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  1. Hi, Sorry to dig out a 6 Year old thread of yours as I thought I update about this. Short answer No for simple mods. HOWEVER, There is a mod out there made by Tim Worthington from etim's shop that not only mods the 2600 to both play PAL and NTSC games with correct colours. But it improves the Video quality for the 2600, Not just composite A/V, and not just S-Video. But it will output RGB and YPbPr Component (if you buy the RGB to Component add-on board.) But keep in mind as this mod is not a simple easy mod to do. Here's two photos I took from last year after installed the mod showing Both the PAL version and NTSC version of Pitfall! from the same console.
  2. Been Googling as well as digging deep on the internet. I don't think SpaceMaster X-7 ever was released in PAL version? I know there is a few listings on eBay which is a NTSC version by 20th Century Fox Interactive for the 2600. But nothing in PAL version. I'm sure if I'm wrong, someone on here may come forward and let all of us know if they do.
  3. No worries, vcsrocks. Also attached the screenshots to show it works well under Stella 5.0.2 without any errors. even played it until the Innings reached 9.
  4. Hey there, I just dumped that Rom DUMP Pete Rose Baseball the official PAL version from my end. I've also e-mailed it obver to Rom Hunter to add to his site. But will attached the file here for you guys to play on the Stella Emulator. :-) Enjoy, Josh Pete Rose Baseball (1988) (Absolute) (H.E.S.) (PAL).bin
  5. Showing some excellent screenshots of my Atari 2600 Hardware in action using Tim Worthington's 2600RGB Mod Board isntalled.. I'll submit some screenshots of the gameplays here.
  6. Finished upload some 2600 Gameplay showing in YPbPr Component Video Output in my gallery.

  7. Hi phoenixdownita. I cannot believe I didn't think the crystal oscillators frequencies do play a big role on this. *facepalms* And here it had me thinking it was a fault on the S-Video / Composite Video lines. Seriously mate, this has answers more than what I expected. I never thought to think this was the reason for it due to the frequency of the oscillators. Big kudos for you mata and thank you heaps. On the very bright side, I did originally wanted this mod to get RGB and YPbPr outputs, Only had me concerned incase something went wrong with the TV and the second hand one I had didn't have YPbPr i'd had to be stuck with S-Video and Composite Video
  8. I already stated on my original post that the console is ORIGINALLY a NTSC 2600 4-Switch Woodgrain console. Yes JP3 is closed.
  9. G'day H454, Sadly I do not have a Harmony Cart on my hands for this system. I have been testing it with both PAL and NTSC carts. As it was explained YPbPr Component shows colours on both PAL and NTSC without any hassil. Composite Video and S-Video however shows NTSC colours fine, but not PAL colours. I looked on the RGB board and can't see what the issue is, I could only guess it may be my TV since I tested it on a Sony Bravia HDTV. Cbeers.
  10. Hi guys. To any Atari 2600 Owners that has got Tim's 2600RGB Board kit installed. I need some help with an MINOR Issue. Yesterday, I have successfully modded Tim Worthington's 2600RGB Mod kit + YPbPr Component Kit add-on to my original NTSC 2600 4-switch Woodgrain console. (I know it's unusual despite I live in Australia as Australia is a PAL region.) While I am extremely happy with the YPbPr Component output with both PAL and NTSC 2600 Games hsowing the right colours. Somehow I'm having issues to show colour on the Composite Video and S-Video Output when inserting a PAL version 2600 Games, Weirdly, This issue doesn't affect on any NTSC 2600 Games at all, only the PAL ones. I attached the images of both PAL and NTSC version of River Raid in both Composite Video and YPbPr Component Outputs. I did read on Tim's 2600 RGB Installation Guide regarding JP3. Here's the quote from his installation guide. Quote: JP3 Y-trap filter frequency. Open for PAL consoles, closed for NTSC consoles. The affects composite video output only. Does that mean that if JP3 is soldered on. I lost colour when using PAL Games via Composite A/V AND S-Video if JP3 is soldered onto the board? Help would be appreciated. FYI, I have e-mail Tim about this issue as well, awaiting an e-mail response. Cheers, Josh
  11. Will be doing some Video Gaming Videos on my YouTube account with everything Retro Gaming this year. The URL Link shows some Atari 2600 Game play previews captured on EasyCAP from my real Atari 2600 “Darth Vader” 4-Switch PAL console.

  12. The album of the HES labels I've modified and created to make it look new. I even made them to replace the old ones since a few of them I got at home is partially faded.
  13. 4 days till I head home from my 3 week break.

  14. Al, Got three questions to ask I been meaning to ask, First from a graphic artist's point of view, what software do you use to make the labels for this? secondly, Are you open to label commission requests? I got a few Activision games that is due for some new labelling (Both USA and Australian H.E.S. one I would love to get reproductions made if you are open to it, if not that's fine I can graphic art it myself.) Lastly, Have you got an updates on this project? It sure sounds promising Cheers, Josh
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