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  1. loves watching PBS kids shows! Yay! <3

  2. loves watching PBS kids shows! Yay! <3

  3. Bean

    How is my friend Juri? :)

  4. Bean

    I'm glad you are having fun! Sometimes I "blow rasperries" at Mommy when she asks for a kiss or wipe my face off. But I think "rubbing noseys" is cute and it always makes me giggle. I spent a lot of the summer coloring with chalk, blowing bubbles outside, playing ball, eating fresh tomatoes, practicing letters and numbers, and splashing in my little pool. I hope you make a lot of new friends! <3

  5. Bean

    Hi, I wanted to be the first person to leave a message and say hello! I want to be your friend too! Your Daddy was stealing your ducky again and taking funny pictures. I bet between the two of us we could take over the world! :)

  6. Mommy said I couldn't suck my thumb or use a sucker/pacifier so I had to do something. *Nodding vigorously* What's wrong with sucking on my index finger? Besides AC/DC or ABCD as I like to say is my favorite band and my favorite songs are "Bells" and "Thunder". I requested them on air at the classic rock station saying please and thank you impressing everybody. Mommy was so proud she recorded it to save. I even play guitars and drums now. Isn't everybody at home lucky? And I even have the T-Shirt to show that ABCD is my favorite - thank you Target! Mommy will have to take a picture and share it in the photo thread because I look so cute! All this and I'm not even 3 yet. Mommy is definitely so lucky! You may not have learned to solder yet, but you have GnR lyrics in your sig and you're flipping everyone off in your avatar. We need to have a talk with mom. This worries me.
  7. One day I'll start making games like my Mommy and My Godfather PacManPlus, and "Uncles" CPU, and Shawn Sr. But, Uncle CPU has me beatbecause even though I was teething on an ET cart and using a Combat cart as a rattle, Mommy won't let me touch a soldering gun. I love Atari games and I've got great role models! ps - I've been a member here since Day 1!
  8. Thank you (belatedly) for the birthday wishes! Mommy was being a slacker and not checking my messages! I had lots of fun by the way!:)

  9. Uncle Ant,

    You're right Mommy was a slacker not checking my messages. I set her straight with "extra special" presents in my diaper though! :)

  10. Uncle Bob can do anything! (I'm a little biased though). He can make an awesome 7800 version I am positive of it! But he usually doesn't program for 2600.
  11. I love you Uncle T. <3

    Maybe you'll want to visit with me and play one day. Mommy even said we could! And she says I punch and kick better then you too. :)

  12. Happy New Year Uncle Tempest! Hopefully we can take a trip to see you one day! Mommy says you're really nice and have lots of neat games!

  13. Happy New Year Uncle Bob! You are the bestest Godfather a Bean could ever want! I can't wait to show off the cute shirt you got especially for me for Christmas!

  14. Happy New Year Uncle Tim!

  15. Happy New Year Uncle Tigger the Honey!

  16. Bean

    I <3 my Aunt JellE and I hope Her New Year is the best ever!

  17. Oooh whatcha gonna do when a little Bean dumps dirty diapers on you?!

  18. Chickybaby's Auctions at Chasethechuckwagon.com She has a lot of things to list still and we all know who's really in charge.
  19. Uncle T is the most badaaaaaaaasss man on earth' :)

    (cause that's what he told me to say :P )

  20. Bean

    There is nothing in the world like JellE hugs and kisses. They are the best, next to Mommy and Daddy kisses of course! :)


    Beanie Baby

  21. I'll be 2 months old on April 27th and I even think of Atari in my sleep! And we all know who the *real* rarity is in this pic, right mom? ps - mommy will add her votes to this list later, thanks.
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