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  1. They also call Yars' Revenge rare and unreleased, so who knows? Maybe they meant Yars' Return, and maybe they meant an enhanced label for the new re-release of the existing Adventure. There's just not enough accurate information, as usual. They need to hire a PR person and an Atari historian, and they need to do it five years ago.
  2. I'm doing some work related testing stuff this week, score updates (and 2 more rounds) coming soon.
  3. It probably depends on how many unsold units they have left, I can't imagine them building any more. Once that last unit is paid for, or once they run out of ideas for flashback Fridays. Probably as soon as the 50th anniversary hoopla dies down.
  4. Round 8 is all about flying! We start with Dragon's Descent. Settings: Difficulty switches b/b, Game setting: Infinite maze Bonus game: Ace of Aces. Game setting: select Practice, then select Dog Fight. Round 8 ends May 7, midnight est.
  5. I worked at a nickel arcade for a few months around 2003. $2.50 admission, but all the games took nickels (usually 2, sometimes 4, sometimes 1). It seemed pretty run down, a far cry from the glory days of 1982-1992. Some of the games didn't work at all, but were left on the floor to fill space. I mostly worked concession and redemption. I saved all my earnings, then spent it all when they held an arcade auction. I got a skee ball, bloxeed and some cocktail cabinet ( don't remember the game, nothing exciting). They told me the average return on the ticket games was set to 15%, but a few paid out 30%. They reset the progressive jackpot games on Thursday morning. there were three or four pinballs. Good times.
  6. THIS. 100%. If you even think there's a 1% chance you might shut it down forever for a third time, just don't even start. This on again off again business is like deja vu all over again. At the very least, these announcements every few days... Just pick one and stick with the decision.
  7. If I can afford 2 boxed games or 3 loose games, I'll take the loose games every time. If a 'must own' game is only available with a box, I'll buy it eventually, but the box goes in a closet, never to be seen again.
  8. I'll be out of town for a bit. Place your scores for round 7 here, and I'll update when I return. Round 7 starts March 28 and ends April 17. Game setting: Expert, start with level one. Scores for the season: 71 Silver Back 70 oyamafamily 64 toiletunes 56 Deteacher 54 Dr Moocowz 51 NIKON 48 jeremiahjt 44 jimblargh 39 jgkspsx 37 BydoEmpire 28 roadrunner 24 Rick Dangerous 18 Cafeman 15 mark griff 14 Propane13 13 Lauren Tyler 06 jblenkle Scores for this round:
  9. I thought there were rumors about a basement in Chicago, but I don't remember.
  10. In order to use the bombs on Scrapyard Dog, you need to press down and one of the buttons. This is effectively a third button.
  11. Hello! We're currently running a poll to choose the next game for the 7800 High score club, and all 3 choices are available on the VCS- If you want to vote and/or play, here's the link: 2022 Round 7 POLL: - 7800 High Score Club - AtariAge Forums
  12. Vote for your favorite! All 3 are available on the new VCS, so you can play the 7800 versions there, too! Voting ends March 27, the new round will begin March 28...
  13. 7800 vs emulation: If you're into emulation, you'll probably never play 7800 Double Dragon. It pales in comparison to the arcade, and you'll wind up playing that instead. If you have the cart, you're more likely to give it a chance and learn to appreciate it in its own way. Same for Donkey Kong. The 7800 console buttons can get dirty and need replacing to work, and the power supply uses an unique jack.
  14. While I'm thinking of it, here's my Haiku (before someone else uses the same idea) *clears throat* Subtly implying- Super Mario is trash? Well played, Atari.
  15. You have earned your point, good sir
  16. As long as it's the exact same game, I see no problems. For examples- Scrapyard Dog on the Lynx is totally different than the 7800, and the original flashback had some games from the 7800 library, but that system was a NES on a chip and the games were ports. I'm not familiar enough with the evercades, but I assume they're much better emulators.
  17. The new VCS can play games from the 7800 library, and Scrapyard Dog is one of the games they offer. We happen to be playing Scrapyard Dog over in the 7800 high score club right now- here's the link if you want to post a score 2022 HSC Rd. 6 Scrapyard Dog - 7800 High Score Club - AtariAge Forums Deadline is March 27.
  18. Mr. Big has dognapped Scraps! Do you have what it takes to help Louie rescue him? Settings: default Manual: AtariAge - Atari 7800 Manuals (HTML) - Scrapyard Dog (Atari) File download: AtariAge - Atari 2600 - Scrapyard Dog (Atari) HSC Record: 2,192,600 (Propane13) Bonus: Haiku! (Traditional Japanese haiku consist of three phrases that contain 17 syllables in a 5, 7, 5 pattern) Create an original Haiku poem about Scrapyard Dog for bonus points! Posting a poem will receive one bonus point. Posting a poem in Haiku format will receive two points, and the poem with the most different reactions will receive three points- (the reactions from the 'like' button include Like, Sad, Thanks, Confused, and Ha Ha). If you get all five reactions, you'll get four bonus points! Deadline: Sunday, March 27, midnight EST. Scores for the season: 68 oyamafamily 60 Silver Back 56 Deteacher 51 toiletunes 47 Dr Moocowz 45 NIKON 34 jeremiahjt 34 jimblargh 31 jgkspsx 30 BydoEmpire 28 roadrunner 24 Rick Dangerous 18 Cafeman 13 Lauren Tyler 08 mark griff 05 jblenkle Scores for this round: 2,162,800 = Propane13 1,790,750 = jeremiahjt 215,025 = Silver Back 73,475 = toiletunes 26,325 = jimblargh 25,200 = mark griff 24,325 = NIKON 23,950 = Dr Moocowz 20,450 = jgkspsx 14,625 = BydoEmpire 13,500 = oyamafamily 5,900 = jblenkle Bonus: Posted a poem: (+1) Silver Back Posted a Haiku: (+2) Dr Moocowz jimblargh Propane13 Posted a Haiku (and predicted beating the game +3) jeremiahjt Five reaction Haiku bonus (+4) jgkspsx toiletunes BydoEmpire
  19. Tonight at midnight. There's still time
  20. Airlock and Sorcerer are fun games with impressive graphics. U S Games has a bunch of great titles.
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