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  1. Bugga I can't edit my last reply. After searching more on the issue.. Turns out it's a console glitch even on a unmodded 2600 PAL Jr too based on the thread link below. Hope this now helps clearly. Cheers, Josh
  2. Firstly, Sorry to dig out a old thread since I'm also experiencing this issue too. It seems more likely to be a faulty TIA chip. I got this same issue with my PAL 2600 Junior that I RGB Modded. As you said with Spider Fighter I'm experiencing those same glitches on mine. I've also pasted the screenshots as well on my end. I already swapped the RIOT chip and the cartridge slot on my PAL 2600 Junior motherboard. Turns out none of that was the fault. I can phase those two out. I'll have to order a spare TIA and to be on the safe a replacement CPU as well in case the CPU could also be the culprit for it. Seeing yours is also a PAL version. When looking for another spare TIA chip online, look for the part that says either C011903 or UM6526P1 on the IC chip. When you do get it. you MUST make sure you do have good soldering skills as this is FULLY required to do the task. If you do not have good or any soldering skills. Best to get someone else to do it for you that does have the solder skills to do the task if you don't know how to perform the soldering and de-soldering task yourself. When I order a replacement TIA, I'll update the results. Cheers, Josh
  3. UPDATE to v1.1: Fixed the sunset sky. Re colour palette the frog, The balloon and the second person. Let me know how it goes on your gameplays either on Emulator or real hardware. ENJOY. Best Regards. Josh Pitfall II (1983) PAL Remastered (Hack) (Josh Russell) v1.1 Update.bin
  4. Good morning members. After sharing the Pitfall II PAL hack yesterday., I thought I may as well share another graphic modification remastered hack of The Activision Decathlon to give the PAL version a remastered look to give it the NTSC look as well. The work done here are followed. Added the sunset sky. Made the stadium floodlights yellow the Athlete's colour palette has improved significantly that was absent on the official PAL version release. Here's the YouTube video of the gameplay in action. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlqMXiXvNyg Decathlon (1983) PAL Remastered Hack (Josh Russell).bin
  5. Don't get me wrong. I still got a soft spot for the original release and respect the original release every way possible. I thought I try some hacking of my own to give it a more remastered so it can look identical to the NTSC version. Seriously thank you. Posted the Video gameplay on YouTube using the Stella Emulator as I don't have a Harmony Cart for my hardware yet. I will look into getting one down the track to test it out on real hardware. Anyone is welcome to try this hack on real hardware to show their gameplay on it. All welcome by me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvDRqy5dwoM Sweet. ^^ Hope your hack goes well. All the best to you from me. Best Regards, Josh
  6. G'day fellow members. MODS: Feel free to delete if not allowed. Been a while since I been on here. I managed to learn and study with Hack-O-Matic III to look into hacking the PAL version of Pitfall II Lost Caverns to add the missing details to make the PAL version look very identical to the NTSC version. Work was done was altering the palettes to Pitfall Harry to the same colours from the PAL release of Pitfall!, fixed the tree colours, and adding the rainbow sunset in the sky which the official PAL version release was missing. Enjoy the ROM hack. Best Regards, Josh Pitfall II (1983) PAL Remastered (Hack) (Josh Russell).bin
  7. Hi Alex_79. I can confirm that Composite Is wired up on my 2600Jr on this mod. Haven't yet wired S-Video however my Sony WEGA Trinitron shown on my photo doesn't have a S-Video jack, only AV and YPbPr. But yes you're correct since Etim's 2600RGB mod seem to bypass the TIA colour generation circuit which would explain why I'm not seeing the colour loss issue with Duck shoot ^^; upon saying that. I'm glad to see there are no issues on my part with my PAL copy of Circus Convoy. I'm very happy with the results nonethless. I'm fully aware of that when I found out some years back on another topic. Still appreciate the info from what you said here nonethless 👍
  8. G'day all. I too have got the PAL version of Circus Convoy. I gave the duck shoot minigame a go, It seems to show up alright on my end without any colour loss. Either that or my copy must have been the fixed issue. this is showing on a PAL Atari 2600Jr that is RGB modded using Tim Worthington's 2600RGB kit. Yes the colours are correct. the phone camera seem to make it look like it's too bright. I can happily say that as a PAL owner from Australia. The game works without any colour issue on my copy. David Crane, first of, welcome to AtariAge. and secondly. You, Gary and Dan Kitchen did a marvelous job with this game. Got absolutely addicted to it the moment I fired this up. I'll definitely will have to buy from yous there at Audacity again once Casey's Gold is released. Pheominel work guys. Cheers, Josh
  9. Hi, Sorry to dig out a 6 Year old thread of yours as I thought I update about this. Short answer No for simple mods. HOWEVER, There is a mod out there made by Tim Worthington from etim's shop that not only mods the 2600 to both play PAL and NTSC games with correct colours. But it improves the Video quality for the 2600, Not just composite A/V, and not just S-Video. But it will output RGB and YPbPr Component (if you buy the RGB to Component add-on board.) But keep in mind as this mod is not a simple easy mod to do. Here's two photos I took from last year after installed the mod showing Both the PAL version and NTSC version of Pitfall! from the same console.
  10. Been Googling as well as digging deep on the internet. I don't think SpaceMaster X-7 ever was released in PAL version? I know there is a few listings on eBay which is a NTSC version by 20th Century Fox Interactive for the 2600. But nothing in PAL version. I'm sure if I'm wrong, someone on here may come forward and let all of us know if they do.
  11. No worries, vcsrocks. Also attached the screenshots to show it works well under Stella 5.0.2 without any errors. even played it until the Innings reached 9.
  12. Hey there, I just dumped that Rom DUMP Pete Rose Baseball the official PAL version from my end. I've also e-mailed it obver to Rom Hunter to add to his site. But will attached the file here for you guys to play on the Stella Emulator. :-) Enjoy, Josh Pete Rose Baseball (1988) (Absolute) (H.E.S.) (PAL).bin
  13. Showing some excellent screenshots of my Atari 2600 Hardware in action using Tim Worthington's 2600RGB Mod Board isntalled.. I'll submit some screenshots of the gameplays here.
  14. Finished upload some 2600 Gameplay showing in YPbPr Component Video Output in my gallery.

  15. Hi phoenixdownita. I cannot believe I didn't think the crystal oscillators frequencies do play a big role on this. *facepalms* And here it had me thinking it was a fault on the S-Video / Composite Video lines. Seriously mate, this has answers more than what I expected. I never thought to think this was the reason for it due to the frequency of the oscillators. Big kudos for you mata and thank you heaps. On the very bright side, I did originally wanted this mod to get RGB and YPbPr outputs, Only had me concerned incase something went wrong with the TV and the second hand one I had didn't have YPbPr i'd had to be stuck with S-Video and Composite Video
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