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  1. Definitely Warlords and Tempest if a USB to 9 pin can let you real 2600 paddles and USB spinners are made for it as a possible alternative, if the individual thinks it’s better. But I heard the original INTV controllers were supposed to be combo Joystick/paddles. And the Amico controller does that and more.
  2. Hello Tommy. Thanks for addressing my concerns, telling me that Amico has every game have a solo mode and a local multiplayer mode. 3. suggestions. And I’ll try to TLDR 1. USB controllers, like to DB9 like 2600/7800/Coleco/INTV2/Bally, and to DB 15 for 5200. That way replacement specialty controls can be made, like Paddles, Trak Balls, Spinners, flight yolks, and arcade style joysticks, could be used by those who prefer them. Also it simultaneously benefit the “true retro” market o original consoles as well as the neo-retro market like Amico and the New VCS. 2. Though doing that could let individuals use their own controllers, my design is the best “all around joystick” if ambidextrrity and conforming to “fighting game fans” must be balanced. Visit http://Sinister sticks.com for my personal sales story of how I and 4 others toppled a future gaming giant. BTW Hori USA said the design is brilliant, should sell in the USA well, yet the main office in Japan forbids this to go through. 3. In you’re going to do online gaming in 2 to 3 years from now, consider http://Netrogames.com . Keith Robinson said if it were echnically possible, it would create a new online gaming market. Steve Ronny said if he had 3 M in 1 M out combined with the low-ping aspects of the Sprint direct connect network, he could easily do it The concept of Netrogames is to use a straight line light speed connection to make a low-ping connection possible. And if a low ping connection can beat 1 frame both ways and sync up machines, then literally any multi player game that uses the same screen or split screen and has separate controllers for each player can be turned into an online game without writing a single bit of code that is not dependent on the originating game’s code. Games in licensing purgatory can be turned online without the permission of the original cold owners. All you need is an original cartridge and a new version of the cartridge player which features a Netrogames , and that’s exactly why Atari failed my Invention saying that they weren’t sure about the legal implications of Activision having their games used to make money without their permission. Some people told me to go into the lengthy details. I say read what’s already up there on my websites.
  3. TLDR version: my anecdotal experience has me and four other friends beat the local Blockbuster Genesis champ in our group. The difference was a right handed fight stick. Pros: all 5 of us never lost a match to him in about 10 matches each. Four of the 5 of never won against him until that day. (Degree of improvement) He later appeared on national cable tv twice in the 00s. (Quality of opponent faced) Cons only tried by the 5 of us. (small sample size, but not unique to me) The game was Genesis Street Fighter 2 New Challgers. (enough people say the game is more “joystick-heavy” than later SF games and can see a right stick benefit, but wouldn’t carry into future SF games or other games in general) Some arrogant people on the “dragon punch” website that is 995 people tried the right stick, the success rate would be less than 1% and 50% would play worse. I wanted some pre-crash fans opinion of an ambidextrous joystick How significant is the specific evidence? Will that carry over if tested more broadly?
  4. Here are some interesting facts I discovered on my quest to get a right handed stick. 1. during Pre crash arcades, a lot of cabinets were Ambi cabinets. Some were even refurbed to be ambi. 2. Of the 8 consoles in sale in 1973, 5 had pack in ambi (Astrocade, INTV, CV. 5200, A2001) 2 had right hand pack in (2600, O2), but one had third party ambi solutions. And the last was left pack in. (Vectrex) 3. JAMMA advertised to owners in an "inside manner" meaning not to the general public that left hand sticks means shorter credits and shorter credits means more money and the Cartel of Japanese game makers and "big US arcade" MAYBE made modding for right stick a violation by revoking new licenses for violators. 4. Since the "second Golden rule" says those who have the gold make the rules, Beeshu decided to be the salmon and guarsntee their Supersticks with "better scores or your money back" and had them endorsed by the US Video Game Team. 5 Nintendo rejected Beeshu licenses they applied for. They met all the quality standards and we're willing to pay, with critics saying the Superstick was better due to having arcade parts and Ambidexterity. Either competition from Turbo Grafx and Genesis, US court decisions or both, forced then to retroactively license Beeshu stuff. 6. Street fighter 2, Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct and Eternal Champions all called for 6 buttons (with crippled 3 buttons for legacy Genesis controllers.). Though it sounds conspiratorial and I admit this is a stretch, but it wouldn't surprise me if the 4-6 button games were engineered to snuff out Beeshu and right stick holdout arcades. If this were vicuous, they saw Beeshu's strategy to make ambi sticks through button mirroring and thought the way to attack was use so many buttons and make them essential to take too much room on the panel layout. Success: The Genesis Gizmo, despite selling all copies, lost money for Beeshu who was hoping to recoup in future runs. 6 button killed them. Their idea that failed to stick to the target was the Space Shuttle Pad. Beeshu was OOB. 7. I assumed the only reason ambi is not used is economical. So I submitted my design to Hori USA. The US manager said it was a brilliant design. He said this model would sell well in the USA and many other places but there is no way the Main HQ in Japan would allow it, even in the USA. (It's almost saying It is a great design that will make money and sell well in the USA, and EXACTLY the reason HQ won't allow it. 8. There was no Shoryuken website, or if there was I was unaware of it. I had to ask Nintendo and Sega where I can find a 6 button right handed joystick. Nintendo said just learn to beat your friends. Sega actually helped me by mentioning KY Enterprises. 9. I was from the beginning tagged on Shoryuken as a villain because I though I discovered something amazing with right handed sticks. I thought my story was amazing and would get people to consider a right hand or ambi option. Since Sinister both plays off Wicked Controllers and Evil Controllers kind of vibe as well as Sinister meaning "left hand" in Latin, why not call it Sinister Sticks. 10. I tried competing in a local tournament, but in the 90s it was arcade only. No custom sticks allowed. Plunking my money for something I couldn't even come close to winning because they don't accommodate righties was financial suicide. I couldn't show my skills and have fun in an arcade because of such rules. 11. The only reason they allowed right sticks later because the game moved to home consoles, and they allowed other forms of custom sticks, so enforcing "left stick only" was arbitrary. So Capcom made SF4 more joystick forgiving and less button forgiving. Did I stumble on the Sinister Japanese Jingoistic Joystick Yakuza plot, a less severe side job of the Yakuza? Why does the FGC have a Polo like mentality, where opposites handedness is banned when on arcade machines? It's like insulted someone's god when I suggest "Right Makes Might". When you play baseball with your kid, the first thing you buy is a bat and ball for your kid. Which question gets asked first: A. left catch right throw, or right catch left throw? B: brand of bat and ball? C. The optimal ratio of length to diameter of the bat? Most people would find out A and then for c get a non-regulation bat because baby needs the stimulus of hitting a pitched ball just in front of mom and dad and older siblings and eventual friends they make. As for B: whichever one is cheapest at the local store. Why is every aspect discussed except the first fundamental question in any sport. It's like the FGC wants to be elite with secret left handed handshakes for forward then down then diwn-right, not the popular guy in town.
  5. First of all, for someone who knows math, other than me because of my bias to figure whether my Sinister Sticks Sales Pitch Story (autobiographical, and non fiction) is statistically insignificant, like a couple of FGC debters say, or significant enough to say this is news. For full details visit sinistersticks.com. But here's my best bullet points TLDR list of why I think my sales story is awesome. Skip to second set of dashes if you read it before to skip to the math question. ----------------------------- In the days of Street Fighter 2 on the Genesis. I had to buy a custom fight stick (by the way it was a joystick to me and would be used for more than fight games.) because after the Beeshu Genesis Gizmo, no system authorized Ambidexterous joystick was made, and only a couple unlicensed designs for PS3 since. A group of 6 of us met at one of our houses in 1994 to play a Street Fighter 2 New Challengers for Genesis. The local "king of the hill" was Jamal Zophar321 Nickens. He was it would become the local Macedonia Oh Blockbuster Genesis champ. He was never asked to compete beyond the store level. He shined in 2 National Cable TV Video game reality game shows, Life to the Power of X, where he so dominated that he was chosen as "the outsider" with 11 other established pre-Twitch video game chanpions in WCG Ultimate Gamer Season 1. Before the day I had my "rightie fightie", I never beat him in Street Fighter 2. I occasionally unseated one other person to be king of the hill, but never him. That day I was perfect with the precursor to the Sinister Stick. ( An Ambi fighter) against 5 different opponents around 10 games apiece. (Before then we were 6 button pad to 6 button pad) Jamal made excuses saying I was a fluke. I thought the right handed stick gave me an advantage. He said there's no way a right handed joystick would improve anyone. I accepted his challenge and let the other 4 common friends fight him. Before 3 of the 4 never beat him. All 4 common friends won 10 matches each in rotation in an "escape the hot seat" series (a prisoner of the hill match). Jamal never escaped prison. All you need was to win one game to 2 rounds he lost 40 matches against my friends, 10 against me for an 0-50 vs Right Stick. ------------------------ Now the math question. If the right handed joystick were not a factor, what would be odds of these results being random chance alone? I understand the sample size is small. But I made it just for me. It's my four friends blanking him which made me a Devil for Sinister Sticks (BTW in Latin Sinister is a word form that denotes "left hand(ed) ". Is the degree of turnaround from "can't win" to "always win" increase my story's cred? Is the caliber of opponent high enough where the excuse "wait till you take it to the bigger world" excuse doesn't hold water? I believe my story is statistically significant enough to warrant a bigger study. When a "literal 5 out if 5" have a complete 180 against a nation TV video game champ, (granted all-around champ, not a particular game title champ), why is everyone on the"dragon punch" website afraid to thumb up, and some guy comes challenge me? Why is this in the Amico Section? 1 Intellivision had the first multiple- button Ambidexterous design as a pack in, or even as an irremovable. (And second ambi only to Bally Astrocade, possibly third if Fairchild had one.) 2. Amico is the first pack in ambi controller since the ColecoVision, Atari 5200 and Emerson Arcadia 2001. 3. Amico is the first "system authorized" ambi controller since the Beeshu Genesis Gizmo. I might actually get some positive comments here. In an hour I'll post evidence I gathered for the fact the Fighting Game Community seem to not be live and let live in the hand issue, and wants to relegate right handed sticks to custom jobs. But that's a different topic within Amico
  6. Not only is it pre-ordered it's 100% paid for. I had a free $100 gift card for signing up for Visible Wireless, with the best Gamers' plan among cellular carriets., but it expired in 2 months so literally I put down as a $100 prepaid card plus got extra money to pay for the Amico in full. I wanted to spend it before it expired. By the way GameStop said if my store goes out of business I could pick up my Amico at a different GameStop. But what happens if the whole GameStop chain goes out of business before 10/10/2021? Knowing the Stock volatility of the RobinHood Redditers, I was worried for both my Amico and my friend and his wife, who are both multi-store managers at Gamestop. Tommy said that even though every game is designed to be multiplayer, just as equally as important, every game is designed to have a single player mode versus the leaderboard / CPU opponents.
  7. Will there be Amico authorized controllers that could be used instead of the original controllers? If so will it require a proprietary sub format of USB similar to Xbox One controllers, or will it be considered generic USB controllers like the PS3 and Nintendo Switch? There's two strategies you can apply. One way is to build specific USB controllers for those various devices sort of like how Xbox and Nintendo and Sony do it now. The other way is to have a 9-pin to USB adapter to plug in real Atari, Intellivision ColecoVision and other old school controllers, and have these companies make new versions of those old controllers exactly as it was except in better condition that work with the original Atari and television coleco etc and also work with the Amico through this converter. I like the second way better because then you could actually make the real controllers again and it lives on in both the true hardware retro markets as well as the Neo-Retro market that Intellivision is trying to capture. Now if you're 2600 paddle breaks you don't have to send it to a repair man or repair it yourself you would just go to the store buy 2600 paddles that work for both the 2600 and the Amico. Also wondering if they'll be a physical 16-way stick? I figured the Colecovision Super Action controller might qualify as that, because it is eight separate actuators for each of the eight directions. how do I know this? Experience : a broken one could go north and west on Venture but not Northwest. I guess if you wanted to make a physical 16 way joystick plus neutral you need eight actuators and the ability to to sense a tertiary by simultaneous Cardinal and Diagonal. By the way if this special 16 way joystick where to be made for the Amico, one thing I certainly hope it would be would be ambidextrous. A lot of pre-crash arcade video games had ambidextrous layouts. and the last system-authorized ambidextrous joystick was the Beeshu Genesis Gizmo. I sent it to Hori USA and the Hori USA submission manager said it was a brilliant design, it would sell well in America, but there's no way the Japanese Main headquarters would allow it, even for just locally in America. It's almost like the Hori USA submissions manager is confirming that there is some Japanese joystick jingoistic bias towards movement on the left hand. I hope there's American mass market joystick makers listening to this. Also the fact that the CV super action controller is 8-way compatible shows that this could also work as a multi-console for Playstation Xbox and Nintendo. Now probably fighting game enthusiasts at "the dragon punch website" (here I am mock(?)-vilified for suggesting that some people will be helped by giving the choice of joystick left or joystick right, enough where would be worth a try and if it doesn't quite work out right you got the way it normally is,) would say "Ew! Get that dirty 16-way joystick away from me." Then again I'm also mock-vilified for suggesting that joysticks were prominent in arcades before fighting games, and suggesting that it's a it's enhancement for some people versus a pad, and that the reason why the pad is the standard of choice is because it's cheaper, not because it enhances game players' abilities, and suggest that a joystick would work with any game that's specifically doesn't require an analog pad or doesn't specifically intuitively imply a pad layout would be most intuitive. (Like F-Zero was the first game I know of where the pad layout was more intuitive than a fight stick.) BTW I understand the intellivision controller was designed to be a fairly economical yet innovative controller which was supposed to act as a joystick control, a dial control, and a keypad controller all at once on the same physical controller.
  8. Before Tommy Tallarico bought the rights to Intellivision, I was working with Keith Robinson on the possibility of turning any old retro game online by using a technique of beating the frame and basically making an ultra long LAN cord out of a Direct Connect Cellular connection. Before he died Keith Robinson told me he love the idea it sounds reasonable but doesn't know if his main tech guy, Steve Roney could do it. Steve Roney said he could probably do it if he knew he was getting so much bandwidth guaranteed. At the time I couldn't guarantee Coast to Coast speeds of at least 3G which is about 500k in 200k out while still keeping the low ping aspect of direct connect intact. So I called Sprint's executive engineer Tex Tiexera,. And he said that Direct Connect is just as fast as standard traditional Cellular data in terms of data speed in Megabits per second. The only difference between Direct Connect and traditional data is that Direct Connect requires 30 seconds to establish a direct connect tunnel but once that tunnel is established you're guaranteed ping times that are implied by speed of light transmission in a direct path at whatever speeds in terms of megabits per second the network offers anyway. So Tex did confirm that you can get 4G speeds wherever there's a 4G network and now 5G speeds wherever there's a 5G Network and still have the ability to do low ping data with that high speeds and not lose the competitive advantage of direct connect/low ping data. By the time I got that information, Keith Robinson died and this project kind of went into limbo. I understand the priority is to get the Amico games and system out first. I heard after two or three successful years of Amico that's when Tommy is going to discuss making games online. As the spark of inspiration (far from inventor, because I know that it's possible based on existing technologies. but I don't know how to build one myself) for netrogames.com and it's main advocate, I was hoping Tommy would consider using Netrogames because Steve Roney, last time we talked, told me he could do it if he didn't have to work without a net that higher bandwidths provide. As my situation dictates, earning small amounts of money will actually be harmful to me beneficially, because I'm a social security recipient on Medicaid and a certain amount of income would ruin my status. Therefore I want no upfront payment for this. Take it freely. If you feel your owe a lot of success to it, just remember it has to be life changing-money for me to benefit from it, otherwise it would be payment enough and just cool just be remembered after I'm dead and have no family members after me, as the guy who saw the path to Netrogames. So do us both a favor and unless this gets you ahead of either Sony Microsoft or Nintendo, consider this my contribution to Team Running Man. The obvious advantage of my technique is that if it works, and Tex says the network won't prevent it, and Steve Roney said if he had a comfortable amount of bandwidth he can make it happen, that every game past, present, future can be turn online just simply by beating the clock, as long as two or more players play on the same machine (which currently describes all Amico games as well as pretty much every non portable game until you get into the online gaming era). And either use same screen or split screen, (which also describes pretty much every classic game until post-Dreamcast stuff except portables, and also describes Amico.). The funny thing is that this idea could be adapted for third party Playstation Xbox and Nintendo games of younger vintage so a lot of games where people were just too lazy to program the network features in the game can suddenly be online that is normally two player (or more) same screen or split screen. The two biggest Achilles heels are all players must be on the same cellular network, and it cannot be used on a traditional Network because a traditional Network cannot guarantee low ping, and it has a physical distance limit of eight light-milliseconds or 2400 km before you have to use more traditional Network techniques and those require individualized code for each individual game. before I went to Keith Robinson Atari said they would have accepted it, except they're not sure about the legal implications of being able to play Activision 2600 games without compensating Activision for using their games even though you have to find a cartridge of an Activision game in the wild, and that my technique is not derived from the original Activision code but is universally played on any ROM so Imagic, Parker Brothers, Apollo, US Games, and other multiplayer games for the 2600 could be played just as easily. (That is assuming Atari and Activision doesn't make a deal where Activision games could be played with a digital ROM purchase specifically for a Netrogames 2600.) PS thank you, AtariAge for having actually more than one Intellivision Amico thread possible for more specific Amico topics.
  9. KPHey I noticed you have a one player solo and two player co-op version of Breakout. First of all since you guys probably only reveal stuff a little bit at a time I assume you have a versus mode in breakout also in addition to a co-op mode. If you don't here's what I would suggest if you do consider it free update after the 3-month anniversary or something. I thought of a good idea for a general versus rule if there's no direct person pixel versus pixel interaction. I kind of like the idea of a pinball speed race introduced by Zen Studios, but there's one major problem if you make the ball drain penalty too small it encourages sloppy play if you make the ball drain penalty too big you could go on forever at modest amounts if you are of average skill. What they did in Zen Pinball was take points off for whenever you drain the ball in a situation will cause you to lose a ball. This is the situation I propose. Since breakout is a game of getting to the finish line wins, a normal technique would be to do speed runs. but having one player do a speed run and then having the other player watch and wait and know what to beat a) gives a second player in advantage and b) is boring cuz of forces someone to wait. Most of the games on the ColecoVision were of a two-player alternating type and we should try to avoid those whenever possible, except if it's turn based board game style where one person's moves affects another one's moves. Zen Studios subtracts points every time you drink and it's always based on a percentage of whatever score you have so later drains get punished more than earlier drains. I was thinking you could have a Time penalty for each time you have a "loss of life". The thing is none of your progress gets erased, and you complete the level exactly organically just like it's a speed run, but you factoring drains as penalty time. I know when you're playing real head-to-head waiting for a minute before you could go again would be real boring therefore I suggest a penalty Bank. So each player/team would have a separate penalty Bank. When the first person crosses the finish Line, let's assume he has 4 minutes and 30 seconds in penalty and the other team has two minutes and 30 seconds in penalty. It's a team with 4 minutes and 30 seconds penalty finishes first then instantly 4 minutes and 30 seconds are subtracted from everyone else's clock. If you have zero or more after the first team adds their penalty seconds, that person would be eliminated from gold. (obviously if you play the Top Gun Mighty Wings model where there's no points for second best, the game ends ends instantly at this point) Yes negative numbers are possible and are desirable at this point because the clock then counts to zero. If you drain a ball while the ball is counting, time gets added to the penalty Bank which by following the rule of adding negative to positive numbers if the total is above 0 you lose if the total is still under zero you still got some time left but less time than you had before the ball drain. If second, third, and fourth, don't matter, once one positive frame has ticked, you are instantly eliminated. As long as you got negative time you could still play when the first person finishes. This could be done in any combination of players that the game would normally have, for example if the most she could play is two player co-op, then you could either go one-on-one, cutthroat three-way cutthroat four-way, two teams of two, three teams of two cutthroat, or four teams of two cutthroat, since I heard it's an eight-player maximum on the Amico. I believe that is a balanced way to do a speed run when the primary objective of the single player mode was to clear the level before losing balls. a drop ball on the first ball counts just as much time penalty as a drop ball before your last break is cleared. of course if losing some of multiple bosses that cost you life those balls are not counted towards the penalty Bank. Plus extra lives that are normally given in whatever format could be awarded As Time bonuses. And while we're at it I noticed the Xbox PlayStation and Nintendo have very poor controls, (try pinpointing a position when the thumbstick has resistance against you holding it still.) since half of the fun of some of these older games are proper controls maybe we could a USB paddle with proper Amico license coding, and we can use nine pin controls and 15 pin controls so that 2600 limited turn radius paddles, unlimited turn radius indy 500 knobs, Star Wars type flight yolks which do not bounce back, like for Red Baron and Star Wars the arcade game, trackballs for centipede and Marble Madness. Obviously these would not need requirements but if you happen to own original 2600 or 5200 versions of trackballs and paddles and stuff like that, you could use a special Amico encoded 9 pin and 15 pin to USB adapter for such games. the extra benefit is that those original models for the original systems of the real 2600 5200 ColecoVision etc would we built to the original standard so you could use it with the genuine article old equipment plus you could use the special 9 pin and 15 pin to Amico USB adapter. Simultaneously cover a retro market and a modern system market. As I said it's not a requirement that these controllers work. it just that some people would rather have a paddle then dial their pad like a spinner. I for one would rather have a fixed radius absolute paddle for Breakout. in all fairness I never wasn't an Intellivision person back in the day and never really saw a game that took advantage of dialing the panel in multiple circles as the original intellivision was supposed to do. I guess INTV Pole Position might be an example of one such game. In the 90s after finding like at least 8 White Label Intellivision games, including some titles I didn't hear of till I literally saw it at the thrift store for a dollar each at the thrift store of thrift stores (regular goodwills are considered retail and this is a Goodwill closeout . The things they sell at the Goodwill outlet store are those things that don't sell well in the regular store and are considered bottom dwelling garbage in terms of popularity, note that's a commentary on thrift store sales drive [not necessarily value on eBay or quality of game when reviewed in respect to other games at the time. ] ) I bought them that day for a dollar a game for like somewhere between 8 and 15 games. I popped it in within a week. When I tried it I couldn't figure out how to get it to work. Then I read in the early 2010s that the main purpose of 16 way joysticks was to accurately do both directional games and rotational games fairly accurately and reasonably. it was originally designed as a combo joystick / keypad controller that was ambidextrous. I guess it helps to know that the 16-way pad could be used as a pseudo paddle. If one happens to have one handy and it works, you could simultaneously serve the refurb true retro market as well as the Amico market at the same time. I guess you could have a paddle with six buttons along the side, so that the top two could be mean and auxiliary whether left-handed or right-handed. And the middle and ring finger could be sub auxiliary buttons in either hand. kind of like the idea how the middle finger button is mirrored on both sides to give you three buttons whether you rip with the left and push with the right or vice versa. I believe in television was the first ambidextrous controller to have more than one button input that was accessible simultaneously with the joystick, or in the case of the INTV the 16-way pad. Since left handedness and right handedness were very ambiguous in the pre crash days you would just show a picture of either a griped hand showing you the left hand in a claw position or right hand in a cloth position as your choices for left grip right grip, or your fingers grabbing the dial to indicate left dialing / right dialing.
  10. I have had a known incompatibility with Paatank. Whether Nintendo brand, authorized third party (Ascii Fighter Stick) , or Paradise Cthulh. Does your SNES to 3DO converter have a problem with Paatank? Does your converter allow multiplayer?
  11. Have you ever tried the 8bitdo SNES on the original Disc based hardware BEFORE altering the ROM loader from the original CD to the USB. Maybe you can also plug in a USB CD drive to play it the original way.
  12. Is this across all games on the 3DO CD emulator, and the hardware that reads it? Or is it just Paatank (which is not a tank game despite it's name.) As I have an admittedly pathetic 3DO collection. PS what do you think of the universal Jaguar license be the decimal that's expressed in hex as "3d0dead"?
  13. Hey sir you like the perfect felon that I could tease. But why tease that felon with anything less than the best. Get the Con Troller. And the perfect one for 3DO fan would be the 3D Zero.
  14. What does the CD emulator have to do with my SNES 3DO controller adapter that's named the 3D Zero? I assume if regular 3DO controllers work then so should 8bitdo controllers through the 3D Zero device... ... Except the tank which I found works with no Super Nintendo controller. I wonder why that is. Not that I'm going to lose sleep over the controller for the game or the game itself.
  15. I can't tell what this is supposed to be? Is that a USB controller for the 3DO or is that a USB CD ROM on Flash Drive loader for the Goldstar 3DO?
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