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  1. toiletunes


  2. Dinner is served! I added sour cream.
  3. Not to derail the thread, but I play them regularly. Thank you for what you do. If they are ever finished, I would purchase. In particular, the 320 games feel like you're in the arcade playing a bootleg or conversion. It's really arcade quality, coming from a 7800 no less. Mind blowing.
  4. Yes; Ninja Golf Planet Smashers Alien Brigade Motor Psycho Scrapyard Dog Dark Chambers Tower Toppler Food Fight Super Skareboardin Failsafe Dungeon Stalker No: Karateka Jinks Double Dragon Fight Night Football Baseball Flight Sims
  5. How to be a glutton for punishment without a $300 'investment'
  6. For 2600: 1- If I happen to find games somewhere, look for something I don't have. 2- obsessively make lists, scour online stores to compare prices, hunt variants, collect one of everything. 3- lose interest when it gets too hard to find anything in my price limit, pick a selection to keep, sell the rest. For other systems: Lesson learned. I watched online videos, tried emulation, and figured out what I'd actually want to play and keep BEFORE buying anything.
  7. Close this discussion of dick! I broke!! Thanks.
  8. Around 1997, I bought a 'Side Arms' cabinet from an arcade. The coin counter was around 28,000. A little later, I got Ms. Pac-Man at auction, and the counter was 89,000.
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