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  1. One more little update on the Neo Geo port of Inviyya...
  2. Started reworking all graphics for my port over to the Neo Geo of Inviyya. Much fun so far, nice to have so many palettes and colors to work with. As a comparison, this is how the level looks like on the Amiga: Neo Geo rocks
  3. Thanks, mate. Your kind words are much appreciated... I hope I will do a version that gives justice to how amazing the Neo Geo is and that people will like... @Anthony: If someone is interested, you can follow the game here: https://www.facebook.com/gaming/Inviyya The collectors edition boxed sets with short story, poster, manual, digipack disk (or CD32 CD) of the Amiga version of this game can be ordered here: https://www.polyplay.xyz/navi.php?qs=inviyya And the digital edition with downloads (adf, whdload, CD32.iso for Amiga) can be downloaded here for 12 dollars... http://tigerskunk.itch.io/inviyya Anyway, will keep you guys updated about the NeoGeo version and what kind of stuff I will improve over time.
  4. So, some little update here: The engine is running fine so far, but have to fight with some little glitches that i have to iron out. I am sure that I can release the game in late autumn, though. These are screenshots from the just released Amiga version, for the Neo Geo version I will rework almost all the graphics off course to look even a whole lot better: if you want to see the game in action, here is a playthrough.. I think the game looks quite nice already for an Amiga 500 game, but for the NeoGeo version I intend to improve a few months on the pixel art and add two more levels to make this a worthy release for the amazing hardware that is the NeoGeo. Those shit loads of colours needs to make it into this game, mates..
  5. I tried to get some fighting game going on the VCS like 14 years ago, but I really struggled with its design, and thought it's impossible. So, kudos to you sir, for pulling it off! Great job.
  6. Crazy shit... Seems the Neo Geo commercial market still has some life in it.
  7. Yay, happy 7th birthday to this glorious thread... May the NeoGeo live long and prosper even more...
  8. I was actually more inspired by Pulstar on the Neo Geo, which itself is very R-Type by design. "R-Type-likes" have been their own genre since the original game released with countless games that borrowed from it following. So I guess I just take your comment as a compliment... :D
  9. Cool. Will definitely come back on that offer... : )
  10. No, no partner yet. Much too early for this right now, still a lot to do before this is finished...
  11. Thanks, fdurso... Actually the engine is running quite well already. A few glitches here and there unfortunately. But the NeoGeo is a dream to work on. Really. Will have more time to work on this soon, and then I will release a little demo as well...
  12. Some graphical updates from my little future NeoGeo SHMUP... Greets!
  13. Some first screenshots of my running NeoGeo SHMUP prototype. Just started to convert my assets, I am planning to let this look a lot better in the end... Will keep you updated. ; )
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