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  1. Plus you can set the 360 as a 4x3 VGA signal. I actually DO have that cable, an official Microsoft brand. And yes you can convert between males and females, and it works. Also do VGAs not hooked up to a computer have a YCbCr mode so it can run into my Hauppauge Rocket and Macintosh better? But if It doesn't I got a VGA->3 RCA YCbCr -> VGA converter from Mayflash. Luckily I'm able to replace Euro power adapter with an American universal one.
  2. Well since I last posted, I found that for a 4x3 VGA, a 720p resolution is best. A 1080p resolution is zoomed in AND squished. Because the Xbox One doesn't have a 4x3 mode, I better hope the RF/composite/S Video/ YPbPr 3 RCA/ SCART converted to 3 RCA has a 16x9 output, or else I'll have to adjust.
  3. I think you're missing the point of my question. It's not what controller brand 9f controller to get. It's about which type of controller between( three-button and six button ) i need and how many of those. I need one controller anyway and I already got 7 that can use any controllers namely Double Dribble. 8 is the absolute maximum. if there is a cooler game that uses a 6th or even 7th and 8th six button controller I could forgo the third Wheel of Fortune controller until I find a real good deal. I'm trying to base my priorities on what games I currently have and what games are currently out there that are worth getting.
  4. I thought the analog standards were fairly universal. Is there a VHF/ UHF difference between NTSC-J and NTSC-U/C? I only notice that on video games with deeper system specific nation regions,and usually have different connectors. Assuming the output is VGA. and VGA is universal, then that box is a universal RF game adapter.
  5. I thought the output was specifically VGA not a European version of a TV, whichnnormally use just scart. My only question is "are there differences in VGA standards around the world?". If VGA is a world standard, then American RF games should be able to be played with American RF input and any VGA output, but ironically uses a European input connector. Also I thought the United States and Japan use the same RF input standard. I thought the label ntsc-u and ntsc-j are designations for proprietary hookups that have different substandards around the world with a main standard, like PlayStation or Saturn. since these old things basically take a Channel of standard old school broadcasts, then in theory anything video related that works in Japan will work in American vice versa. looking at the picture again it just says ntsc and I assume pal and secam and others are acceptable standards to input from. And if he'd use a world Universal output and you could select your input then in theory this could be a universal RF to VGA adapter. my work getting my Sprint network to work with an antenna would uses a whole bunch of weird standards all made sense and all work together and delivered a good cellular signal using RF to attach an antenna to get a better signal. since the only thing making it weird or physical RF hookups, and I have personally witnessed various different physical hook up standards being in her compatible with the original electronic standard being maintained, (yes even though these standards are made for CB FM AM and TV all around the world, they all work in physically hooking a cellular skin from the antenna to the hook up that is the antenna port on the cellular device.). Those physical adapters do nothing but connect, the actual electronic message stays the same assuming you're staying within the same TV signal language like ntsc pal or secam.
  6. Based on my experience of RF singals by being an early adopter of Sprint cellular internet in 2007-8 ish. Mainly because the only other choices were dial up, which is quickly not being an option once Dreamcast Online was stopped, and satellite, never good for gaming due to a guaranteed 400 ms of ping. I had to go through 3 if 4 different types of connectors, but they were all compatible with each other and my Sprint outdid dial up. So I know the RF signals are convertable "enough". I also noticed the VGA menu has an otption to select RF input type. And said NTSC-U. I assume you're telling the converter of which converter program to run. By the way, are there any differences between VGA around the world? If there are, I might need a world VGA converter. Otherwise it's a fairly universal output and work on any VGA signal. Also, I heard that the biggest contributor to tv delay is the modern HD display technology. The signal conversion times are so small, that the only thing the delay effects light gun games and Sega Scope 3D games, and for everything else is considered lag free. If so, why aren't more people using this method?
  7. That's EXACTLY the MTVBox device I have. RF in, VGA out. Now the question is how to physically connect. I tried F type male and female, and BNC male. None work so far.
  8. I think I found a way to enjoy better gaming for every RF ntsc based later system, except for the few light gun games for the 7800 2600 which don't work when converted to computer monitors. I got something called an MTV box which takes RF input and converts it to VGA output. there are two different VGA ports a circular one and a keystone one and a cord that goes from one to the other I assume those two are functionally identical. The main issue I have is the RF port. I tried using an F-Type male and an F-Type female and neither worked. Someone at Best Buy told me it was a BNC female connector. I bought a BNC male connector it does not fit. unfortunately Best Buy does not let you send pictures to their help to help diagnose something. Thankfully atariage does, though it's staffed by volunteers which could be a good thing. It is for something I found called an MTVBox. This weird antennas standard is preventing me from enjoying it. If someone wants me to, I can take a picture of the standard and showing you that BNC male does not fit nor does F-Type male nor does F-Type female.
  9. First no game "glitches out" or is unbearable or unplayable because of incompatibility. However some say the Digital L2 and R2 are quicker on the DS1 vs DS2 and would give someone a gameplay advantage with quicker triggers. Other than PS1 fighting games, would there be enough common titles where that would come into play. By Independence day, I post my "jukebox playlist" of games I'll play on Twitch for bits. You can look through PS1 and OS2 titles and tell me if you think any wuill apply. I will write back when I set it up online. By the way, is there a way to store a spreadsheet as a web page that others can organize by newness of console generation, or maybe just Sony Systems themselves. or any other organization scheme factored in? In other words a dynamic spreadsheet?
  10. Currently I have five 6 button pads, two 3 button pads. I know four Wheel of Fortune Sega CD, I need a third 3 button controller. Do any Sega Genesis game from any region require more than five 6 button pads, to the point that fights will not be started about who gets the 6 button vs. 3 button controller. Also for games that glitch out unless every controller is a three-button controller, is the maximum number of three-button controllers needed for Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy and that's it, or does any game need more than 3 three-button controllers? The only u.s. Genesis game I know that has 6 or more players is Double Dribble Playoff edition, which can seat 8. I need one more controller anyway if I want to have eight players because they use any 8 controllers. I know Double Dribble only requires a three-button controller and works with 6 button controllers with no advantage given to the 6 button controller. If I have a local couch party, I don't want people fighting over who gets the 6 button and who gets the 3 button. Also I have a Game Genie which is a universal Genesis adapter. So you could include Genesis games from anywhere in the world. For foreign regions, I only want games that are not highly reliant on Japanese or other foreign language text. By the way, my main language is English. also could I have briefed little descriptions and/or video clip of them where I could find these games so I can decide whether it's worth hunting on eBay for these games or not. The main reason is I'm trying to figure out whether to buy a 3 button (I need one for Wheel of Fortune CD anyway) and whether to add 1 to 3 six-buttons as well as more three buttons .
  11. To be quick 1. Does anyone have an RGB additive circuit? 2. Are the two Virtual Boy eyes in sync with each other? 3. If yes, then shouldn't a passive adapter work for red and cyan anaglyph assuming you use to Virtual Taps, one for each eye?
  12. Yes I'm trying to make it display in red and cyan anaglyph 3D. 2 reasons why I want to do it are because a I got red and cyan glasses, and because red and cyan anaglyph 3D is considered 2D compatible in terms of technology, in other words you don't need a special 3D monitor and 3D capture card to capture Virtual Boy 3D accurately. I was going to go stream myself some Virtual Boy if I could get this anaglyph working. furtek and I fix retro boat said it should work in theory but they're not getting paid to think of that. They said that's my business if I want to make a 3D play on a CRT VGA monitor. I got two questions about synxing stereo images and the Virtual Boy. 1) are the left and right eyes in sync with each other? If not, what is the sync relationship between the left eye in the right eye. 2). if the left and right eyes were drawn simultaneously in sync with each other, then am I correct that a passive adapter which just takes the sync from either the left or the right, taking the red of the left and taking the green and blue of the right, and assuming a passive adapter is additive in RGB mode, then shouldn't a passive adapter work as I described? 3) if the left and right eyes are not in sync with each other and either have alternate frame sync, or totally independent sync, then the solution should be using a live video editing box that has the relationship of additive RGB combining. the new signal would have its own sink and at worst add 10 to a hundred microseconds of ping. and the only types of games were that much ping would throw it off om are light gun games, and the only way I light gun Virtual Boy exists is assuming you use a virtual tap, then we don't have to care about liking games and anything under a millisecond is awesome. does anyone have the timing specs of the left eye vs. Right eye? Are they simultaneously synched together? And if so should a passive adapter work? And if not should a video editor with RGB additive qualities work?
  13. I heard that might be a possibility: the shorter travel time of the dual shock 1's L2 and R2. Let me guess: in digital button mode, It's grossest bit. Do above half is pressed and below it is not pressed. I don't my friends are picky enough where DS1>DS2. Any cases where digital> DS1 or digital> DS2? Saturn has one "digital button required game, Golden Axe the Duel.
  14. In all honesty in 2001, I had to leave the neighborhood pretty quickly. I probably don't need eight PlayStation controllers anyway but since I picked them up for a buck or 2 at thrift stores might as well have them. Since then we sometimes meet on Xbox. Even though this Generation is. kind of dodgy with all this movies and animes, and not acknowledging calls made to you on your Xbox account. I was doing this if I ever get in the business of a videogame social center. It's kind of like a video game store accept you can play video games beforehand and you can challenge people for fun or even for money if it's legal in Ohio, and it is as long as certain criterias of non randomness are fulfilled. So I'll hold on to 8 PS2 joysticks in case that day ever comes up where there's an 8 player PS2 game that's nowhere else.
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