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  1. I tested the game and I like it very much! Am I doing something wrong or at the moment there are 5 levels only?
  2. Great game with beautiful graphics and music Krzysztof!
  3. Markus, thank you very much for mentioning my The Rocky Horror Show Demo on page 86.
  4. Cartridge edition landed in Switzerland.
  5. I always liked Phoenix round 3 and 4 birds with breaking wings and round 5 mothership, controlled by an alien creature sitting in its center you must hit. As written by AW127, Atari VCS conversion was incredible at the time.
  6. Posts from #235 to #247 are about PHOENIX. On post #248 AW127 quoted my post #232 about PHOENIX and asked if a demo is available. On post #249 I replied that as far as I know there's no PHOENIX demo (I tagged the coder). @emkay and @Stephen, AW127 asked me if Phoenix demo is available, I know Galaga demo is available 😂
  7. I don't think a demo has been released, isn't it @DearHorse ?
  8. Cart with save feature, perfect! (PM sent).
  9. I just discovered IntelliTool. You unzip it, you install it, you code, you click on Test icon and emulator's launched. Very easy, thank you very much [mention=37806]Intellivision Brasil[/mention]!
  10. Now I understand why you chose not to develop Sub Hunter... You had something better do to!
  11. Whenever useful (boxed versions or memory hungry games), I suggest programmers to use carts (recently for Prince of Persia). Considered the fact Dungeon Hunt used Atarimax carts, I suggested to use save feature. Perfect, thank you James (and StefanD)!
  12. Considered the fact there are now many cheap multicarts around, have you considered to make a CAR/ROM version? Instant loads and no memory limits!
  13. It's important to use archives that are often updated, especially if you like homebrews. Not only tens of them are released every year, but sometimes they are updated many times after their release.
  14. As you can read in pinned Topic for newbies (point 3), there are some good archives, each with their own strengths. My favorites are: Homesoft (very clean and continually updated files and tunes preview, click on Download all on the right). Atarimania (screenshots, manuals, infos and rankings). Fandal (unparalleled for demos and authors real names). If a game is missing, there are other archives to search like Atarionline, Atari 8-bit Forever, Mr. Bacardi.
  15. That website is awesome for demos and to find authors real names. But Homesoft files are continually improved (no crack intros, no loading glitches...).
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