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  1. Well now i see the topic is changed so this is on topic ENOUGH to not make a new topic. .) There are many devices which turn discrete digital joystick buttons (meaning each pin is one signal) into a functional copy of controls for lots of systems from NES to Switch, PS4 and Xbox One, as well as PC USB. However, they all cover the same few systems. The ones usually bot covered are Genesis 3 and 6, N64, Master System, Wii Classic, and any system not made by neither Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, nor Sega other than TG16. So what do you do if you want to play OTHER ststems? Some systems, which have one wire for each cardinal and diagonal, like the Astrocade, Sega Master System, Neo Geo, and possibly the 2600 booster grip, but if not, the basic 2600 can use straight control to port hookup. All other systems use coding to fit more data on the pins. I heard the easiest way (and the lowest ping way) to hook up controller is to wire the controls into a certain part of a disassembled controller PCB directly and remotely actuate the control. Anyone who knows how to use a soldering gun can look at a diagram and solder the wires to act as remote actuator. Maybe this is a good sub-page for wiring guides on controllers not covered by multiconsole PCBs. Here are N64, Sega Genesis 3 and 6 button pad hacking diagrams: (i don't know how to add them where I want to put them on an Android) There are a couple other systems that could use existing modern retro game market PCBs, like Edladdin's CV and 7800 PCB. ( Also there's a genesis to 7800 adapter, but then, there's the ping issue.) The 2 largest holes in the system ( at least that I have) are 3DO and Jaguar. I looked on google under the term "3DO/Jaguar pad hacking diagram fight stick" and unable ti gind pictures. Help?! .
  2. Well, isn't categorizing suoposed to be a funnel to reach specific interests. Even though there are manty controller posts, what's an easier read, discussing controller compatibiity in Playstation Specific sub fourm, and the Odyssey and Arcadia externalizers in a general classic forum? If i follow the supposed rule of "do not monopolize recents" then I'll have really long posts that goes on forever where half or more of the info is irrelavent to at least half the people who click. And the titles are specific enough not to fraudulently suck viewers in with clickbait. What's easier, specifying a subject well enough to not get false clicks or a catch all post just to not monopolize recents. Also, as an example I use, a different forum, Shoryuken.com , prefers new posts over resurrecting old posts I know forums are different enough to have different minor rules. It's just that Shoryuken has low priority for Pre NES stuff and other stuff not specific enough to fight games/ joysticks. Atariage has become a general purpose forum sbout home video games. I assume you have different categories of focus to reach relevant readers. So a Coleco fan doesn't have to read about Intellivision unless it's related ENOUGH to Colecovision.
  3. 1. I have 8 dusp shock 2s for 8 player games. 2. I just wanted to see if any ps1 games were funny with a Dual Shock 2. I heard all digital only ps1 games work with Dual Shock 1s. I was just unaware of DualShock 2 perfromance quirks. I know all PS2 games are designed to work with Dual Shock 1s unless "pressure sensitive buttons" is indicated. And PS2 digital-only games work with a standard PS1 controller. The only issue i may see is how the analog buttons are read, (100% pressure only actuates, 50%+ for actuating, or barely any pressure for actuation.) On PS1 games plsyed on a real PS1 vs a PS2. I know of 3 six-button Genesis exceptions that I have, Ms Pac Man, Forgotten Worlds, and Wheel of Fortune CD. And I have 2 Colecovision Super Action exceptions. Just seeing if there are any DS2 exceptions.
  4. Just wondering about controller ping. Should I assume the joystick ping is quicker by doing surgery on a 7800 stick. If so. Are there any "surgical diagrams" of where to solder a working 7800 Pro Line?
  5. Stadium events is a rare VARIATION of World Class Track Meet. Red Sea Crossing was a rare ORIGINAL ROM, like single digit rare. Atari just doesn't have a name in console collecting like Nintendo has. After all, ET was in a literal dump.
  6. The Nurmix adapter had you open the case and replace hard wired INTV controllers with a 9 pin of the INTV2, ( and with rearrangements, a flashback) Someone can copy a nurmix adapter and make it fir the hardwired o2. As for the Arcadia, should i assume the keypad is matricized ( hopefully simple like INTV and 5200 with row pins and column pins, and not Colecovision logic which thankfully Edladdin solved. ) So a 5200 controller and a Bohoki adapter should work. Or a PC 15 pin NES style digital pad and a custom keypad layout.
  7. Which is the easiest way of getting my multi-iconsole fight stick working with the 7800. A) disassembling a 7800 for the PCB if it's the mechanics failing and not the electronics and soldering discrete wires to the contact points? If so may I have a diagram of where to solder for my friend to follow? B) building a 7800 logic board. If I read the logic right. The four joystick directions and the ground and, if necessary, voltage, are 6 straight pins. The buttons are the most complicated thing the 2600 fire is the 2600 fire in 7800. And the separate left and right fires have a separate pin. But the left or right pin and the common 2600 pin must actuate together. I don't know if my Hired hand can do that. C) just buy an already built PCB from Edladdin. D) buy a genesis to 7800 adapter. The main problem I heard with that is ping. By the way my joystick starts out at all discreet inputs and gets encoded four systems from NES and beyond.
  8. I found and bought a naked 3do controller control pad, and was thinking of making it work with my fight game system. Got it for $10 including priority shipping. My web friend / hired hand has it at his house. I believe it's a Panasonic brand pad. It has both an input and output for daisy chaining. He knows how to use a soldering gun and the general concept of pad hacking. He just needs a specific diagram of where A B C L R P X ground and voltage go. That's exactly 9 pins. I assume you need the pcb for daisy chaining to work. Otherwise you can use a multi console PCB like Cthulhu, PS360+, or brook retro. A fiagram eith sokder points is good.
  9. I bought and successfully installed atariage user nurmix's external extension cords for Intellivision. Any hope for exercisers for the Odyssey 2 hardwired edition or the Emerson Arcadia 2001? I heard Odyssey uses nine pin, and can use the same joysticks is Atari 2600. (Don't know if I believe it ). My Odyssey to control looks like it has a lot of sliding room, therefore it could possibly be analog. What would one do to have a custom joystick work for the Emerson? My custom joystick used for fighting games has 18 input pins, 18 ground pins, and 1 voltage pin in a db37. Am I right there are only four directions one action button mirror on both sides and 12 keypad buttons for a total of 17 inputs? Or is the disc more like an intellivision having 16 way control?
  10. Does this include the "real" versions of the game which Atari threaten to sue in order to have it changed? I heard Emerson based derivatives actually did pretty well outside the United States. Mostly because Atari didn't force them to be crippled.
  11. How do you solve the problem of a lack of 3D TVs? Do exactly what Sega did,. Instead of selling separate TVs. Make a device which turns ordinary 2D TVs into 3D TVs. It works for surround sound systems like Dolby and DTS. Sega technologies probably now public domain as far as patents are concerned. So anyone could turn a 2d TV into a 3D tv. 2 problems. the first was that broadcast standards that will push for the 2012 and 2013 Super Bowl worst side by side half, which though technically broadcast to go on ATSC, anyone who didn't have a 3D TV would have a coded picture it's not natural. it's not like scrambled satellite but you'll have to quit images side-by-side that are thin. The format they sure use for TV was alternate frames. Since a lot of TV shows broadcast in 30 frames anyway, an ATSCs minimum is 60 frames per second, yet some retro channels have a 30 frames per second mode, so there should be a new standard called 30 frames per second x 2 eyes. On a normal 2dtv it would read 30 frames per second with the dominant eye always being first. It would just ignore the X 2 eye tag, just like TVs ignored Dolby 5.1 surround if nothing understands it. Or closed captioning. but if one does have a decoder then there be a second frame buffer for the alternate frame because TV compression works on neighboring panels and neighboring frames it doesn't do skip-neighboring frames, and it would give left and right frames is altering frames. And best of all no one has to go out and buy a new TV just to get 3D or compromised on what TV to buy just to get 3D. It works for big and small TVs, expensive and cheap TVs, 1080P and 4K TVs, highly processed or low ping TVs, any brand, you could even add it to your existing 2D so you don't have to wait for your TV to be broken before you can get 3D. I'm talking to a few television stations Cleveland to see if we could try this 2D friendly 3D standard. Because 3D TV went downhill once people realize broadcasting in 3D would ruin it for 2D viewers. an active shutter base system would work but there's only one problem which I think I saw and that's getting the syncher to sync with the TV. To do so. you have to capture either the display or something indicating the timing after it comes out of the TV after processing. I assume that it could send an inaudible signal through audio, kind of like Dolby information. and even though most TVs don't have video out every TV HDTV has audio out, whether Arc or left/right out or toslink out or coaxial out. And that audio is synched with video. Even though I like shutter based systems, mainly because tilting your head a little bit on polarize displays causes partial depolarization, which causes double vision,which causes confusion, which causes headaches, it's cheaper to get a polar system... As long as it's built into the TV. Imagine trying to polarize any HD screen of any size of any ratio and having the exact line lineup side-by-side alternate pixels? Betty crazy you need to hire a professional and buy a specific part for a specific TV. Another might be a different polar solution which I call Active polar. If it was some way you could switch the polarization in front of the TV, a shield in front of the TV. That alternates left polarity/right polarity. Then you could add cardboard glasses for like less than a dollar a piece I have a party. I still can't solve the issue of simultaneous 3D and 2D viewers. Except that 2D viewers have to either going to active simulview mode or wearing passive unifilter glasses. Finally just like all DVDs and blu-rays have Dolby stereo and or DTS shouldn't 3D movies have a combo 2D 3D disc? the only problem with them currently is that they don't solve the issue of always focusing on the dominant eye of the director. two separate standards alternate frames l and alter frames are will respectfully have the left and right frame as the first of the pair.
  12. Why would you want it on HDMI?; Every HDMI TV I've seen is NOT A CRT, and non-CRT displays cause lag.
  13. It's true. When a player is dinimant, like Atari 260o or NES. the company name is the name of a product. Like when I said i needed to withdraw $400 for s Switch, Zelda BOTW, and Switch Bimberman, Mom asked why wiould you pay $300 for a Switch, my brother hsd yi say "It's a Mario (even though there was no Mario gsme at the time, but that's the best way to get it in a 70+ year old's head who can't hear well is to call it "A Mario"). If I were to explain a PS5 or Xbox Scarlet, to her it would a different brand of Mario. Mattel pioneered this tactic with George Plimpton Intellivision ads. If Pepsi didn't have a built in audience of blacks in the South, who I assume were refused Coke, they wouldn't be a co-equal brand to Coke, and would be unable to grow from there. Yes, Pepsi has a competitor's previous racist perception ( intentional or not) to thank for its start. Mattel people said,:"Before there was one question. It was 'Should I buy a video gane system?'. We added a second question, which is 'If i want a video game system,which system should I buy?'.". When you're a monolith, you are just selling ganes Where you're facing a monolith, you ate selling YOUR AS OPPOSED TO THEIRS. in the INTV/Coleco/5200/Vectrex era where the 2600, Odyssey 2, and Astrocade still had sections in Electronics Boutique and were actively still being advertised, the companies were selling ganed more than systems. Coleco put eggs in the 2600 and INTV baskets. Matell had the M Network label fir the 2600 and Atarisoft nade Atari games for INTV, Colecovision, and non-Atari computers. Sega didn't have that luxury. They had to "license NES rights for Sega arcade/ SMS games" to Tengen, (another name for one of 2 companies named Atari) in order to make NES games.
  14. I didn't want it to happen, but I was wondering if both Sega and competitors were thinking about Genesisn't as a comeback and had strategues about. Like did Nintendo comtemplated it for 1 minute and thought "we'd be called copycats, unoriginal, etc. Not a way to appeal to the Sega audience. Not worth it," and threw it out. Was Sega hoping a hypothetical Genesisn't campaign would the cheese in a mouse trap that Sega could leverage if the bait was taken? (Thinking like chess, anticipating a reaction move, and assuming you're correct, you either take a big piece or get in good position to set up checkmate.)
  15. I kind of figured sone european ad campaigns sound better and are more catchilyy written natively in one language, and very hard to keep the double entendre ( mot all double entendres are dirty ones) intact. Noticed I only used 3 international examples. UK, Austalia, and New Zealand, because both the government language, and the most spoken language by the people, is English (with each nation, and even regions or classes having a specific sub language/ dialect.) I know by studying German at a high school level and comparing the original English of a Peter Gabriel CD in the original English and translated Gernan that a one-to-one literal translation does not make a good song. You have to find clever ways to convey basically the same message and have it sound right in a song. Thankfully German is a less "word order based" language than English. It's heavy on cases to state gramnatical purposes. Noticed I used 3 English based examples that could have done a Nintendon't ad, and no nations with a different first language. I know Nintendon't wouldn't translate well in German, so odds are it's uniquely English Language phenonenom.
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