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  1. This is pretty impressive! I sure could use an assembly routine called from IntyBasic to render multiple software sprites. Maybe there is some resources available that I'm not aware of that could help me to visualize this?
  2. We have sound effects! Well, it's a start but, progress is being made. Check out the short video of game play. mm2_01_28_2022.mov
  3. Been working on this game for several weeks now... I've gone through several iterations of the title screen. You can't see motion in a still shot (duh), but the bottom portion of the exhaust actually moves down the Y-axis giving the illusion motion.
  4. The trash 80 was my first computer growing up, spent many hours playing that game and the others from Big Five Software.
  5. If anyone has an extra one to sell please let me know. I'm in the process of developing my up coming game, Meteor Mission. I need to test it run on the actual hardware before I can properly release it.
  6. Sure would be nice to have the compiler flag it then. Ah yes, I forgot the colons, however, you can define a macro on multiple lines using backslash.
  7. Yes, I can, but, I check the background for asteroid collisions. It may be difficult to see in the video, but, there is a thin green 1x8 sprite that hover's right above the platform as the spaceship approaches for landing. I use it to check for collision (ship landing on platform), but also as a visual que to the player where he may land.
  8. I have a simple sort macro... DEF FN swap(arr, xp, yp) = \ temp = arr(xp)\ arr(xp) = arr(yp)\ arr(yp) = temp DEF FN sort(arr, n) = \ FOR i = 0 TO n - 1\ FOR j = 0 TO n - i - 1\ IF arr(j) > arr(j+1) THEN\ swap(arr, j, j+1)\ END IF\ NEXT j\ NEXT i This compiles fine, no errors or warnings. However, when I call it with an array with integers... sort(myArray, length) ' ...rest of code I get a strange error complaining about the following statement thereafter, after the macro has been invoked. If I comment out the sort call, I'm back with a clean compilation.
  9. I use a sprite (right above the platform) to determine where the spaceship has landed. I use it for collision detection.
  10. According to the documentation... DEF FN func = RAND % 10 DEF FN screen_off(row, col) = (row * 20 + col) DEF FN resetsprite(number) = SPRITE number,0 Allows to define functions with any number of arguments. Notice that these are processed like macros: The arguments are replaced as-is and the text of the function is inserted as-is after argument replacement. (because of that are included the extra parenthesis in the screen_off expression) For example, the two functions screen_off and resetsprite could be called as: A = func PRINT AT screen_off(4,8),"HELLO!" resetsprite(0) Please note that although it's possible to reuse internal function names, when called the internal functions have priority over DEF FN (DEF FN is ignored) It does not described what type the arguments can be. For instance, I would like to pass an array. I presume this is not supported since I get an error when calling the MACRO when compiling the code.
  11. This may be the answer, however would require much more work, but, it is what it is.
  12. All good points, thank you. I think for the moment I will keep with what I have and add the other elements that are missing and revisit the problem. I do think that permitting asteroids per row (as other's have mentioned) and not allow them to cross each other could work, but I really want to find a solution for the asteroids to intersect as in the BFS version. Perhaps I will figure out something that will work.
  13. Well, the obvious approach would be to limit the number of asteroids, but as I said earlier, I'm trying to keep the game design close to the original. The problem I have with minimal sprites, such as in Astrosmash, it's just a little too boring, today, for me that is. However, the 70s' / 80's were a different time, and I think it was acceptable then because it was new.
  14. Yes, I believe this was the true original and Big Five Software came out with their version of it for the Trash 80.
  15. Thanks All! I was just curious to read how people felt about the sprite flickering. mr_me: The design of the game will require all 8 sprites to be used. 1 - Spaceship / Ship Explosion 1 - Spaceship Missile 1 - Thrust / Astronaut 2 - Spaceport 1 - Meteor Storm / Asteroid Explosion 1 - Platform Landning Pad 1 - UFO
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