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  1. loves watching PBS kids shows! Yay! <3

  2. loves watching PBS kids shows! Yay! <3

  3. Bean

    How is my friend Juri? :)

  4. Bean

    I'm glad you are having fun! Sometimes I "blow rasperries" at Mommy when she asks for a kiss or wipe my face off. But I think "rubbing noseys" is cute and it always makes me giggle. I spent a lot of the summer coloring with chalk, blowing bubbles outside, playing ball, eating fresh tomatoes, practicing letters and numbers, and splashing in my little pool. I hope you make a lot of new friends! <3

  5. Bean

    Hi, I wanted to be the first person to leave a message and say hello! I want to be your friend too! Your Daddy was stealing your ducky again and taking funny pictures. I bet between the two of us we could take over the world! :)

  6. Thank you (belatedly) for the birthday wishes! Mommy was being a slacker and not checking my messages! I had lots of fun by the way!:)

  7. Uncle Ant,

    You're right Mommy was a slacker not checking my messages. I set her straight with "extra special" presents in my diaper though! :)

  8. I love you Uncle T. <3

    Maybe you'll want to visit with me and play one day. Mommy even said we could! And she says I punch and kick better then you too. :)

  9. Happy New Year Uncle Tempest! Hopefully we can take a trip to see you one day! Mommy says you're really nice and have lots of neat games!

  10. Happy New Year Uncle Bob! You are the bestest Godfather a Bean could ever want! I can't wait to show off the cute shirt you got especially for me for Christmas!

  11. Happy New Year Uncle Tim!

  12. Happy New Year Uncle Tigger the Honey!

  13. Bean

    I <3 my Aunt JellE and I hope Her New Year is the best ever!

  14. Oooh whatcha gonna do when a little Bean dumps dirty diapers on you?!

  15. Uncle T is the most badaaaaaaaasss man on earth' :)

    (cause that's what he told me to say :P )

  16. Bean

    There is nothing in the world like JellE hugs and kisses. They are the best, next to Mommy and Daddy kisses of course! :)


    Beanie Baby

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