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  1. As written by @MrFish, tape with audio while loading would be cool! That was an Atari unique feature. I would try it a couple of times, then I would store the tape and use the game with multicart/SIO device/emulator.
  2. Would it be possible to set Source code editor default language? Every time it starts with Mad Pascal and I have to change it to FastBasic. Undo on graphics and PMG editors would be nice. By the way, a new version of FastBasic has just been released with Display List Interrupts command!
  3. Wrathchild Galahad and the Holy Grail XEGS.rom: doesn't load with Altirra and AVGCart Wrathchild Galahad and the Holy Grail (1982)(APX)(US)[no intro - low load]: loads with Altirra and AVGCart
  4. I've tested Star League Baseball various versions with AVGCart: Homesoft XEX: 2 seconds Wilheim ROM: 1.8 seconds Wilheim CAR: 1.8 seconds Wrathchild SLB_XEX-load_AtariMax.car: 2.4 seconds Wrathchild Star League Baseball (low load).xex: doesn't load and loads with Altirra
  5. Considered the fact ATR and XEX versions of the game exist, at first I didn't think it was really necessary to make a ROM/CAR version of that game as proposed by Wilheim on Facebook (yesterday I posted a photo of my Star League Baseball game) because Multicarts like AVGCart, Side 2, Ultimate load XEX files. But ROM/CAR files are loaded instantly, for example by AVGCart. Therefore I changed my mind and I told him it was a good idea to do it.
  6. Do you mean "Boot Atari executable"? I tested your W64 RespeQt with new icon and it loads XEX files.
  7. Great! Thank you very much!
  8. In fact I was just wondering if someone would make a beautiful 3d printable case for it. Another solution would be U1MB; I've read that now it can be installed without solderings on socketed 800XL.
  9. If you want an external memory expansion, you could think about Sys-Check II, a diagnostic card that can be used as memory expansion too:
  10. I made this icon: Atari.ico
  11. Or AVGCart, cheaper and with more features (Side 2 cart emulation, ATR limited compatibility and swap disk button, search functions).
  12. What are icon specs (size, colors)?
  13. AtariMax format would be useful if you'll add hi-score saves.
  14. Would it possible to change the Atari Infogrames "belly" logo with real Atari logo or another icon? Thanks!
  15. Recently our friend DearHorse informed us: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/126098-galaga-for-8-bits/?do=findComment&comment=4444451
  16. https://ataritools.fr.gd/1-_-PHOENIX-PROJECT.htm
  17. It's a work in progress homebrew by AtariAge user @DearHorse https://ataritools.fr.gd/1-_-PHOENIX-PROJECT.htm
  18. It was already mentioned (posts #1, 10 and 27) but it is worth mentioning it again. Very good game and among the oldest homebrews (2004).
  19. Did you test Homesoft file? http://mushca.com/f/atari/index.php?idx=X Usually that site has bugs and glitches free games.
  20. It's a 2002 demo and unfortunately I haven't found details about it.
  21. A Facebook link made me remember that old C64 demo that reproduces one of the funny Osvaldo Cavandoli animations. Obviously A8 could make something similar too. The challenge would be to convert original videos. Many years ago @Irgendwer made a nice G2F image:
  22. ROM/BIN files are dumps of a cartridge ROM. CAR format adds an header so emulators or some multicarts know cartridge type. For ROM/BIN to CAR conversion I use this script: ROM-BIN To CAR.html
  23. Breaking news! Adventure II XE demo released! Infos, download and instructions: Real hardware test:
  24. Thank you very much Ron! AdvII_XE_Demo_020520_XEGS.bin works as is with AVG Cart. Tested on 800XL PAL with U1MB memory expansion + stereo Pokey. I attach .CAR version. It works with AVG Cart too and, when used with Altirra, you don't have to choose cart type. AdvII_XE_Demo_020520_XEGS.car
  25. + Very big games can run on 64KB machines + Hi-scores and states can be saved
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