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  1. 6 hours left on the Sunday auctions. Thank you to everyone who bid on my auctions this weekend.as well as those who I've dealt with over the years. Maybe someday we'll see an Atari pack-in go for $100,000 =) I still have my Bally stuff, holding out hope that someday I'll make more homebrews for that. Mike G.
  2. I should have mentioned this earlier but... here's some secret information for the Atari Age members reading this thread and interested in the huge lot of 250 games ending today. As you might have noticed in the listing this is a label variation collection, all the labels have at least minor differences in the case that they're the same game, so if you are into label variations you want to get this. The extra info here is that the lot of 101 (with manuals) ending on Sunday is pulled from the same collection, so if you are into label variations and win the 250, you probably want to try for the Sunday auction as well, as those labels are going to be distinct from the ones in the 250. Just a heads up for my Atari Age peeps =)
  3. 12 hours until the Saturday auctions begin to end.. some good deals still
  4. Absolutely. I have a lot more 2600 to go up still, mostly repeats but it's all heavy af. please lmk if you want to make a deal on bulk items I'd love to just drive them over.
  5. Thank you Shawn, It's always been a pleasure dealing with you too.
  6. I'm moving and can't take it with me. Wish I had time to break it up more but I don't. https://www.ebay.com/sch/riffraffgames/m.html?item=202603106205&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 I'll be adding more 3-day auctions today (more 2600 including a bunch of manuals and some 5200)
  7. Sold some Atari 2600 games to Hizzy. Great communication, quick payment and trustworthy!
  8. riffraff


    TPR bought a LOT of games in my boxed 2600 collection sale. He was in close communication the whole way, resolving issues that arose.. including ebay's broken invoice system. He was eager to pay and did so at the earliest possibility. Do business with this guy, you won't regret it!
  9. This may be the first time I've heard an overseas buyer actually request the GSP! I have shipped exclusively thru the GSP because without it, the shipping gets really expensive (UPS) or the seller (me) is completely unprotected vs fraud. I shipped without this protection for a long time, relying on the trustworthiness of other in the community but after being ripped off for over $1000 over the years I decided to only ship this way. Negatives are: Can't declare a "friendly" value of items, reducing the buyer's import tax. Package is opened, inspected, and repackaged at the sorting facility. I have heard this is sometimes less than a delicate handling of our collectables, but never experienced this issue personally. May take longer to get the package to the buyer as the item(s) are shipped first to a sorting facility, then to the buyer overseas. Can't automatically combine shipping costs (can only send one ebay listing at a time) I've got around this problem by cancelling individual winnings and making a new ebay listing that has all the items the buyer wants into one. Then the GSP can be used for the combined listing. Okay enough of the off-topic stuff. Hope everyone who has recently been able to play War and Crazy Climber enjoy the games on this Multicart! I can't thank Adam Trifino and Ken Lill enough for their part in getting these games into the original cartridge form, burning eproms, and designing packaging. Without Adam doing this for War there would never have been a Crazy Climber. Thank you VERY much Adam!
  10. Thanks guys. For those who are outside the US and need combined shipping, I'll try and get things sorted tomorrow or Sunday. It will require the steps above, i.e cancelling and making a new listing with the combined items.
  11. 3 hours left before they start ending. Thank you for your bids everyone!
  12. I added Yars' Revenge BOX, MANUAL & COMIC only (no game) auction and it will end right after the others (it will appear in about 7-8 hours from now). Was going to add Worm War I (BOX & MANUAL only) also but then noticed they are charging me $1 for making the auction only 3 days. WTF ebay. Anyhow If someone wins some games in the auctions and wants to add on a box & manual for Worm War I or some of these other boxes I found let's deal. Apart from Worm War I these are all boxes only:
  13. It's time for my final collection sale. Atari 2600 boxed games. (220 listings, most are complete, all have a box) http://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_odkw=&_ssn=riffraffgames&_nkw=2600+box&_sacat=0 Thanks! Shipping Now some stuff about shipping. In before the "why is shipping so high?" It's because I use USPS Priority Mail. I have found this to be worthwhile as the built-in insurance, free boxes, and more reliable/faster shipping procedures are worth the extra couple dollars to use this service. I've staggered the auctions 1 minute apart and WILL COMBINE SHIPPING inside the US. I will charge the exact shipping & packaging costs and pack very well. Bidders outside the US About International Shipping & EBAY's Global Shipping Program: Some of you like it, some hate it but after being ripped off for over $1000 prior to using it, I have no choice but to use the GSP. Although most people in the classic gaming community are good, honest people.. there are some that are not and will take advantage since without the GSP there is no protection at all for the seller. Unfortunately the GSP does not by itself allow combined shipping of different listings. What I've been told by ebay is the best way to take care of this is when the auctions are over, to CANCEL the auctions that I want to combine and then make a new listing with everything included for the international winner. This is a very painful process for me, but I am willing to do it for those who are outside the US and want to take advantage of combined shipping. The combined auction will still go through EBAY's GSP and any import taxes will still need to be paid by the buyer, but at least it will be one shipment and both myself and the buyer are protected.
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