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  1. Pinball was good back then. I played a lot of Twilight Zone, Taxi, Whirlwind, Addams Family, and Funhouse- not all came out in the nineties, but these were in the arcades at the time. You could also usually find Ms Pac Man and Galaga, sometimes with a mod chip- fast speed or rapid fire. Mortal Kombat was king. I played a lot of Trog, Moonwalker, Martial Champions, and I don't remember much else.
  2. Round 2: Just in time for Halloween, it's Dungeon Stalker, Standard difficulty. Round Ends October 31
  3. M Network, but honorable mentions to CBS, Sega, and Starpath. Dishonorable mention to Zellers, Panda, and Froggo.
  4. Elevator Action Tron Front Line Demolition Derby Ms PacMan Q*Bert Frenzy Mouse Trap Tutankham Up & Down
  5. Bonus - Air Raid (I'm pretty sure that's a helicopter on the left)
  6. My 7800 has composite and rf out, just flip the channel select switch to choose. I bought it here, so don't know what kind of mod was done. Most of the time, I use RF- but it's nice to have the option.
  7. Welcome to the 2020/2021 High Score Club! There will be 14 rounds, lasting 20 days each. The season will end in June, 2021. Choplifter scores: Dr Moocowz - 64 ! roadrunner - 63 jeremiahjt - 57 slx - 57 BydoEmpire - 49 Toiletunes - 45 NIKON - 30 jblenkle - 26 Bonus: Get to the choppah! Post a screenshot from any 2600 game with a helicopter for one bonus point. Don't use a game someone else posted (no duplicates). Choppah bonus: BydoEmpire - River Raid Dr Moocowz - Commando Raid NIKON - Chopper Command roadrunner - Time Pilot slx - Superman Toiletunes - Air Raid ROUND ENDS OCTOBER 11
  8. If we're playing a game and you don't have a physical copy, there are some options. There's an online emulator at https://www.retrogames.cz/index.php I also try to include a 'bonus game' when doing rounds with rarer titles, so that you can play something even if not the main game.
  9. What games would/wouldn't work for a hsc?
  10. Interesting, for the top ten, half are Activision. The rest are Atari, with three being arcade ports.
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