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  1. There's one step in these various dream High videos that say if you have Windows do this but doesn't say what to do if you downloaded it on say an Android or a Macintosh or something like that.


    These are the steps I heard to make the pie machine turn itself into a dream pie and make it a bootable disc.


    I know a Mac could in theory turn into a PC, but the last time that happened I got lots of bad interactions from a tech support that wouldn't shut down and doing lots of things without my permission.


    I assume if you know what you're doing, a PC is great but if you don't then a PC is just a beast to work with.


    So if you can find any instructions on how to make a dream pi boot disk off either an Android OTG hookup, or on a Macintosh with a card reader in it, I would like that help thank you.


    By the way is 5 megabits and five megabits out plenty for Dreamcast online with broadband? That's all I got on my hotspot.

  2. Remember I am not an absolutist on everything I advocate.


    I was addressing specific devs concerns about the free samples requirement on the Xbox 360 when making a download only game,  where devs were making no money off samplers, where ads could raise some money for the devs and pubs.


    And there was one successful advergaming console game,  Xbox 360's 1 vs 100.  Sprint stopped sponsoring it when the FCC regulated home use of Cellular, like WiMax was supposed to be.


    No other CONSOLE game has been tried since,  AFAIK


    I was just saying Xbox's compromise of a no refund policy requiring every non disc game have a try before you buy demo was brilliant,  but those making buffets out of samples made devs and pubs hate it.  The ad based free sample would have been a good compromise.  Makers get some money, but consumers get their free sample.


    And for history, before 2600 Pac Man, video game refunds were VERY easy.  It could be open box and you would still get back 100% with a receipt.


    Digital only makes takebacks even harder if there are no free samples.

  3. 5 hours ago, RobertDaleSmith said:

    My custom SNES to 3DO adapter works fine with all games booted from the USB Host. It just does not work with the main boot screen of the USB Host with any SNES controller.

    But with the 8BitDo, maybe my question was unclear. It is unrelated to the USB Host.. I am interested in knowing if the 8BitDo SNES receivers work with the 3DZero in general.

    I just bought one so I will figure it out for myself soon enough.

    I have had a known incompatibility with Paatank.  Whether Nintendo brand, authorized third party (Ascii Fighter Stick) , or Paradise Cthulh.


    Does your SNES to 3DO converter have a problem with Paatank?


    Does your converter allow multiplayer?


  4. 4 hours ago, RobertDaleSmith said:

     You would think so but it does not work correctly with the SNES to 3DO adapter I have. (custom built)


    Just like the tank game, my SNES adapter does not work with the USB Host's menu screen. I was curious to see if this is common across all SNES controller adapters for 3DO.

    Is this across all games on the 3DO CD emulator, and the hardware that reads it? Or is it just Paatank (which is not a tank game  despite it's name.)


    As I have an admittedly pathetic 3DO collection.


    PS what do you think of the universal Jaguar license be the decimal that's expressed in hex as "3d0dead"?



  5. On 2/8/2021 at 11:43 PM, phoenixdownita said:

    Title is .... something else  "con troller": is troller the comparative of troll.

    Troll, troller, trollest.

    (sorry couldn't resist, he means well, just me being mean, forgive me)

    Hey sir you like the perfect felon that I could tease. 


    But why tease that felon with anything less than the best.  Get the Con Troller.


    And the perfect one for 3DO fan would be the 3D Zero.

  6. What does the CD emulator have to do with my SNES 3DO controller adapter that's named the 3D Zero?


    I assume if regular 3DO controllers work then so should 8bitdo controllers through the 3D Zero device...


    ... Except the tank which I found works with no Super Nintendo controller.  I wonder why that is.


    Not that I'm going to lose sleep over the controller for the game or the game itself.

  7. The two controllers I tried them with are real SNES pads that were made by Nintendo for that system and a paradise arcade Cthulhu with the appropriate Super NES adapter.  Both games messed up with Paatank, but both worked well with soccer kid and PGA.


    I don't really have that good of a 3DO collection I just happened to find a system and a couple games together for 10 bucks back in the 00s.  The only 3DO game I ever found at a thrift store loose that wasn't with the 3DO package I bought was soccer kid.  Everything else came with my 3D package I have.


    Except Paatank because I thought a first person 3D quasi-pinball would be kind of weird and fun   It is ...for about 10 minutes then you realize it is the same  sitch over and over again.


    I do not have any 8bitdo controllers.  The only SNES controllers I have are official SNES controllers and the paradise arcade Cthulhu with an attachment.


    And an ASCII fight stick SN.  And a super scope 6.


  8. 4 hours ago, RobertDaleSmith said:

    @tripletopper, I am super curious if the 3D Zero works with MNEMO's USB Host mod for 3DO. Do you happen to have this as a part of your setup?

    The 3D zero is the SNES controller adapter for the 3DO.


    I'm not familiar with MNemo's USB host mod.  I'm running it on real Goldstar 3DO hardware.  The 3D zero does have a port for second 3DO controller.  So you do need one 3D zero for every SNES controller you want to use.  So Super Bomberman would need five 3D zeros.


    By the way now I got a fight stick with discreet controls.  I use a Cthulhu to directly convert uncoded inputs on my flight stick to any of my systems one of them being an SNES.


    I never heard of the Mnimo until you mentioned it on your email.  If you tell me more about it I'll see if I could do something to help you with my 3D zero.

  9. New question, same subject.  I see these on eBay.


    There is an Analogue adapter.


    1.  Does it work on a real Genesis or only an Analogue brand clone only?

    2.  Why are there 3 attachments?  Is one SMS Cartridge, and the other SMS/SG1K cards and the third is Game Gear?

    3. What is the difference between a 1.0 version on eBay and a 1.1 version ?  Is 1.0 hard wired or can it be net updated to 1.1.


    Might want to pick one up in February.

  10. Xbox 360 had free try before you buy, but devs and pubs felt their work was played over and over with no money for the free plays.


    That's the Xbox One dropped that requirement.


    Maybe try before you buy could be sponsored by commercials.  Or in theory the whole game can can be try before you buy, and you can buy an "ad-free license".


    Some people don't complain about commercials.  In fact Super Bowl advertisers say lots of viewers treat it as "advertainment".  The people who watch the Super Bowl and have never played or cheerled at an organized pre-adolescent level will probably go to the bathroom while the players are play, but will hold their wee for a commercial.  Heck, some people seem out and search to find previews)trailers for movies and games as 2 minute preliminary material all year long.


    I think most people are mature enough to understand the difference between content and the message will be right back after these messages and know that the stuff in the middle has nothing to do with the show until it says "and now back to the show.". I agree that in-universe advertising if done wrong, which is usually twice as often wrong  as it's done right to be generous to advertisers, ruins a game.


    Also it makes the ads independent.  Advertisers have less influence on shows if the shows and advertisements are in two distinct separated parts.  (Obviously zero commercials means you deal directly with people.) That was compared to the old 50s and 60s variety shows and game shows which are sponsored by Texaco and a whole bunch of cigarette companies.  In the 2000s Game Show Network were showing black and white game shows with the cigarette commercials intact. I think they cracked down on those sometime in the teens because now they split that part of the show off as a federal legislation.



    Sylvania TVs were the big prize on Beat the Clock, back when a TV was almost as expensive as a car, both around the four figure range.  And if you saw a couple of those shows it was obvious.  They took a picture when someone got a mess with a Sylvania flash bulb with "blue dot for sure shot".


    the reason why they didn't charge for TV was cuz A) TV sets were very expensive back then and B) no one had a mechanism to charge people by the show.


    Video games suffered from the opposite syndrome some people might have gone with advice games except for the fact when you only have 64k most advertisers could probably not get an ideal message out.


    Since pinball was using coin op,

    That's why arcade games use Coin Op.


    So I was thinking if this.  if 2 to 4 years from now Tommy decides to review Netroames and believes it's reasonably feasible to accomplish like Keith Robinson did and Steve Roney thought if you had enough speed for 3G or higher you could do it. (Which Sprint firm confirmed was the case).  Then since you have to establish a direct connection with push to talk, maybe whenever you change games or change opponents or boot fresh you get one or two commercials to start the game to pay for the networking service of this game using my Netrogames, and then once you get in the game you play uninterrupted until you either turn it off or you decide to play different game or you decide to play the same game against a different human opponent online.  Because a new human means you have to reestablish a connection to that be the perfect excuse to show commercials.


    With push to talk you're going to waste 30 seconds for each connection established, so instead of reading the words "now waiting" you get an ad that might be entertaining that is totally independent of the game and could actually make netrogames a free way to turn old games online and make money for the game makers.


    But there'd be no ads for single player play or local multiplayer play either.  So the commercials are purely for the networking.


    by the way the last reason why I said commercials would work is because if you want to give away money to the players that's probably the only way you could legally do it is by offering the game totally free and funneling certain percentage of commercial money into a jackpot that's given annually to the top so many people who do well.  of course to help them during the tournament throughout the year you get more ships to work with the more you play and win when it's not championship time which encourages more advertisements which builds up the pot which makes the game more interesting.


    They're very specific things you can do to have people pay to play to win money but if anything is considered random or arbitrary pick then it's illegal in a lot of  jurisdictions to charge money in order to give a chance to win money.




    I think if one limits advertising to games to 3 cases that would not violate Tommy talarico's no commercial pledge on purchases of games,.


    1 is try before you buy could have independent commercials that are not hardwired into the game.  Xbox devs and pubs refuse to support Xbox unless they got rid of the rule that you must have a try before you buy.  ads on try before you buy mode would be a compromise that doesn't violate Tommy's promises.

    2.  If Netrogames were to become real.  the advertisement only pertains to the connecting of the opponent and would be the price for playing games that were originally not meant to be multiplayer online into multiplayer online games and once you enter the game it's ad free until you leave the game or change opponents.  since it doesn't interrupt the game and it's going to be 30 seconds you're waiting for anyway to connect to people and it clearly only is applicable when you're playing head-to-head, cutthroat,  co-op, or team vs team  online.

    3 is specifically trying to raise a jackpot to give away in a tournaments of Champions to avoid gambling rules, and not in a cheesy way like declaring an untransparent "skill game" and have unadvertised unexpected surprises, but instead making it free for all participants and being honest about the rules  and making money off ads is a way that you can legally raise money without tapping people's credit cards.  And for those games which are considered annual contests, you legally can't accept money for them. Eyeball time is the only form of payment that is legal in a tournament in many jurisdictions in the form that could be played withpretty much any game in the world.


    I hope those would be three reasonable concessions that would not appear to violate Tommy talarico's no commercial pledge on purchased games. 


    Of course since it's his system now,  he gets to say what he wants but, I thought alternative card games I made under the name triple topper would be played well if they were given totally for free online and add funded and some of that add funding would fund an annual tournament in playing those games.


    a lot of those games are very similar to regular card games except my deck is a three-dimensional deck, with number coloring and suit all being independent, and it's considered an advanced version of the game at modifies.


    Plus online  regular card games could go on this model too.  Adver gaming to raise money ever, no one pays, winners get money and the rest of the money go to the devs pubs and Tommy.




  11. Hey tested my RetroTink SCART to HDMI and it does work with my HDMI to VGA adapter.


    Not I got the following "holes" remaining to be filled:


    N64 (s video)

    Game Cube 480i games.

    PS2 via PS1 component 480i (most games)

    A whole bunch of pre-crash RF games.


    I heard all Wii U games, Wii Games via the Wii U, and Wii games directly are all progressive compatible.


    For Game Cube games, the original BC Wii will not progressivize 480i only games, but will present games in 480p if the game uses 480p mode on a real GC and YPbPr cable.  I don't know what happens on natively 240p games.


    I heard all but 19 Xbox Prime games have progressive mode of sone kind.  I only have 3, and at least one of the 3 is awful.


    I know the RetroTink 2X converts composite and S-Video to something a VGA could use.  (HDMI I think,) but a) does it progressivize 480i, and b) I only saw ones with S Vid and composite.  Any component and NTSC RF ones? 


    Website doesn't delve into VGA issues. And I can't tell what the inputs are.





  12. I see something called an Analogue MD on eBay when I look up "game gear tv adapter"


    Does that only work with Analogue's special equipment, like the Hyperkin S8 (Sega is a copyrighted word, so what do they call their GG/SMS/SG1K adapter?) only works with Hyperkin Retron 5s? Or does the Analogue brand equipment plug into a real Genesis 1/ Genesis 2/ Genesis 3/ 32x?


    I want the one for the 32X.


    There are some $35 models on eBay that are 1.0 versions.  What should I be aware of about the 1.0s vs the 1.1s?


    I have a Gen 1 and Gen2/32X SCART adapter and a Retrotink SCART to HDMI.  And it does work on an unpowered HDMI to VGA adapter.


    Also is there an SG1K adapter? (SG1000)

  13. I think we all agreed that it's a matter of degree.


    Tommy did say that, at the limits I suggested, it is a good idea. Just currently, and, considering the promises he made, not a good idea for HIS system.


    The main consumer thing I was concerned about was "buying in the blind."  thankfully most of these retro games you could probably get a good idea of what most of it is so that you'll rarely have complaints about holding the sack.


    Or in the case of the Nintendo Switch you wait till it goes on like 75% off sale of an already cheap price and you basically  think of it as a purchase for the price of a rental.


    it was interesting that Tommy said that one of his main selling point is that every game must have a multiplayer version.  My case just happened to  prompt him to say that every game also always must have a single player version so that you don't require a spouse / kid / sibling / parent / local friend in order to play.


    I just wanted to see that if reasonable self checks were put in place, that advertising and video games, if not abused, CAN be a pro consumer model.


    And I also accurately stated all the abuses that could come, like more minutes of commercial time per time of content, advertising which disrupts the gaming universe/experience, cliffhanger advertising which would alter the game ludistically.


    oh by the way compromising with content is only if you design a game towards a specific sponsor.  If you follow the broadcast TV commercial model, where you have definite content points and definite commercial breaks with a fade to black, advertisers have less power over the show unless it's something really controversial.


    Heck Rush Limbaugh survived for 30 plus years mainly because he doesn't join multi show commercial pools he has his own specific advertising group.


    Either you advertise on his show because you  like his show and/or thing his typical listeners are an audience you want to advertise to , or you don't because you don't.

  14. I agree, if your business model is to exponentially grow and grow to the point of dominating towards 100% the market, then ad based gaming is an albatross.


    But my goal was residual income.  A constant money that comes in as long as the game is being played.


    A game's job,  in my view, is an inanimate objects earning a wage in your place.


    It's a general view if capitalism as a mathematical explanation, and Captialism as a game to defeat your opponents.


    One of the laws is that one person's gain is not necessarily another's loss,  and usually isn't.  Everyone day is better vs yesterday.


    The number one internal enemy of capitalism is a monopoly.  If someone is too big, and no one can take their place, you have a corporate emperor.



    I think if Tommy Tallarico would agree that ads are an ABUSED tool, but within certain limits are acceptable, then maybe we have something.


    If he can stick to his guns on a $10 price limit on games, then 5 minutes of ads per gameplay hour would be good limit to fund new free games/add ons, fund tournaments, and keep a constant healthy income stream.


    Combined with a "pick your payment plan" clause,  that sounds attractive to ludocentric games and less attractive to mythocentric games.


    Mythocentric games assume you will eventually quit, either be completing the story, 100%ing the game, or quitting out of frustration or boredom. That's why they sell you more when you're done.


    Games has one advantage TV doesn't, a lack of a schedule.  You choose when you play, therefore a conclusion does not have to be forced unless a constant stalemate with no progress or regress is boring, which it usually is, or there is no natural end.


    The reason BTW why I'm highly concerned about constant income streams is because if I get rich enough to be thrown off Social Security Disability it better not just be a one time paycheck.


    If you believe your games are meant to be put in the shelf forever and replaced, like big AAA game companies do then ads make no sense.  But if you believe your games will stand the test of time, then the ad model asks nothing of the consumer expect  30 seconds of ad time every 6 minutes.  And the more they partake the more pay generated.








  15. 3 minutes ago, youxia said:

    I don't really know what this OP is about, sorry, not too coherent. What I do know is that any company which puts any sort of advertising or monetising into the actual game should burn in the videogaming hell.


    The first one that I recall was Bioware with that obnoxius NPC who asked for your credit card DA: Origins. The latest I've seen is Far Cry Arcade. If people don't oppose this crap it will surely creep into more and more games. So, dear suits, do whatever you want outside of the game, which means you can even put the link to your stupid store into the menu, but please do GTFO of my gameplay.


    On the original post was about a hypothetical game which would be the way I would release a game.  My game would be totally free with no credit cards or PayPal accounts or anything worth of value asked by me.  It'll be advertising funded, but have certain voluntary restrictions to prevent over-advertising and advertising that disrupts the gaming universe.  If I had for example 5 minutes of advertising for every hour, and assuming less ads are more consumer friendly,  that beats syndicated first run by at least four times and Prime Time TV by at least three times.


    Then with that money I reserve certain revenue portions for two things. One is for updates and future versions and new features that will be totally free, and another portion will be reserved for an annual play online tournament.  Where you earn in-game currency throughout the year by playing the game, and then those would be the chips you wager against real life humans in that exact same game during the tournament.  Those chips have no monetary value until you place in a good enough slot to win.


    Again because we don't ask for credit card it would be free for all and no advantage would be given to someone who wants to pay for an advantage.  The only money we'll take is money from advertisers.


    As far as pub/dev/system owners relationships  they will take whatever share of those revenues come.  Instead of taking say 20% of sales they'll take 20% of ad revenue. It's not meant as a dodging of system licensing rules or publisher criteria.


    Game experience, multiple plays over the year and doing well in the game will give you a currency advantage in the tournament.  This is rewarding good and loyal players.  Also more jurisdictions will accept the contest and they'd make less restrictions on the types of games that could be made if there's no payment to play the game.in about 30 plus US states anything with anything random is illegal to pay money for it hopes of trying to win more money.  so even if it's enough of a game of chance to be considered illegal in most States it would be legal because we're not asking any entry fee except 30 seconds of eyeball time every so often.  And no one has more eyeball tine than anyone else, you keep generating it as you use it until the day you die.

  16. So we have ads in required demos to satisfy the people who say "buying in the blind" in a Caveat Emptor is anti-consumer like me.


    I understand that some of Tommy's practices and statements were to limit "movie games" (what you call AAA games.  I don't think they're necessarily the best to the best I think they're more movie than game hence the term movie games.)


    I understand certain things would make better sense as a paid purchase  and DLC like movie games.  But for more ludo-centric games (games that are primarily about the gameplay and not the story) where you can't return it if you hate it, the demo with ads or a model of revenue based 100% on ads would make more sense especially if you're expecting the people to play it over and over.


    so someone came out in the open and said "my game is a totally free game paid for by advertising with only 5 minutes of video advertising per hour of gameplay, and we won't be so cheap to put an ad anywhere except between obvious ' ludo stops,' (like between hands in a card game)  and a certain percentage of that money will be raised to fund free updates and new features and another certain percentage will be used to fund an annual Online tournament of champions that is free for anyone to enter", does that sound less anti-consumer than ads are in most places.


    And yes I understand the Sugar Rush of day one sales.  But just like my weight loss my doing nothing but changing from sugary drinks to Pepsi Max, slow and steady get you a lifetime change versus a starvation binge that would be compensated for by an eating binge.


    Also if you have a constant stream, you don't need the day one sugar rush.  You just have to prepare for it as you go along.  And cash paid tournaments of Champions that you don't have to pay any money to enter or keep long-term interest in the game without releasing an inferior sequel that is considered a separate paid license.


    I agree that Tommy Talarico is trying to be anti big boy, anti-movie game, Pro consumer, Pro neo retro game style.


    And the reasons why he States the "no ad policy" is because he believes a blanket statement like that is pro-consumer.


    And I know based on history there's enough ad hatred where that could win some points.  However if my hypothetical game came out with the pledge I came with that sounds pretty pro-consumer, he'd have to abandon his original pledge and apologize and say we were just against heavy abuses of advertising.  If he liked my voluntary restraint,  he would have agreed that,  assuming I stay within the limits I set for my game,  that this is a pro consumer pricing policy.


    Then he can make pledges like "no double dipping.  Either pick a paid license model or an advergaming model.  don't do both.  Adergaming is okay for free demos to demonstrate your game and encourage sales and to make money for devs and pubs if the demo is played over and over."


    "Any game that was bought on a paid license will not be taken away because of this change of ad policy.  You could play the game as much as you want for as long as you want and be guaranteed of no ads."


    Most of the things we talk about that we hate are good if used in reasonable degrees, but can be overused and therefore abused.


    Also the point of the $10 limit is to avoid movie games being attractive on Amico.


    I'm just saying if Nintendo Sony Microsoft have hard no-ad policies, how is it being consumer friendly,  being the exact same way the big three are?  




  17. I tried arguing this on quora and all I got one person to bite and he just said stop playing video games.


    I actually like the intellivision Amico being a pro-consumer system.  With features like forbidding paid downloads, fairly well balanced multi player games, $10 us maximum price tag on games (to discourage those games which start at $60 and can go up to $200 if you buy all the DLC) Tommy Talarico is positioning himself to be the Anti Big Boy or the Rebel of the video game industry.


    I remember the story of the Xbox 360 where Microsoft made a pledge where all games on the 360 that don't have a physical disk equivalent in the market that are available for download must have a try before you buy free sample portion.


    That was pretty Pro consumer.  I was more willing to try games if I didn't have to make the initial investment in the blind.  And the ones I wanted right then and there I bought right away immediately like Super Meat Boy, Limbo, Braid.  And usually they were full price if it was that good of a game.  Some games I waited to see if they came on sale to see if I could buy.  I would have never been exposed to those games if it hadn't been for Microsoft's try before you buy requirement.


    Unfortunately developers and publishers complained that their work was being played for free without them getting paid.  I understand that all the parts have to be willing to play with each other in order to get something going.  It's that developers didn't have the right to have their game being in the shadows, and have a caveat emptor policy at the game store. (which you can thank 2600 Pac-Man and 2,600 ET for.  Before, these stores had very liberal return policies and were very rarely acted upon.    That's when Video Game Exchange came into business.  It wasn't until later that Funcoland came in our region .)


    So I thought how do you get the developers that publishers get their money for the work they did on the demo while at the same time removing the shadows that are underneath the game shops?  I thought advertising would be a way to do that.


    If you play the demo version of the game you get an ad.  Play the demo version over and over, play different ads each time and give the devs and pubs more money.


    Interestingly enough one of my friends says that ads are very anti-consumer.


    I told him I thought the policy of unreturnable items that are caveat emptor is a worse consumer policy than no ads.


    I asked him if he bought a game that was download only for 60 bucks played it like literally one time and hated it, how would he fee?  He just said "I'd say oh well".


    a logical argument that apply to a lot of people but not to me was that a lot of people have a lot more money than time and are willing to pay to skip ads.


    And I said well if we gave the consumer the choice whether they wanted to pay with their dollars or pay with their eyeball time, if the game plays the same both ways how does that affect you as a paid consumer of a game?  He couldn't give me an answer I'd understand.


    I do agree that there are abuses of ad policy.  like I know they cut the full original length of the first broadcast and the disc version of a tv series just squeeze in an extra commercial to make it more enticing on second run syndication and basic cable.


    I pointed out a successful example of an advergame on the 360 when they had the "no shadow" policy.  It was 1 vs 100 Online.  Every 10 questions they take a 2 minute break and 1/4 of each of  those 2-minute breaks was always a Sprint commercial.  The only reason it suddenly stopped was because using cellular internet as a primary home internet and or gaming internet was being discouraged by the FCC at the time.  Sprint had no reason to offer the game as a way to spread their message because the exact people they were targeting became illegal to target / were no longer worth targeting in this distorted marketplace.


    Why are cable tv plans so expensive?Because people are using DVRs to skip the commercials.


    Guess why commercials would bring in more money for less occurrences on games than cable TV?  Because in order for a game to make sense the game has to be played live.  You cannot digitally delay or time advance a particular playing of a game.  You could not download the future opponent inputs for game.  Those inputs have to happen in real time.  If not, then we discovered data time travel and would get negative ping times, and then finally satellite internet would be a viable option for gamers. But since I haven't seen any news about data time travel, I'll assume it's impossible until it's proven  possible.


    Actually it's much harder to take a pee break in the middle of an online game than it is a linear piece of entertainment that could be paused backed up and resumed.  If you're not back in 30 seconds you could be a sitting duck.


    However I agree that mid-gameplay commercials would ruin online gaming especially if they paused to break and cliffhanger like they do linear entertainment.


    And one final thing that's interesting to note, some people are afraid to give their credit card numbers.  So free advertising funded gaming can actually help bring those people too.  And the thing is  money is made on a per credit basis, not a per license purchase basis.


    If Tommy Talarico thinks his games are going to be played many times, and his games will be played way longer in history than a typical "movie games" that PlayStation and Xbox seem to cater to, then wouldn't it be to the benefit of the new Intellivision Company if they make more money with never asking for credit cards and having all games be free with ads, than they would make by asking for credit cards and charging them once and having the games played over and over with no constant stream in?


    Of course you got to tighten your belt on day one.  But that's perpetual residual income if it gets played over and over and over.


    and when your money gets bigger you could like all for a certain percentage for an annual Online Tournament of Champions.  since you don't have to pay for the ROM in order to be eligible to win because the game is free then you can get away with more luck elements than you could with a pure skill game where you have to pay to enter,  and it would be legal in more jurisdictions than such a skill game.


    Also that's how devs and pubs get extra money to pay for new features.  That's also the cure for both downloaditis and  sequelitis, the disease of malignantly growing paid DLC /  a sequel of something as a quick cash grab.  Since the money is there a certain budget could be made for upgrades.


    I understand that all parts have to work with each other for the boat to get moving.


    I think this advergaming model might be beneficial to everyone.


    Are there still people who preferred pay yet you don't want to abandon the Advergaming model? Have a purchasable no-ad forever license/ timed no-ad license rental.


    unless someone could show how someone has a ludistic advantage by either being an advergamer or a cash license gamer, giving the customer the choice to either pay with dollars or minutes of ad time gets more people playing and more money made with less money taken from the customers should not harm gaming.


    I agree that Tommy Talarico opposes ads because they can be abused.  But he does have policies that he said he's not going to flinch.  If he opposes excessive/experience-ruining/ unfair uses of ads, but not ads in principle, he could make some decrees that would discourage cheap advergaming.


    by the way ever since one versus 100 left Xbox 360,  try getting an advertising funded game on either Xbox Nintendo or Playstation.  most of their "free games" are those that  are "free until it becomes painfully impossible to complete forcing you to buy something that all but the top one out of a million need in order to complete" games.  


    I don't know if a declarative automatic no ads ever statement is exactly going against the grain of Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft.  I think that's more "with the grain thinking" than it is "against the grain thinking".


    You could make certain ad policies like "maximum 5 minutes of ads per hour of time" (which compared to syndication which could be 24 minutes of ads per hour of time is great.)  "Hardwired ads in game must make sense in the experience", like Budweiser Tapper, (wait would alcoholic mention rate it T or M automatically?  Not exactly that, unless it's Pepsi Max Tapper.)


    Just because you offer ads as try before you buy sample  doesn't mean you have to have every single one available 24/7.  You could have a gaming Network called INTV.  We're either every hour or every day one game would rotate in  as the free Advergame.  also if you eventually add online, that would concentrate more people into that server therefore no one would be sitting there waiting for an opponent which is a general positive experience if you funnel everyone through that one hour a day.


    also there could be schedules like a regular TV show so that if you could play online you can find more Network users of the game.


    The worst thing that could turn people off to a game is crickets and tumbleweeds in the online waiting room.


    I'm just spitballing a couple suggestions.



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  18. I've heard someone was trying to make a cartridge for the 32x that lets you play Game Gear games on a 32x.


    That would work perfect because the Genesis is not exactly a fragile system.


    by the way the reason why I heard it was the 32x and not just a plain old Genesis was because Game Gear has more colors than the possible Genesis color palette.  It's like 4, 096 colors versus 64 colors.


    The fact that the Genesis looks so good with only 64 colors shows how well CRT blending looks, and how playing it's on a modern TV just ruins the effect of the Genesis.



  19. Should I assume curling is  2 teams of four, alternating one team at a time, when it is "their ups".


    I'd be willing to try.  I know what to expect in curling, team pseudo-shuffleboard/bocce on ice.  One person throws, 2 hasten/slow/curve along the middle, and one is the ending finishish job hastening/braking/steering.


    All hastenings/breakings/steering a must be done by manipulation of ice in its path via broom-like scraper/sweepers.


    Hey, on Rat Catcher  what would the box copy say if you saw it in a retail store?

  20. I agree in "yourself" centering, not "itself" centering, ...


    at least on the 5200.


    If I want a self centering stick, for platformers, I got the competition Pro.


    If I don't, I got the original stick.


    You have to use a steering wheel attachment with unsanded plastic gears to play Warlords and other paddle games on PS4/X1 emulated and online play.  (I don't want to fight recentering on paddle games)

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