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  1. not to bump this topic, but if you have this problem, here's a 5 dollar solution to try before replacing rf modulators. 1)check to see if wiggling the rf to switchbox cables give and occasionally clear picture when the cable is forced upwards. if it is... 2) Do not use the switchbox or cable that came with the intv. 3) buy a perpendicular ( right angle, 90 degree) audio or video cable. all you need is one. 4) buy and rca female to antenna connector male, 5) go to a thrift store and pick up a cheap vcr. it does not need to be stereo, nor does the tape mechanism have to work. all you need working is the tuner circuitry. 5) insert perpendicular end with the sticking out edge facing upward relative to gravity being downward. 6) insert other end, perpendicular or otherwise in the antenna adapter and plug the antenna end into TV IN port. 7) run RCA composite cables to tv with composite inpurs or something with composite-> HDMI converter. tune vcr to channel 2,3, or 4, whatever channel your classic game system outputs at. 9) tune tv to composite input. 10) enjoy your game. to record for high score websites, get hard drive recorder or dvdr, but as early as possible, after the vcr, branch off with rca y adapters, with one end going straight to tv (for minimal ping), and the other to the recorder. the middle steps of using the perpendicular rca cable eases the pressure on the rf cable, and because rca cables are the same whether they carry composite (a/v) or integrated (one wire whole tv) signals, you can use them interchangably as long as you buy the converter to get it into an antenna port, which only understands integrated tv, and since no one is broadcasting on analog tv, this is the PERFECT use of a vcr antenna in. the tape mechanism doesn't have to work unless your playing tapes, or recording them, in which case, use a dvdr or hard drive recorder for easier digital transfer.
  2. Is a CH 3DO Flight Stick fixable with someone with no soldering knowledge and can be done with just a screwdriver, a q-tip and 91% isopropylhol. I never really had that question answered, I just found out that ch-hangar.com doesn't let you search the word "3DO" (it's too short of a term, you need 4 letters) and have no other idea how to find what I need. Basically, My Single/last player CH Flight stick can't find center, no matter how I adjust the vertical trim flywheel. And I'm wondering if there are any 2-or-more player CH Flight stick analog games. Wondering which games are good?
  3. 1) I got 2 fightsticks I got for $10 + $10 shipping each on ebay. One is a 1/last player model, the other is a multiplayer model. I got Super Wing Commander and Wing Commander III for it with my 3DO I found at a Garage sale. The 2 player version works well. The 1 player model has trouble finding the vertical center, no matter what I do with the trim fly wheel. Is it fixable by someone with only a screwdriver, a q-tip and 91% isopropylhol? 2) Are there ANY 2 player games using multiple CH Flightsticks, ranked from your opinion from best to worst. 3) what are good single player flightstick games?
  4. It's because Columbia House Gaming Club shipped those out to people who bought a machine and bought 2 games for $5 a piece and agree to pay regular club prices for other titles. They had Coleco, CBS, Parker Bros., and Imagic cartridges available. No Atari or Activision cartridges. That's why there's no box, it was only sold through the Columbia House Gaming club. And yes, Coleco just relabeled their Gemini for Columbia House.
  5. I understand people wanting to play on an emulator, it's easier. But I have a REAL 7800 with 2 of the circle button Trak balls, and would like to play it on my TV screen. There's not enough room on my computer desk for 2 Trak Balls. Was wondering if someone will make a 7800 Centipede TB on a physical 7800 media, or some way to play to play virtual media on a physical 7800?
  6. Make sure you read my above post abut 3 or 4 posts ago to read some of the problems I have with Super UFO stuff. And there are Super UFO SNES-to-3DO converters on Ebay right now for $25.00 + $17 for insured shipping from Canada to the US or $11 untracked and uninsured. Search SNES and 3DO in the same search. There is also another brand which is WAY more expensive, but probably works better. P.S. If you want to play a fighting game on a 3DO I'd HIGHLY recommend the Panasonic joystick. It can be set in ABCLR mode (setting switch on 3 and using a thumb for L and pinky for R) or XYZABC mode (setting the switch and and arrangenment in a Street Fighter fashion. There's one BIN $42.00 + $25 shipping. Other ebayers sell it for $200+ so pick it up if you can. I have one, and the other one will be a custom wire job that can let me play "Right Handed" fro every system from the 2600 to the 360 where I can pull off Dragon Punches likes nobody's business, just because it's right handed.
  7. Since then I purchased a Super UFO SNES-to-3DO adapter. It works, but has the same caveats as the Super UFO joystick earlier. Don't know if they work perfectly fine on a Panasonic, or if Panasonic 3DOs had problems with Super UFO's too? A little help.
  8. Super NES has color problems. Mine went because an SNES displayed all games using a Nintendo Brand S-Video cable in black and white, but was in color on an N64 and Game Cube. Changed to a different SNES and it plays in full color. THankfully, I sold my old one which displayed in "full" color with the standard composite AV cable. So I sold it as working with a standard AV cable but not with an S-Video Cable. If you don't have s-video, or the S-video cable, this should do fine.
  9. I've got the 2 trakballs, and a 7800. All I need is Centipede TB. The hack assumes you are playing it on a PC or Mac. I need one that will run on an actual 7800. Can someoen burn a cartridge for me? If so how much. All I want to do is play Centipede with 2 trakballs in true trakball mode. Everything else is secondary. By the way, how do I test a 2600 trakball in trakball mode. I don't think any game for the 2600 or 7800 supports an analog trakball, except for these hacks. Any 800/800XL games that support trackball? Maybe I have one. Finally I heard atari 800 video cables could be used on Sega Genesis model 1, Whihc 2 holes are Luma and Chroma, and I've got a generic S-Video to 2 RCA plug with red and Blue. Will it work with such a setup? (I understand I can't play with an 800 XL becuase the chroma pin is cut.)
  10. Since last post I found another 2600 trak-ball, this time with the RIGHT button not working, turned the metal contact 180 degrees and now it works. The 3 specific contacts are in a "y" shape. The metal contact was on an "A" shape (an upside-down Y) If it's oriented as an A, turn that frown upside down. Meanwhile I noticed a common problem with 3 out of 4 Flywheels among 2 2600 and 2 5200 trak-balls, that I'll search and find a post for.
  11. But this might get authorized by Atari and Sega to run with real 2600 and Genesis cartridges, and/or optional downloads. This would mainstream retrogaming.
  12. As for the paddles: Something like a Coleco Gemini Wye adapter, where the paddle inputs to either player 1A or 1B pin, depending whether you set yourself as 1A and your partner/opponent 1B or vice versa. It's a simple physical onnection. As for the emulation, not like the emulation like rdeeming suggests, it's head-to-head online play. The reason why traditional online gaming works it is built for a 100-200 ms ping time network. That's why you have to program a specific versio of the online game to make it live. This would bypass this and give a low ping conetion that an fit under the heartbeat of one joystick frame. As for the netplay emulators for the NES, there's one problem, input skating. You have to preplan your route and hope your opponent does the move you expect. The secret to my idea is a low-ping connection. I'm talking under 10 ms for 1000 km away. I know of a connection that exists that can do that, and it's plentiful and yet untapped for this purpose. My product will sell this connection, and this connection will make my invention. My theory is if you have a low ping connection, any local game can be played online. If the NES net player doesn't have skating (like Goldeneye N64) a server has to be programed to work with that game, which means it works for ONLY one game. If my theory works, with the work of one game being trned online pretty much every 2600 game will be turned into head-to-head online, even any 2 player Mystique,Apollo, Spectrevision, Tiger, US Games, and pretty much all obscure games, all without input skating.
  13. I described my mental invention to bot Atari and Sega. Both of them said if I can build it, and I'm giving them a percentage of sales, they will allow authorized Atari and Sega systems respectively using this technology. But they will not fund the $17,000 research needed to build a prototype. Intellivision Prductions said ater Dr. King day 2013, Keith, the head of Intellivision will discuss using Intellivision's classic gaming reputation to head a kickstarter project to raise the money to fund the building of the prototype. The basic idea is running an old ROM not intended to run online, and make them run online without programming individual online code for individual games. This can work with ANY 2600 game, not just Atari Games, but third party games too. And because this is not individually done at the game, it might respark inerest in third party games. The only requirement is that each parson has a separate joystick (which may cause a problem for the 2600 paddle games, but I can fix that) and can play multi-player local (sorry Alien Front Online and Outtrigger beyond 4 players or without splitscreen, at least for this solution) on one screen (sorry PS1 system link games) I can offer one "premium" for the backers in Kickstarter fundraiser project, a vote on what system other than the Intellivision will be made first. The only ones I can guarantee are Atari and Sega systems. Nintendo said though they can't guarantee the approval of the concept, they won't review it until a prototype comes in. I don't know what Sony and Microsot think, and there are a few other system making independents like Bally(Astrocade) , Coleco (Colecovision), Magnavox(Odyssey 2 and CD-i), SNK (Neo Geo), Konami (the modern owners of the TG16) 3DO, Emerson (Arcadia 2001), Vectrex, RCA (Studio II), and Fairchild (Channel F). Nothing will get 50%+1 vote at first ballot. All Atari owner will probably pool their votes for the 2600, Sega would be a tougher one to call because Europe would be for the Master System, the US would be for Genesis, (possibly Dreamcast), and Japan would be for the Saturn. If Nintendo sent a different message, the NES wold be up there but how many people would vote or a system that might not be. I cannot specifics discuss with the general public watt he secret is to getting this work because this cold be patentable. But if someone/pool of people made my paypal account $17,000 richer, I can afford to get the prototype made. The company who can make it is Davison, an idea realization company. They quoted me a price of $17000 at the most after discussing specifics, and all they want is 10%+research money. They said if it runs over, they'll fund the rest. If those people at Atari and/or Sega are wiling to either use their name for a kickstarter project, or even fund it themselves, let them speak. Otherwise, hopefully by Dr. King Day 2013, Intellivision will put their name on a Kickstarter project and I'll link it here. Otherwise, I just wan to see the pre-Kickstarter-announcement buzz on this concept. So, any game from the 2600 to Jaguar and from the SG-1000 to Dreamcast being turned online... what do you think of the concept?
  14. These are new "Tactile Golds". They ae thikcer gold dots where the bottom buttons have a spring on and off funtcion, which the human finger an tactilly sense when the button is pressed and released. The topp botom has less of that effect, and that'sbecause of the design of the 5200 contolle plastic casing whihc doesn't make it work well It doesn't matter if you reverse the buttons or not. Yes their new 5200 product/service is new.
  15. Wrong word lenghtened. It was in clue 3. Also I said the first hint was for the system. Ass has something to do with the system, not the game. And the connection to Hulk is not "Smash" Think: The Amazing Spider-Man, The Invincible Iron Man, The Uncanny X-Men, The ________ Hulk Then connect it to a lengthened word from clue 3. Though I like your attempt.
  16. Right so far, but you don't see the connection. About 1 - Look what's different about the quote (give a hint of system, remember I said it was a system comparable to the 2600, and another version was made for the 2600, but I'm looking for this version, the non-2600 version) About 2-Go for the obvious one that even plenty of non-comic fans would know (First word of title other than "the") about 3 - hint to second word, lengthen a word.
  17. OOps it's Q--z --z not Q---z --z
  18. 1. I will either kick it or i'll kiss it, and I don't care if Vince writes that as a stipulation. I'm that sure I'll win. 2 Superhero with skin color like Chalky Studabaker. 3. Rhyme time: Q---z --z consonants and vowels remain. (not a 2600 game, but a comparable system, a "version" was made for the 2600)
  19. They separated the hard drive and the Final Fantasy game that used it, overpriced the game, and wAy underpriced the hard drive,thinking you can't use it without the game. PLus doesn't the Slim PS2 have a hard drive built in, or does someone have a copy of FF-something and is unable to play it due to not having a hard drive?
  20. Another time I found a boxed Astrocade with 3 rare games, a typewriter-written label of Artillery duel, Muncher, and Blast Droids, plus about 6 other games, all for $5 + tax. And the Astrocade worked, and all the games worked too. I sold the Astrocade since I had one, and kept and cartridges that wasn't a double.
  21. I got a PS2 Hard Drive for a penny including tax at Gamestop in 2006. No more buying extra memory cards.
  22. I've got 4 Y (or Wye) adapters. They have the standard 9 pin arrangement, and have the 2 branches are all pins and one end is all holes. If I remember right form owning Colecovision in my youth, there were Colecovision adapters which let you plug in an Atari 2600 controller for the joystick and one button and a Colecovision joystick for the keypad. This let you use any 2600 bat stick (which was better than the short, flat 'shroom top of a standard Coleco stick) with any one button games for Colecovision. (The only reason I never got one was because I have a solution which worked for every game I had and still have EXCEPT QBert's Qubes and The Activision Decathlon, that is the Super Action Controller.) Over the years, I went thrift shopping and found on separate occasions, a Gemini, a Gemini Instruction Book, and 4 different Y adapters of 9 pin arrangements. I read through the Gemini Instruction manual, and found out about the Wye Adapter (this was before I was looking for Y adapters) and that got me thinking, how do I tell the difference in the wild between the 2? Some one told me of pin testing, but I don't have the equipment or knowledge to do it. I've got a couple of theories,but I want to make sure none of them ruin my controllers systems or adapters, because the ow of best-electronics-ca.com the repairers of Atari equipment, says be care not to do anything that will short out my equipment due to the 5 Volt connection. If I can plug 2 joysticks in in either a 2600 or Colecoviison (a little help on which is safer?) and if both joysticks and buttons activate the character, then it's the first type. I can't think of a definitive test for the other except if only 1 joystick moves the character in the above test, then it's. Or maybe it's a paddle game fire test, like Steeplechase or Party Mix, something where you can test 2 independent fire buttons on 1A and 1B, As well as 2A and 2B The things I don't have for my gemini are joysticks, RF switchbox, and power cord. First I know that ANY controller made for the 2600 will work on a Gemini, so that won't be a hard test. Also I know standard pre-NES RF switchbox or an RF to RCA adapter on that useless analog RF plug on a VCR and a standard single RCA cable would do it for any RF system with a Single RCA hole out. But about power, I don't know if a 2600 JR power adapter would work with it, or if I have to get a "regular" 2600 cord, or even a special Gemini Cord. Finally will using Track&Field controller on the Colecovision for The Activision Decathlon ruin your system? I've had temporary problems with it, but got cured when I remove it. Will it work with Carnival? (I assume left button equals left press, and right button equals right press, and there's no up and down and only 1 fire button in Carnival.) Although not technically Y adapters because there's only 2 branches, not 3, does anyone know where I can get a lefty adapter for either the 2600 stick, or the 7800 pad (such an adapter would invert up and down as well as left and right. There might have to be a button swapping adapter for 7800 games where the concept of left and right are important than main and secondary) or an Atari-joystick-to-Astrocade system adapter, or an Astrocade-joystick-to-Atari-system adapter in either Joystick (easy) or Paddle (much harder engineering-wise) mode?,
  23. I'm selling a Super UFO 3DO 6 button controller on ebay. (one is all you need since you can't daisy chain it.) eBay Auction -- Item Number: 261068920289 Auction ends Saturday July 21st a little after 7 PM eastern.
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