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  1. my files are unfragmented, and I still have the problem. Wish sise for the clusters ? I use a 32GB Samsung evo+ microSD (mc32ga/AMZ)
  2. i have a french version of this guide maybee i can scan it, if i found it in my house guillem
  3. I leave in a smol city, i never view jag games at resonable price (5-10€) always 50€... and by ebay or other internet site. whe leaving with 700€ month : locaton, food, internet (no telephon)... I like jaguar but the money have a price. Televisor at 4000€ is a idiossy or for people whe have a lot of money. In USA lot of people leaving with credits on is house... Here whe leaving with a job ... be caful guillem
  4. http://cgi.ebay.fr/ATARI-JAGUAR-Fonctionne...1QQcmdZViewItem guillem PS : i'm not the seller i wait for JagCF for playing new OLD comercial games
  5. For me the most important is : - like catbox and ethernet connection (for playing all aroud the world by internet) with address server for connecting peoples. - CF card for playing NEW FREE GAMES and OLD COMMERCIALS GAMES (there are no longer avalable in Europe becose jaguar be avalable too late and orignals games are very expencive) i don't like NEW RISC processor (new processors betray original Atari architecture) the jaguar is a powerfull system who have bad developper utility's. PLEASE DON'T ADD IT. guillem
  6. I start to play Mame on PC a lot of games (like street fighter alpha 3) use only 68000 and ZX81 processors People can develop a Jaguar version of this emulator for emulate theres games 68000 no problem jaguar have a 68000 (only need an adress changer) for the ZXspectrom or ZX81 using tom or gerry and mame is open-source guillem
  7. Yes stop with this i'm most interresting about : new free jaguar games Jaguar fans in my city (Perpignan, france) JagCF guillem
  8. Yes stop with this I'm most interested by JagCF new free games Peoples in my city (Perpignan, france) guillem
  9. gvia66


    ZX Spectum ZX 81 Atari ST 520 Atari STE 1024 PC (Windows and Linux) Atari Jaguar Atari Jaguar CD SNES Playstation 1 Game Gear Nintendo 64 i actualy use : PC (need help for mame) jaguar
  10. In france it's very difficult to buy 650Mo CD'sonly 1 is havalable (pearl.fr CD-R) I burn Atomic with no problem but for Native they have no isu. guillem
  11. I try to burn it on a 650Mo CD, 3 times, and it didn't work cd are unreconnu i have the same problem with others game guillem
  12. +10 (Thanks to comunity developers)
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