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  1. Hello.  Someone suggested I got to you about broadcasting on Twitch.


    My friends say I'd be perfect for twitch:. No job, a well liked personality, a collection of games and systems that I accumulated and played at a surface level, and an agreeable personality about playing any of them, and a show business sense 


    The one thing I don't have is land-based bandwidth.  My DSL, first offered in 2013, is the fastest possible speed I can get at 1.5 Mb/s in, 400k out.


    I was thinking of using cellphone bandwidth, but there are too many restrictions for home use (no Xbox live).  I easily get 10 Mb/s in, 5 Mb)s out, but have to negotiate w maze to use it.


    I may have found a loophole.  I can use an EZCap  S-Video capture card in my Android,came I can send video out from my Macintosh via an S Video second monitor hookup 


    The problem is Streamlabs doesn't accept a USB capture card as an input to broadcast out on Twitch.


    Also I have a USB 3D camera for a remote shoot, but found out I can't use that either with streamlabs 


    You can read my initial letter was at 

    This is the more complete story about what I plan to do on Twitch and why my friends think I'd make a good twitcher.  Why type again when I can link?



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  2. The original Mega Man series is up to 11. And that’s not counting X, Legends, Battkle network, and other spin-off series.

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