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  1. Well I have one of those cheap $10 boxes on Ebay that extract the audio into either a Toslink form or RCA LR form.
  2. It makes sense. I kind of predicted that the sound format might be simple stereo. Hence why I asked the question of WHETHER it has those fancy sound options, thinking the possibility of no surround is possible and might be likely. As I said, there are HDMI sound extractors on ebay. They CAN pass surround sound if that were the input, but can pass 2 track stereo equally well. I can deal with it well enough. For TLDR haters after first set of stars are comments about the 16 bit video game surround standard war. After the second line of stars is how I play 16x9 games on my 4x3 CRT VGA currently, including Switch and Xbox One. It should carry to Amico. And after the third star line is how I understood Amico to be: mainly a console for people think AAA games are too story heavy and too game light. ************************** BTW in the Genesis/SNES war, there was a battle of surround formats. Sega teamed with Capcom for Q Sound, a precursor to a sound bar, while SNES used Headphone Surround, well before Dolby made Dolby Headphones, a code which converts Dolby Digital 5.1 into a headphone surround method. The Genesis/Sound bar method has a better sound with communal speakers, but the surround effect was better in terms of 3 dimensional position with the Nintendo surround headphone. And the funny thing is you can record headphone surround on a DVDR, have the surround soundscape preserved when listened to in headphones, yet is "communal stereo compatible". No one noticed I did it until some in my family noticed when wearing headphones. The best part is it can fit in the bandwidth of standard stereo. That's why Nintendo doesn't pay for proprietary coding. Nintendo Switch has good 3d headphone sound as a default. No need to buy a special surround system. I guess if most Amico stuff is 2d, then it would just need the 2 track surround (if used, not saying you're going to) for high/low and front/back. And just because the main gameplay is mostly 2d and graphics mostly sprites doesn't mean the presentation has to be limited to a plane. ******************** As for the 16x9 main display on a 4x3 screen, the VGA CRT normally has a 16x9 compressed to make E Honda look like Sagat. Luckily most VGA CRTs let you vertically squish the picture so both everything fits, and everything is in proportion. No pan and scan/ sides cut off. No "skinny scope" either. A full 16x9 picture within a bigger 4x3 screen. I will get what's called in the Laser Disc business as Original Ratio Letterboxing. The funny thing about my VGA CRT is that old 4x3 media is 480p, and fills a 4x3 screen, but my 16x9 media is always 720p, which, when it senses 720p, auto squishes to correct the stretch. 1080p is zoomed in. No matter what you do, my VGA CRT won't show the whole picture. It's probably VERY RARE to find a VGA CRT that does 1080p. ************************** I always though of Amico games as being games for players of games. If you're looking for your motivation, either watch a 10 second video before the start, or read the instruction book. Most AAA games are "movie games" ., Games whose main feature is a movie with light gaming simulating the character's struggle. The funny thing is FMV games are panned as "movie games" but AAA games are praised for their story and theatrics. If you want a story, buy a Blu Ray disc. I want to compete, either against a computer, local friends and family (though I'm currently on a social island) and online friends I haven't met yet. I want someone/something to win and someone to lose.
  3. I guess this is the most general place to post general news about controllers. It's not specific to one system, one company, or one era. If you search my username, you'll hear me talk about my joystick, or if you visit my website sinisterstick.com A few months ago Hori USA said they love the design they think it would sell well in America but there was no way the main Japanese office would accept it. Thanks to advice from a few guys on Atari Age, I should try to figure out if if a the poison pill that killed it automatically in Japan is right-stick and B if it is not that sort of poison pill, what would make it accepted in Hori of Japan's eyes? In other words is there some deeper or better way to get such a thing made. I discussed how the main reason there were no such thing as Ambi sticks were the economics of Ambi sticks and I believe I've solved at least 90% of the problems associated with either an ambidextrous joysticks the way they were at the time , or having separate left and right handed models. I told him I understood why the Second Golden Rule is the reason why most joysticks are left-handed, (the arcade owner pays the bills and they want to minimize time on each quarter.). However the consumer is more of the boss than the arcade owner is on home joysticks. Blah blah blah blah blah blah, and then the manager at Hori USA said I am correct, that I solved 90% of the problems of separate left and right models as well as an ambidextrous model relying on the Beeshu mirroring tactic. Twice as much wire is a lot cheaper than twice as many buttons. So this is what he told me. Some things have a certain deadline like the Xbox Series joysticks the PS5 joysticks and any joysticks based on a particular title that have a vanity stick for it. But he said, sometime, when there's a gap between vanity sticks, he'll send it to Hori of Japan. I understand it is not the final hurdle, but I'm not eliminated from the race yet.
  4. First, I understand that most people would probably hook up an Amico to a modern television with an HDMI cable and get sound and video through that and be done with it. I know I'm the weirdo coming in to this conversation. I was planning on doing what I do with all my HDMI systems and convert it to VGA and play it on VGA CRT for quicker response. However, the cost of doing that is dealing with sound separately as a separate converter. However there are a couple options for sound and I would like to know which one would make most sense for the Amico come 10 10 2021. Wii U and Switch have you have a USB sound system plugged in where you can plug in a USB headphone or sound box. The Xbox 360 and Xbox One have a toslink optical audio port for those systems, though they became less standard in cheaper future versions of those consoles, at least the 360E was. Funny thing is Nintendo has no toslink options and Xbox has no USB options. It doesn't matter to me as long as it's one of those two. Maybe there's a third way Tommy came up with. Also will the sound be considered three-dimensional? (I understand if it isn't. And if it isn't, a simple 3.5 mm LR sound extractor would be sufficient, which I do have at home.) Also if using surround, what "sound code language" does Amico plan to use? Something in the Dolby family? something in the DTS family? or something that's considered industry common standard like LPCM?
  5. I recently tested out the srgb for the turbo graphics 16 versus the hyperkin HDMI adapter. I think my card has a tendency to not plug in straight by missing a few plugs. I generally like the srgb better because it's brighter and because on a CRT monitor has no ping. The hyperkin looked way darker and added an extra frame of ping. I couldn't tell if the colors are off or not. I understand it was a naked PCB so that it could fit any NEC / Hudson console. I only got in a turbo graphics when I found one in the 00s at a yard sale. I assume you could ship separately a shell to go around the PCB and it would fit if one knew what type they had. I assume there are only two types of connectors one for the early American turbo grafx 16s, and the other for later American era and all Japanese TG 16s, which was called the PC engine in Japan. If these srgb boards are print on demand then why can't there be separate shells that go with it. I would do it myself if I both had and knew how to use a 3D printer. But since neither reply to me I was wondering if a place has premade shells for these srgb's. PS I know mine is an American type because the hyperkin model worked (as much as it did work) without an adapter. Also could someone review my video to make sure that the colors weren't off. The Devil's Crush title screen had a more orange and red feel look like it had no blue and the text was in yellow print. Is that an indicator of me missing the blue pin? Video here : Ooh this video misembedded. Go to Twitch.tv/tripletopper and look up a video from 2 or 3 days ago about an hour long, a minute into it. And later compare for the Hyperkin adapter comparison. PS the editor wouldn't let me erase the embedding, and did a simple copy link and paste in text format and it embedded automatically. I wasn't trying to imbed.
  6. With the Sony PS3 "final days sales hype" /extinguishing of the key to unlock the Digital Rights, it reminded me of sonethibng: I remember that the plain old Xbox can still access Live. All the updates for the original Xbox games I believe are still online if you buy a physical copy and connected to the internet. I think the first test was the Wii. Today I am going to see if I can access a download games on the Wii already on my SD card. If XBox Prime set the precident of having a Twilight internet service on its old console, then if the Wii needs the internet to access the licenses that it should be able to because of the Twilight internet service on the original Wii. Of course the shops are closed on both and the online game servers are pretty much gone unless they're supported elsewhere. Sony seem to be the outlier of trying to take away your PlayStation games by removing the internet stream to the PlayStation 3. I trust in the pro-consumer Amico world that if you buy digital copies of games that there will be some way to play Amico games on the original Amico console even many years from now. Whether it be licenses hard written in the stored code of the game on hard drive or a Twilight internet service is it safe to assume that once we own a game we own it pretty much for as long as existence exists, and all the grandkids will be fighting for who gets the Amico collection. Speaking of which how does one pass licenses of digital games to children and grandchildren? And about the mascot discussion Crash Bandicoot was supposed to be PlayStation's mascot, but during the PS2 generation somehow Konami got the rights to Crash and Spyro it appeared on Xbox and Nintendo systems. Besides this one mascot that perfectly represents the Amico is The intellivision Running Man: the first well-animated interactive human character at home. Even beat Pitfall by a year or two, which beat Donkey Kong in the arcades.
  7. Hello I'm currently getting my Virtual Boy modded to play on a VGA monitor. Does anyone know a way to easily purchase or by using parts from an existing Sega Game gear to make a consulized Sega Game gear for streaming on Twitch? I heard there was a talk of a mega Game gear which was a 32x cartridge with a slot for a Game Gear cartridge. (It would have been Genesis except Genesis had too few either simultaneous colors or possible colors). By the way I don't see what's wrong with a GameCube playing the game boy on The Game Boy advance. I heard there were only problems if you were trying to capture it by a HDMI or play it's on an HDMI TV. If you want native s video into a capture card and CRT TV at the same time, with the CRT being able to do 480i and 240p, did I heard there was no problems. That the major ping problems were upscaling. Is that a fairly accurate state of playing portables on Twitch?
  8. There's one step in these various dream High videos that say if you have Windows do this but doesn't say what to do if you downloaded it on say an Android or a Macintosh or something like that. These are the steps I heard to make the pie machine turn itself into a dream pie and make it a bootable disc. I know a Mac could in theory turn into a PC, but the last time that happened I got lots of bad interactions from a tech support that wouldn't shut down and doing lots of things without my permission. I assume if you know what you're doing, a PC is great but if you don't then a PC is just a beast to work with. So if you can find any instructions on how to make a dream pi boot disk off either an Android OTG hookup, or on a Macintosh with a card reader in it, I would like that help thank you. By the way is 5 megabits and five megabits out plenty for Dreamcast online with broadband? That's all I got on my hotspot.
  9. Hello. A couple things. 1. HDMI TVs have worse ping issues than any wireless controllers. But unless you're doing light gun games with the exact same technology, even HDMI ping is little to nothing humanly significant. At worst one 60Hz frame. My PS3DTV fro. 2012 is at worst two 60 Hz frames,) 2. In the Colecovision version of Burgertime, Peter Pepper can "round the corners" by pressing diagonally before the turn to avoid the exact timing issues. 3. Just like modern fight sticks "technically work" with circle pad games, but games that do use both radius and angle and have more that 8 angles might be hindered by lack of control, if the Amico could use a fight stick (mainly because it accepts USB HID) only games that control fine with 8 ways or less will be games that play right. I'm not saying optimize games for fight sticks. (I'm saying optimize for the main Amico controller) I'm just saying don't lock out fight sticks, or paddles, or spinners and let the user decide if the control works on a take-it-or-leave it basis. I'm not asking Amico programmers to anticipate non standard controllers. I think the controller makers would deal with it at their level. Besides, speed runners of Super Mario 64 digitize the analogue controllers for easy repeatability. But that its own special category. Some people find lack of precision an acceptable (even desired) cost for easy repeatability.
  10. I assune you mean either a Super Scope or SNES Justifier... ... unless the SNES joystick code contains the NES joystick code as a subset
  11. Remember I am not an absolutist on everything I advocate. I was addressing specific devs concerns about the free samples requirement on the Xbox 360 when making a download only game, where devs were making no money off samplers, where ads could raise some money for the devs and pubs. And there was one successful advergaming console game, Xbox 360's 1 vs 100. Sprint stopped sponsoring it when the FCC regulated home use of Cellular, like WiMax was supposed to be. No other CONSOLE game has been tried since, AFAIK I was just saying Xbox's compromise of a no refund policy requiring every non disc game have a try before you buy demo was brilliant, but those making buffets out of samples made devs and pubs hate it. The ad based free sample would have been a good compromise. Makers get some money, but consumers get their free sample. And for history, before 2600 Pac Man, video game refunds were VERY easy. It could be open box and you would still get back 100% with a receipt. Digital only makes takebacks even harder if there are no free samples.
  12. Definitely Warlords and Tempest if a USB to 9 pin can let you real 2600 paddles and USB spinners are made for it as a possible alternative, if the individual thinks it’s better. But I heard the original INTV controllers were supposed to be combo Joystick/paddles. And the Amico controller does that and more.
  13. Hello Tommy. Thanks for addressing my concerns, telling me that Amico has every game have a solo mode and a local multiplayer mode. 3. suggestions. And I’ll try to TLDR 1. USB controllers, like to DB9 like 2600/7800/Coleco/INTV2/Bally, and to DB 15 for 5200. That way replacement specialty controls can be made, like Paddles, Trak Balls, Spinners, flight yolks, and arcade style joysticks, could be used by those who prefer them. Also it simultaneously benefit the “true retro” market o original consoles as well as the neo-retro market like Amico and the New VCS. 2. Though doing that could let individuals use their own controllers, my design is the best “all around joystick” if ambidextrrity and conforming to “fighting game fans” must be balanced. Visit http://Sinister sticks.com for my personal sales story of how I and 4 others toppled a future gaming giant. BTW Hori USA said the design is brilliant, should sell in the USA well, yet the main office in Japan forbids this to go through. 3. In you’re going to do online gaming in 2 to 3 years from now, consider http://Netrogames.com . Keith Robinson said if it were echnically possible, it would create a new online gaming market. Steve Ronny said if he had 3 M in 1 M out combined with the low-ping aspects of the Sprint direct connect network, he could easily do it The concept of Netrogames is to use a straight line light speed connection to make a low-ping connection possible. And if a low ping connection can beat 1 frame both ways and sync up machines, then literally any multi player game that uses the same screen or split screen and has separate controllers for each player can be turned into an online game without writing a single bit of code that is not dependent on the originating game’s code. Games in licensing purgatory can be turned online without the permission of the original cold owners. All you need is an original cartridge and a new version of the cartridge player which features a Netrogames , and that’s exactly why Atari failed my Invention saying that they weren’t sure about the legal implications of Activision having their games used to make money without their permission. Some people told me to go into the lengthy details. I say read what’s already up there on my websites.
  14. TLDR version: my anecdotal experience has me and four other friends beat the local Blockbuster Genesis champ in our group. The difference was a right handed fight stick. Pros: all 5 of us never lost a match to him in about 10 matches each. Four of the 5 of never won against him until that day. (Degree of improvement) He later appeared on national cable tv twice in the 00s. (Quality of opponent faced) Cons only tried by the 5 of us. (small sample size, but not unique to me) The game was Genesis Street Fighter 2 New Challgers. (enough people say the game is more “joystick-heavy” than later SF games and can see a right stick benefit, but wouldn’t carry into future SF games or other games in general) Some arrogant people on the “dragon punch” website that is 995 people tried the right stick, the success rate would be less than 1% and 50% would play worse. I wanted some pre-crash fans opinion of an ambidextrous joystick How significant is the specific evidence? Will that carry over if tested more broadly?
  15. Here are some interesting facts I discovered on my quest to get a right handed stick. 1. during Pre crash arcades, a lot of cabinets were Ambi cabinets. Some were even refurbed to be ambi. 2. Of the 8 consoles in sale in 1973, 5 had pack in ambi (Astrocade, INTV, CV. 5200, A2001) 2 had right hand pack in (2600, O2), but one had third party ambi solutions. And the last was left pack in. (Vectrex) 3. JAMMA advertised to owners in an "inside manner" meaning not to the general public that left hand sticks means shorter credits and shorter credits means more money and the Cartel of Japanese game makers and "big US arcade" MAYBE made modding for right stick a violation by revoking new licenses for violators. 4. Since the "second Golden rule" says those who have the gold make the rules, Beeshu decided to be the salmon and guarsntee their Supersticks with "better scores or your money back" and had them endorsed by the US Video Game Team. 5 Nintendo rejected Beeshu licenses they applied for. They met all the quality standards and we're willing to pay, with critics saying the Superstick was better due to having arcade parts and Ambidexterity. Either competition from Turbo Grafx and Genesis, US court decisions or both, forced then to retroactively license Beeshu stuff. 6. Street fighter 2, Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct and Eternal Champions all called for 6 buttons (with crippled 3 buttons for legacy Genesis controllers.). Though it sounds conspiratorial and I admit this is a stretch, but it wouldn't surprise me if the 4-6 button games were engineered to snuff out Beeshu and right stick holdout arcades. If this were vicuous, they saw Beeshu's strategy to make ambi sticks through button mirroring and thought the way to attack was use so many buttons and make them essential to take too much room on the panel layout. Success: The Genesis Gizmo, despite selling all copies, lost money for Beeshu who was hoping to recoup in future runs. 6 button killed them. Their idea that failed to stick to the target was the Space Shuttle Pad. Beeshu was OOB. 7. I assumed the only reason ambi is not used is economical. So I submitted my design to Hori USA. The US manager said it was a brilliant design. He said this model would sell well in the USA and many other places but there is no way the Main HQ in Japan would allow it, even in the USA. (It's almost saying It is a great design that will make money and sell well in the USA, and EXACTLY the reason HQ won't allow it. 8. There was no Shoryuken website, or if there was I was unaware of it. I had to ask Nintendo and Sega where I can find a 6 button right handed joystick. Nintendo said just learn to beat your friends. Sega actually helped me by mentioning KY Enterprises. 9. I was from the beginning tagged on Shoryuken as a villain because I though I discovered something amazing with right handed sticks. I thought my story was amazing and would get people to consider a right hand or ambi option. Since Sinister both plays off Wicked Controllers and Evil Controllers kind of vibe as well as Sinister meaning "left hand" in Latin, why not call it Sinister Sticks. 10. I tried competing in a local tournament, but in the 90s it was arcade only. No custom sticks allowed. Plunking my money for something I couldn't even come close to winning because they don't accommodate righties was financial suicide. I couldn't show my skills and have fun in an arcade because of such rules. 11. The only reason they allowed right sticks later because the game moved to home consoles, and they allowed other forms of custom sticks, so enforcing "left stick only" was arbitrary. So Capcom made SF4 more joystick forgiving and less button forgiving. Did I stumble on the Sinister Japanese Jingoistic Joystick Yakuza plot, a less severe side job of the Yakuza? Why does the FGC have a Polo like mentality, where opposites handedness is banned when on arcade machines? It's like insulted someone's god when I suggest "Right Makes Might". When you play baseball with your kid, the first thing you buy is a bat and ball for your kid. Which question gets asked first: A. left catch right throw, or right catch left throw? B: brand of bat and ball? C. The optimal ratio of length to diameter of the bat? Most people would find out A and then for c get a non-regulation bat because baby needs the stimulus of hitting a pitched ball just in front of mom and dad and older siblings and eventual friends they make. As for B: whichever one is cheapest at the local store. Why is every aspect discussed except the first fundamental question in any sport. It's like the FGC wants to be elite with secret left handed handshakes for forward then down then diwn-right, not the popular guy in town.
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