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    I've loved the Atari 8bit since my first 600xl back in 83 and i still love em today.
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  1. Hi Vitoco, that looks cool. I wouldn't even know where to start trying to do something like that. Your friend is definatly skilled
  2. Hi Kyle22, No way, how cool is that. I so want one
  3. Hi Yorgle, just throwing out my random thoughts to see what kind of things people have thought of as i love a good mod
  4. Ok random thoughts on full again here (please forgive me if this is a mad thought as i am not a techie).... Could an Atari 800xl be powered by batteries or even a mobile or laptop battery. Again just throwing my thoughts out there to see if anyone has thought of these already or if anyone knows if if is possible. Any links are welcome too Ta Daz
  5. Hi UNIXcoffee928, The comment about "Torches & Pitchforks will be distributed to the townspeople, in the queue, on the left", really made me laugh loads. Thank you. Daz
  6. That's great news, i think i may invest in one of these. Thanks RodLightning for letting me know and for the link. Ta Daz
  7. Hi, Just had an idea which i'm sure someone else has had before but i'm going to throw it out there anyway.... I was looking at my PC keyboard and thinking how boring it looked when i thought, wouldn't it be great if it was in the style of an 800xl so that when i look down to type it was an 800xl there in front of my monitor instead of the one i have. I'm not techie so i couldn't build one but just thought i would put it out there as it sounded cool in my head lol. Ta Daz
  8. Hi all, I have scanned through here and downloaded issues 1,2,3,8, and 11. Can anyone help me with 4,5,6,7,9, and 10 all? Really appreciate if anyone can post them on here or send to me as i love this magazine, great memories Thanks in advance for any help Daz
  9. Hi Jaybird3rd, That would be amazing if you could Ta Daz
  10. Hi Allan, I've sent him a PM and if he is able to help, I will send a copy to you too for the Atarimania site. Great site, usually where I go first for any manuals. Ta Daz
  11. Hi jaybird3rd, I don't suppose you still have a scanned version of the 1020 field service manual as I've been looking everywhere and can't seem to find one on the internet? Any help would really be appreciated. Ta Daz
  12. @Tickled_Pink - Thank you loads for this and it will help me to get inside the printers mind (not a place i would usually like to go lol). Just goes to show once again that the Atari Age members are the best and a fountain of knowledge for all things Atari. Thank you once again for all your help everyone. Daz
  13. Hi, Sorry for resurrecting this thread but i have just got hold of another 1029 printer which isn't working and was wondering if anyone knew if there was a field service manual for this that gave troubleshooting hints like the 1050 field service manual does? I've googled but can't seem to see anything. Ta Daz
  14. Thank you Larry, i've got the file i need now from rdea6 so i'm going to give it a go and see if i can get it to work. Thanks everyone again for your help, really appreciated. Daz
  15. Hi rdea6, Thats great thank you loads, i'll give this a go and see what speed i'm running at. Thank you again for all your help, it's really appreciated. Daz
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