-_-PHOENIX-PROJECT.htm
  6. It was already mentioned (posts #1, 10 and 27) but it is worth mentioning it again. Very good game and among the oldest homebrews (2004).
  7. Did you test Homesoft file? http://mushca.com/f/atari/index.php?idx=X Usually that site has bugs and glitches free games.
  8. It's a 2002 demo and unfortunately I haven't found details about it.
  9. A Facebook link made me remember that old C64 demo that reproduces one of the funny Osvaldo Cavandoli animations. Obviously A8 could make something similar too. The challenge would be to convert original videos. Many years ago @Irgendwer made a nice G2F image:
  10. ROM/BIN files are dumps of a cartridge ROM. CAR format adds an header so emulators or some multicarts know cartridge type. For ROM/BIN to CAR conversion I use this script: ROM-BIN To CAR.html
  11. Breaking news! Adventure II XE demo released! Infos, download and instructions: Real hardware test:
  12. Thank you very much Ron! AdvII_XE_Demo_020520_XEGS.bin works as is with AVG Cart. Tested on 800XL PAL with U1MB memory expansion + stereo Pokey. I attach .CAR version. It works with AVG Cart too and, when used with Altirra, you don't have to choose cart type. AdvII_XE_Demo_020520_XEGS.car
  13. + Very big games can run on 64KB machines + Hi-scores and states can be saved
  14. Bobby Farrell (1949-2010), front man of Boney M. Philsan_BobbyFarrell.xex
  15. Nice review (in Spanish). https://atariteca.blogspot.com/2020/01/the-rescue-expedition-para-computadoras.html
  16. Thank you very much for your kind reply (as usual). The problem is that my notebooks (Mac with bootcamp) don't have home and end keys (my desktop PC keyboard has them). Didn't know that Altirra has an on-screen keyboard. Perhaps there should be a menu item too (unless there is and I don't see it ah ah). Thanks to on-screen keyboard I am now able to insert the CLEAR character with my notebooks. Graphics characters on the on-screen keyboard would be nice but I think it's not possible.
  17. Would it be possile to have a menu that list all characters so that you can insert them in the editor like Word? Sometimes it is necessary to press 4 keys to insert an Atari character; moreover many people have laptops with reduced keyboards.
  18. NewTek Demo NewTek Demo (2019)(Philsan)(pal).xex I converted some images from the famous Amiga NewTek Demo Reel #1 (1987). Images are ripped from Amiga, manually edited and converted with RastaConverter program by @ilmenit. Slideshow code is by @pps. Amiga demo soundrack is Art of Noise's Paranoimia. I added it to the video, it isn't included in the demo.
  19. I use SIO2PC-USB by Lotharek and RespeQt software.
  20. SIO2PC-USB (do it yourself or by Lotharek) not only is very cheap but it's the best solution, as long as you have a PC near your Atari. You only have to make disks so it's OK for you even if you don't want to keep a PC nearby. Eventually you can buy other solutions (for example a multicart if you want instant or very fast loadings).
  21. It would be nice to read the code of this interesting game.
  22. BTW, I would love HDM with a new plot or set in a different historical period.
  23. Philsan


    You can find instructions on first post. Files can be on root or inside folders.
  24. On the subject of sales, some A8 games sold 100+ copies, for example Bomb Jake and Yoomp! (both free to download). If I am not wrong The Rescue Expedition sold more than 150 copies.
  25. Download CC65 here: http://cc65.github.io/cc65/getting-started.html#Windows Unzip all folders in C Download fastbasic-windows here: https://github.com/dmsc/fastbasic/releases/ Unzip it in C:\cc65\fb Download MadStudio here: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/258728-mad-studio/?do=findComment&comment=4331488 Unzip it in C:\madstudio Double click on madstudio.exe, click on Source Code Editor, select FastBasic where you see Mad Pascal, go in Tool/Options/FastBasic, write C:\cc65\fb in FastBasic user definited location. Now you can code. If you click on Play icon, your program is compiled and runs with your emulator (if you have associated .xex extension with it).
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