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  1. If it is compatible with the original library, I would support this by buying one- after it is built and retail ready- depending on price. Until then, no. I've seen too many similar projects come and go with nothing to show.
  2. If you get to the 5th day, you earn the patch.
  3. Avoid Jinks, Karateka, Hat Trick, F-18, Football, Baseball. The early arcade ports are good. The exclusives are an acquired taste- you'll love them or you'll hate them.
  4. I don't have access to a scanner, hope this helps. I have five more (Asteroids, Choplifter, One on One, and two others). I can post them here, or mail them to you for proper scans.
  5. Is this still available? I can trade a hello kitty bike, or maybe a coleco chameleon
  6. I just did a quick look at atari 2600 games list, using only the common (and therefore most readily available) titles. According to my calculations, Atari games are 82% arcade ports, 6% sports, 6% space sims, and 6% E. T. VERY LITTLE VARIETY.
  7. Absolutely not. I have not been playing this game and posting scores for weeks, only to be squeezed out at the last hour. That would be cheap. 18,050, and if that doesn't do it, then so be it.
  8. Will the new mini jaguar have a built in cd drive at launch?
  9. I've learned a lot from this thread. Mainly, how not to debate.
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