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  1. The season is over, and we have a new champion! Final scores for the season are as follows: 106 - oyamafamily 100 - Dr Moocowz 94 - roadrunner 92 - NIKON 90 - jeremiahjt 81 - toiletunes 80 - BydoEmpire 31 - jblenkle 31 - Rick Dangerous 29 - Namco Player 21 - Dauber 16 - Deteacher 10 - Cousin Vinnie 9 - slx 7 - thursday83 Thank you to all 15 contestants for a wonderful season! Stay tuned for information for next season (coming soon after a short break)
  2. Have all of the preorder backer units shipped?
  3. How do the new shells look? I'm Curious about the 7800, wouldn't it work for 2600?
  4. When I look into getting a new system, the first thing I ask is "are there any games I want to play?" The second thing i ask is "how much is it?" I have never asked "how big is it?"
  5. toiletunes

    HOKEY demo

    I like the hokey jingle, especially during the 7800 splash screen.
  6. Put me on reserve if bluejay drops out.
  7. Same answer, it has a free form practice mode, and I doodle with that. I picked up Pictionary last weekend on the off chance it might have a drawing function, but I haven't tested it yet.
  8. Robot City: Would make a nice Odyssey2 game. 2,289. The End: Nice space shooter. I like it. 19,480. Tower of Rubble: Save Mary meets Tetris with a bit of Tower Toppler memorization thrown in. I love a good strategy game. 191.
  9. I keep 20 games: Metal Gear is not pictured because I'm playing it. The unlabeled cart is a 'super joy 76 in 1' with a famicon converter.
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