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  1. And the Bally Astrocade, and ColecoVision, and the 5200 had THEIR unique controls, all ambidextrous. At around 1983, there were at least 10 consoles considered "current": 2600, Intellivision, ColecoVision, 5200, Odyssey 2, Astrocade, Arcadia 2001, Vectrex, (in the budget bin) Fairchild Channel F, and Starpath Supercharger. That doesn't count at least 5 main computer lines: Apple IIe, Commodore 64, Commodore Vic 20, Atari 400/800, TRS 80, and "IBM compatibles". And of those 15 ecosystems, all 5 computers had software-based Ambidexterity, 5 of them had built in Ambidexterity, 2 of them shared in de facto third party Ambi models, one was righty only (Odyssey 2) one was lefty only (Vectrex) and the Fairchild I have never seen in the wild. I "heard" those joysticks were ambi. I got a very different reaction from Japanese companies. Nintendo basically told me in the SNES days "get good" with the Authorized sticks. Sega, with arguably more than 50% American roots, actually hooked me up with KY Enterprises, a precursor to Able Gamers. BTW Hori USA loved my design on sinistersticks.com predicted it would sell in America, and yet said the Japanese main HQ won't allow them to do it. Is there something in Japanese Culture that hates right-handed joysticks? Is that an equivalent to a middle finger to a Japanese person?
  2. Speaking of the Coin Controls. I notice in the 5200 version (a great thrift store pickup in the '90s I might say.) that the left button is the bottom Fire button or main fire button and the right button is the auxiliary button or top fire button. First of all, is there a button swap switch somewhere in the user-friendly world of not opening the machine? Second, is there a way to do it with electronic surgery? 3 would a way to do it without your joystick being operated on be as simple as inserting a female to male 15 pin which just swaps the one for the bottom button and the top button if you wanted to left hand at joystick assuming you want your main fire on your right thumb? Also was there a version of a 5200bgame that has distinct left and right fire that isn't the twin stick game that could also use that kind of substitution similar to Tutankham? I know the default Atari controller could handle it you just adjust your hand grip so that the index is on the Main and the thumb is on the auxiliary.
  3. Oh I just got word from the American division of Hori joysticks for loving my design of ambidextrous fight stick. However they told me that there's no way in the world that the Japanese home office would allow the American Hori division to make these ambidextrous fight sticks that I published my first model of on sinistersticks.com If Street Fighter is toned down to be rated e10, or some other kind of fight game where you need six or more buttons is used in addition to a fight stick, since I know the Amico controller can be either used like a wiimote or like a d-pad either left- or right-handed maybe my fight stick would be a good addition to that. While we're at it we might as well make it with add on kits for each of the American systems from the Atari 2600 to the Xbox Series and PS5. It's kind of like the Skylanders model how toys can enhance the game. You noticed the original Skylanders game was licensed by the three companies but the toys that a company are considered universal and are not licensed by any one of them but they don't plug directly into those systems the systems are silent about that issue. Since a most of the systems have already been long been stopped being made, and Sony has games on Nintendo and Microsoft namely qbert and Wheel of Fortune and Microsoft has games on Nintendo and Sony namely Minecraft, a Nintendo originally had games on the Atari 7800, maybe that could be a dummy corporation for accessories that can make original Classic controllers that are both functional replacements for the originals and work as unique controllers only possible with those styles. One thing I'd like to see is a classic paddle controller for the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 because Warlords and Breakout don't play quite right with the thumbpad. You're fighting the centering resistance of a self-centering thumb pad. The paddles and the original Atari 5200 stick were designed assuming there was no self-centering resistance like on a digital joystick. So classic controller company for true classic replacements as well as for New systems where modern controllers just don't cut it might be an idea.
  4. I never said the "Dragon Punch" website was an authority on cd cleaning. I went to them because that's where people go to learn how to build custom fight sticks. I wanted to buy one. I need to have a right handed fight stick. They've had it out for me when I challenged the notion that left stick is pro-player, when I say left stick is pro-arxade owner. The fact that I didn't trust them is the precise reason why I wrote you guys. I suspected they were lies, which you guys confirmed. Thank you.
  5. Thanks for confirming what I know: Don't use "rubbing alcohol". If you use alcohol, use only xx% isopropylhol with the only other ingredient being water.
  6. 1. there are versions of "rubbing alcohol" which have herbs. 2. Since my 70% Isopropylhol has as it's only other ingredient water, that's what I assume too. 3. Easy statement to accept don't need double guessing. This lie at the dragon punch website says herbs are hidden. I tried to see if it was confirmed. Now if you guys also said herbs can be legally hidden, I'd try to ask my pharmacist, which said "just read the label. If the label lies, especially on a mass basis, you have a legitimate grievance." 4. My default position was to "read and believe the label". The dragon punch website said "herbs can be legally hidden in isopropylhol." I knew since I challenged their "left hand sticks are superior for everyone" lie, I'd be an unintentional villain at the dragon punch website. At least I have the "the more sympathetic position" and the role of the underdog. The stuff good feel-good movies are made of.
  7. Sorry. I misread your comment at first. The fact that "rubbing alcohol" contains something other than alcohol and water, and to not use that, is fairly well documented on cartridge cleaning and optical disc cleaning instructions . The other "facts" is only on that one website. I'm "encoding" the name of a website where I heard it. Before there were 2 types: "rubbing alcohol" which was 70% alcohol some water and some herbs, and 91% isopropylhol, whose only other ingredient is water. I'm just trying to figure out if it has herbs or not. I assume with the name "70% isopropylhol" and the only inert ingredient being water, I assume it's diluted stuff, not the mix. The same dragon punch (code name) website is trying to convince me that a right handed fight stick would not improve execution in Street Fighter 2. Read my story about that. sinistersticks.com
  8. It's not the strength so much. I just spray and wipe. It's not so much an issue of strength as it is purity. It's the ingredients other than the alcohol and water that have me concerned. "70% rubbing alcohol" was, pre-Covid, the name for the kind which has extra herbs. The dragon punch website conspiracy is that "the herbs are unlabeled, because they are not required to be labeled." I think they think I'm gullable. I asked my pharmacist "If herbs are added to a rubbing alcohol, must they be listed on the ingredients list? My discs are allergic to herbs in certain rubbing alcohols that are not in isopropylhol.". And he said everything should be listed. So the 70% isopropylhol is a new sevondary Covid phenomenon.
  9. The other stuff called "rubbing alcohol" also has pain killing herbs. If you run across that, that will DAMAGE electronic equipment. There was a conspiracy on the "dragon punch" website saying that "rubbing alcohol" and "70% isopropylhol" both have the herbs and by law don't have to list the herbs as ingredients. If I need to clean something with it, I'll say to irreparable <$3 disc or cartridge game on eBay, "you first". Do not do Red Sea Crossing (if I had such a cartridge, which I don't)
  10. Yes I feel happy about it enjoy the games. Tommy told me that he was unaware of what Keith and I were talking about. Even Keith said it would take a year to three after the new Neo-Intellivision (as it was called back then) for Netrogames to be worked on. I'm just saying that this is a different technique than the traditional online technique. The breakdown was due to a lack of communication. Originally the emphasis was to have both multiplayer games that would easily work with couch multiplayer, online multiplayer, and user designed bot multiplayer in any combination of teammates and opponents. I thought that the cutting down from there to just couch multiplayer was just the fact of biting more than you could chew originally. However it seems like within 24 hours after I was suggesting ads for certain circumstances, that Intellivision publicly came out and said no ads as a principle when it wasn't announced as such before, especially considering that wasn't an issue in video games that was brought up anywhere, it felt like a personalized targeted attack. After my breakdown I realized did I may have just brought up a loophole a little earlier than the rest of the public would have thought of it. it just felt targeted because no one else was even talking about it before I brought it up. if I was literally the only person to bring it up then I would seem kind of unprofessional to oppose it publicly without talking to me. Sort of like the Homer Simpson "no apples in the vending machine" thing, where Monty Burns says "We won't take away your precious apples" when Homer requested the opposite. Personally the last time I saw advertising-funded video games was 1 vs 100 on the Xbox 360. You never had to pay a single cent to play and the commercials were supposed to pay partially for the jackpot that built on the championship game where they actually paid out to a winner some Xbux or cash. I just thought it was kind of personal until Tommy reassured me that it was just a miscommunication that made it feel that way. When you're in Social Security Disability, you do not think about one-time paychecks as a good thing but think of ways to have constant residual income coming in all the time. If I got a one-time paycheck for my idea, it would actually disqualify me for social security for one year and then I have to go back reproving my social security case. I guess it's a different mentality thinking about the day-one payday versus payments every month or every year. You would think with highly gameplay-aspect games (meaning all these games are not over glorified movies that happen to be interactive) if you believe that your games are being played more often shouldn't your model of payments be similarly modeled? With most of these movie games, once you beat it, there's very little reason to play, but these ludo games you actually want to challenge other people besides the people you already know, or keep constantly raising your score, or speed running it, or whatever. There is more than one way to be consumer friendly. Usually depends on which type of consumer you're trying to target. I guess Intellivision is going for the people that have more money than time, and my model goes after people have more time than money (like me). Even if that combination of events didn't make me upset I knew it would take at least 2 years before Netrogames gets tried by Intellivision if the Amico succeeds. As I said I am more time than money so waiting two or three years before Netrogames gets tried is perfectly fine by me. The thing about Netrogames though is that if my theory is correct, then you don't have to pick which games you want to turn online because every game will be turned online. Atari of about 5-7 years ago would have liked it but they weren't sure about the legalities of turning Activision's 2600 games online without their permission, even though Netrogames doesn't use individual game code.
  11. Yes I do like the local World aspect where you can compare your score against your age group in your community and expand both age groups and commutity community sizes. As for Head to Head online play: Actually, most of my meaningful online games were playing against people I knew offline before we networked (family and friends) but actually I made more friends online than I did have to censor people to never talk to me again. 2 to 0 Even though I rarely experience it due to my choice of games, ... (every online game I play had either nothing of consequence said or had positive relations. I made a friend for a year on Xbox live I wouldn't have, and I challenged the maker of Avataaahhhh to an online game of that game, beat him, and had a good talk. I asked what he thinks my connection speed was, when I told him 500 k in/ 200 k out, even he rates his game a 56ok low bandwidth friendliness rating.). ... I never ran into these troublemakers. Maybe it's just my choice of games. Maybe most troublemakers target first person shooters, which I almost never play. I never experienced any foul mouths during Street Fighter 4. There could opt in each individual connection for voice connection, so that by default random strangers are silent to you and you to them. Both sides have to okay the connection to voice connect. Therefore most of your games will either be with people you know offline, or are speaker and mic silent. Even though most of the time I never experienced a real bad unsportsmanlike foul mouth player, that doesn't mean they don't exist. I don't know if an Amico would be on the radarscopes of most of these prepubescent Andrew Dice Clays. They go where the targets are biggest they pick the biggest games on the biggest systems. Nintendo on their own games by default doesn't let you talk via voice unless you both okay each other. I understand some team games need communication, If there are certain things that need to be communicated or does successfully have a great co-op game, maybe only certain words will be activated by your speech and convert to text. you have certain commands that you like to issue to your friends like "cover me" , "chase the lone runner", "back to the base" "start the assault" you would say certain phrases that you would like to communicate to other people your teammates, and they will individually mark it with a check or x to indicate they will accept or refuse those. Plus these are speech-to-text commands which are easier to censor then voice files. For example, Alien Front Online recorded your voice converted to MP3 and then played it online to fit within dial-up restrictions. Maybe it could go speech to text analyze the text for bad words and restrict speech based on T+ or lewder ratings of text. And these would only be in games where part of the vital strategy is cross teammate communications. As I said these things could be worked it over time. also Netrogames requires that you know your opponent's phone number so that might be even more of an incentive to go with Netrogames so you only dial people you personally know. All this talk about local multiplayer kind of cast a shadow on singleplayer wondering what kind of single player was available. I would be willing to play a silent game against someone if there was no way to get a bot to play the second person against me. I see companies program games say the wonderful players and then never program in about or an online opponent to make one player ganes listing on something that must be played multiplayer
  12. But I don't know if you were aware of my specific invention of Netrogames, which was using direct connect data which is straight line data to make a direct connection between two or more different households. Sprint said as long as everyone involved is on the Sprint network and chooses the direct connect option then all players are connected and as close to straight line (which guarantees lowest ping) as the towers allow directly to each other hence the name Direct Connect. I understand doing networks the traditional way requires coding each individual game and using a server to expand the range. The Netroames method saves programming individual code by having a generic joystick trafficker. The actual data should take less than 56k. If we were emulating each of four joysticks on the original in television with the ECS being used as a third and fourth joystick, without going into the complexities of intellivision controller coding if all you need are presents and absence bits in nine different pins per controller that's nine times four or 36 bits per frame. If there are 60 controller frames per second then that would be 2.1 Kb per second approximately, which easily fits under 56k with enough bandwidth to check sync at least that's what they did on the Dreamcast with 56k. If I remember right either Steve Roney, directly told me, or Keith passed on Steve's message that it makes sense it is more efficient than individually programming the games and we're not exactly gambling millions of dollars on these servers so it's just for the purposes of playing a game. However since I couldn't guarantee that Sprint Direct Connect goes as as fast as regular Sprint Data Network and I assumed the worst case scenario of dial up speeds they told me check to see what the actual bits per second is in low ping mode. Roney said it could be done with dial-up but it would take a long time. It could be guaranteed quicker if they knew they had a much bigger and higher net to work with than dial up. Well Tex Tiexera, the executive engineer at Sprint at the time, told me that data is currently an option on Sprint Direct Connect, so in television doesn't have to pay Sprint to conform the network a specific way to work with Netrogames. And whatever speed (in megabits per second, not milliseconds of delay time to receive a bit) the regular Sprint traffic gets on the normal path, that's the speed you get in Direct Connect data. The reason why this works is because the regular Network is redundant and backs itself up to be sure it gets there at the cost of instant quickness. The Sprint Direct Connect takes 30 seconds to establish a straight line connection and then executes it when connected. It's the exact same speed as a regular network but it's lower ping. The main cost is a 30 second setup time, that it only does Sprint to Sprint customers, no landlines, no VoIP lines, no competing cell lines, and a 2400 km limit because 2400 km is eight light milliseconds. now the exact same technology at all the other same companies is called push to talk so therefore you could have customers connect AT&T line to AT&T line or Verizon line to Verizon line or T-Mobile line to T-Mobile line, which has become bigger because a T-Mobile line and a Sprint line are now the same thing. As long as you're all on cellular and as long as you're on the same cellular network you could do a low ping connection. you do not touch the general internet that is used for non cellular traffic. cellular traffic enters the rest of the internet and exits from it. That's where all the ping is, in the general internet where you sacrifice quickness for sureness. Push the talk gets the same sureness by taking 30 seconds to establish a connection. maybe if this becomes successful there would be a cross network bridge every 50 km so you could mix cell networks and so maybe instead of getting 2400 km of one network you would get 2,000 km of all cell networks. Yes, I understand the standard internet you have to program for each individual game and you have to do other things to get it to work right. And yes that would be a pain to add retroactively. But natural games is designed to take a naturally two-player local game and use a generic low-ping direct connection to turn it to a two-player online game I just want to make sure you understand that Netrogames is a very specific way of doing networking that was designed to be a generc joystick trafficker and work.
  13. Hey Tommy, since you were unaware of my invention I was working on with Keith, it might be the exact key you're looking for getting Amico online without programming special net code. A network game that feels like a local couch multiplayer game. The secret is beating 8 milliseconds of ping for 60 controller frames per second game. That gives you the furthest distance between two people in a group must be 2400 km or less. There are plenty of people you can play within 2400 km of yourself. The last thing he said to me was that it sounds like a great and possible idea it should work in theory. but the one thing that's risky was not knowing whether Sprint Direct Connect with its straight line network connection had the speeds of whatever the Sprint network offered or were automatically 56k if they were using Sprint Direct Connect as data. So I called Sprint, got a hold of Tex Tiexera, the executive of the engineering department, and he said two things one the network is already built and you do not have to do anything special to make data work in a low ping way. And two whatever speeds of Internet are between you and your opponent you'll get the fastest speeds between opponents. There is no technical reason other than deprioritizing (limiting speed based on traffic) why you shouldn't get the full network speed. Keith said that Steve Toney said working at dial-up speeds is working without a net but if we were guaranteed 3G speeds plus throughout the nation it might make sense. a few years later now that 4G is considered the minimum combining that with low paying Direct Connect makes it even more possible. My Invention I'd called Netrogames. This is probably the easiest way to add Network to in television games because the theory of a product is if a game could be two plus players split screen and/or same screen it should work without writing any extra game-specific code unless you're outside of 2400 km. In other words if this works for one game then it should work in theory for every game, except if you need a second screen or a VMU like privacy screen.
  14. Tommy, thank you for being honest. Thank you for saying that the cards just happened the fall that way to add up to my hour-long psychiatric breakdown. It just seems like with the ads no one was talking about that as an issue and when I said that could be one option for long-term residual income where you can either choose to pay $10 at once and have ad free or promise no more than 5 minutes of ads per hour of game time and make perpetual residual income, people choose whether they want to give ad time to you or physical dollars to you both of which are worth various amounts of money. My friend actually think it's a virtue to pay blind before the game comes out and if you happen to get stuck with a lemon it's your fault. I kind of find that anti-consumer but that's his mentality. Likewise he feels being forced to watch ads to him is being anti-consumer. We all agree that the Intellivision Amico is going to intend to be9 Pro-consumer. People just have different ideas about what is pro consumer. the friend who took that stand has a pretty good job therefore 30 seconds of his time multiplied by the number of games averaging 5 minutes per 30 second s to play on it would be more costly to him than a maximum of $10 once and saving those 30-second slots. I am on Social Security disability and plenty of time but limited money and would obviously feel the reverse. the timing just happened that 2 days after I sent the email to the general mailbox about ads was the first time the "no ads" proclamation was made explicit. Since there was no internet chatter or controversy about ads I thought I uniquely brought that up, and that's why that, combined with removing Network play, felt targeted. the funny thing is I don't regret my friend paying for something to skip ads. But the funny thing he says is that if we're playing online him pain to skip ads and me preferring the ad license would cause chaos in head to head online games. I could see how ads are abused and how one would would want to initially avoid it. If you were going to, you want to take clear stands to appeal to both paid and ad license holders. 1. No double dipping: once a consumer paid for the license, it's ad free, period. Though your demos could have ads. 2. No cliffhanger ads where you're in the middle of gameplay everything pauses you watch at 30 second ad and it resumes. that is not only annoying but it alters the gameplay in an unintended way of people double guessing their strategies and trying to outpsyche their opponent instead of just merely reacting to the situation as it lies. 3. No real world ads tied to the story or characters, unless the IP was an ad or had real world mentions before the Amico version. it makes the IP seem cheaper if it's tied to a brand artificially for the game, when the original work had no ad tied to it. 4.. Ad content clearly identified at a natural break in a game, like kids TV. 5. No advertisements for products that would be considered M rated. T rated products may be advertised, but just like green label movie trailers the content within the commercial has to be e10 or tamer. 6. Since you intentionally refuse games that are large in scope by instituing a $10 limit, only games that are not theoretically allowed by you could be advertised for other systems. 7. If a game is allowed by you and is also playable on other systems, you could use the phrase "includes special version for Amico with blah blah blah.". Features on other systems will not be advertised. Here's one I haven't thought of that I think might be good. No one said you had to offer the full and free version on day one. You could offer a one level or otherwise limited demo and have ads on it on release day, like a free sample. You could on a certain anniversary (6 month, 1 year, 2 year) when the sales go close to zero, allow the developer to allow the option of either purchasing full ad-free license or get the full game with an advertising license. Also there'd be no advantage to either being a paid license or an ad license in terms of head-head gameplay once network play starts. I think those are good Pro-consumer, pro-neo-retro gamer ad policies. Some would doubt if networked paid vs ad gameplay parity is possible like my friend. But if the ads only happen at natural game breaks/story breaks you could assure there'll be no pollution of ads within the gameplay. usually you'll just wait in the lobby for another opponent / partner and that's when you play the ad.
  15. Battlefish I'm apologizing to the whole Amico fandom on AtariaAge. Remember that day I broke down and someone thought there was a psychiatric issue with a post? That was me. I have no problem with the machine. Looking back on it now, I have no problem with the man. I guess I was just feeling self-pity for my circumstance that I can't enjoy the system primarily made for local multiplayer because I'm the only gamer in the house. If you don't have a local human to play with/against, the Amico looks less attractive.
  16. Hello. I was the person who had one one of the last outside ideas Keith Robinson liked just before he died. I was on board the Amico. I still think the Amico is a good idea I just said I can't utilize it without network opponents. Tommy if I accusef you of personally targeting me I certainly hope that is not the case and I apologize if I insinuated it was a personal attack. I was just describing how it felt to me. It just felt like a personal attack when in the early stages the multiplayer Amico modes were originally going to be either against real life humans designer bots that home users program and Network online humans. And then it got whittled down to making it a virtue to play only against local humans. The user controlled box with personalities and the network gaming got nixed. At first I thought it was nothing special, it was purely business on why you did it. even though my invention that Keith Robinson did like was precisely turning local multiplayer games into Network online games without introducing new code by basically having an extra long lan cable that's up to 2400 km known as Sprint Direct Connect. And one of my letters to intellivision afterwards I suggested as a minor point if you plan to make a game a long-term classic that people will play many generations to come then maybe the $10 maximum is a bad strategy unless you're intentionally trying to keep the size of the game down. One thing I hated was buying in the blind. I mention the Xbox 360 requirements of always allowing a free demo but developers hated it cuz they were getting no money for the demos played. So I thought if people are unwilling to give money for trial and developers want to be paid for their trial maybe an advertisement during the trial mode would be a good thing so if you play the free trial over and over and over the developer gets paid the add money over and over and over. I acknowledged that ads could be overused and abused. So just like Tom tellrico made a decree that no game shall cost more than $10 us, if he liked the idea enough but saw its potential abuse that he could have said maximum 5 minutes of commercials per hour of content and the user chooses whether they want to play advergames or pay up to 10 bucks with no ads ever for that game once paid. That would satisfy both halves of the market and make revenue for the game company. of course you're going to have to plan to have a smaller initial first day but you'll be guaranteed that if the game is played long term anytime constant residual income over time. The fact that the day after I wrote that he made a public proclamation of no ads made me feel it was personally targeted. People assured me most likely it wasn't a personal target, but I know it's kind of hard because if you promise no ads then you took off the people who hate buying blind. And if you will promise that ads are an option, then you take off people like my friend whose time is more valuable than his money I understand with no network this doesn't matter as much, but if it were networked, this may becomes an issue, Can ad-based players play head to head against paid license players and not offer an advantage to one or the other and offer an experience that is true to both? I do wish the Amico well. It's just hard for me to participate if I can't get my online friends to play, and with no local players in the house mainly because no one, for whatever reason, did marry me, therefore no children, if the main attraction is multiplayer local then there's really no reason FOR ME to buy an Amico. There are plenty of other reasons for other people to buy an Amico, just not me. Maybe there'll be a surprise like metro games will be funded and first tested on the Amico if the Amico succeeds. I just had a mental breakdown the day that one of my friends bailed me an original intellivision keyboard and ECS, and it made me feel guilty because he was the one who collected Intellivision as a kid I only bought INTV as 90s thrift store finds. (Then again in 1984 there were eight different video game systems that were considered current generation before the crash. And Electronics Boutique had a section for every one of them plus about six different computer families.) There was a good chance you could be a video game fan in 1984 and be on different teams but they compete each other as different teams in a 14 team sports League not as Warriors of a system War like Sega and Nintendo did , even though the pre-crash corporations had dare to compare ads, and THEY took it like a system War back then. The players did so less, even when I was in elementary school in 84. There were a lot less "X rules Y Drools" commentary on the playground pre-crash, while Genesis is primarily remembered by outsiders as the the syayem that says "Genesis does what Nintendon't";in America. I don't think I ever cursed the Amico to fail or if I did I was mentally not right. Even if I was mentally not right I think I might have not wished the Amico to fail. If I did I wasn't mentally right and I'm sorry. Just saying I wish the Amico success, I won't be one of the "camping" people on 4/3/21. I'm just hoping that if it succeeds the next big project will be Netrogames first tested on Amico and then later added to all the other retro and current consoles. I never felt heartbreak with a woman I never felt heartbreak with a submission rejection. The circumstances just happened to add up to equal that to me because it felt stealthily targeted to me. actually I know it wasn't. I hopefully you could see how one could perceive it to be stealthily targeting me, understand how that looks, and feel the heartache this unfortunate set of circumstances added up to.
  17. Ever since Covid-19, every grocery store, department store, and pharmacy I went to don't have 91%. I'm trying to find out if the 70% is a diluted version of the 91%, or an alternate name for rubbing alcohol with painkilling herbs. The only inert ingredient is Water. also is this unique to Medina County Ohio or are other people in a similar situation of running out of 91% isopropyl and being given the 70% stuff. NEW STUFF (above was in phone memory). First of all the strength is not that important, the more important thing is lack of foreign ingredients to the recipe of isopropyl. Since the bottle has as it's only inert ingredient water, should that indicate that this is pure alcohol water mix just a little diluted. also I should look for small print under where it says alcohol to see if there's other ingredients that would be considered active like painkilling herbs. Look at the fine print. If I see something indicating something other than alcohol then I should bail. Is this unique to Medina County, Ohio that has 70% isopropyl not 91%? Is this like a county Covid law or something because apparently I can't find 91 stuff locally. I got a couple of unplayably scratched copies that I tried to repair and failed I could use is a litmus test as to whether it's just pure alcohol or alcohol plus herbs. Will the foreign ingredients eat at the disc or do something obviously noticeable? does it cost three bucks to repair them versus finding them use three bucks on eBay might as well use it as a petri dish.
  18. Actually I was talking just as much about cartridges and slot contacts as well as optical discs. I was told to use the kind with no other ingredients that isopropyl and water. It seems like people are avoiding the answer. Soap leaves a film on the discs, and make it look worse and harder to read.
  19. I would rather have the answer in advance rather than test the legal system. But I'm afraid of using "brand x" that I would like to test it on a cheap bad game that's a 12 cm frisbee. Does abybaneteur chemists knows what happens with disc with herbal alcohol mixes? I never ruined a disc in such a way, so I don't know what happens. Sacrifice a test disc to get a result.
  20. Well I found out my Hauppauge can capture 480i natively via component but not 240p. I read there are some things called line doublers which take a 240p device and turn it to 480p by repeating each line once and moving on. Are there such things as conditional line doublers where if it senses 240p it activates line doubling mode and if it does not, (480i or 480p mode) it just passes it through with no processing. My Hauppauge Rocket can do 480i? Also would a line doubler take a 480p signal and make it playable on a VGA monitor? Finally how much ping does de-interlacing typically add? (Hopefully 1 ms or less, just like a Rocket). Heck maybe I can use a rocket as a de-Interlacer + booster to HD to work on my VGA.
  21. Before covered I always saw 91% isopropylhol, the gold standard for cleaning cartridges, because the only other ingredient is water and isopropyl washes more stingey dirt off better. The stuff you should avoid is called rubbing alcohol because that is 70% isopropyl, and 20 of the remaining 30% are medical herbs and topical painkillers, and other stuff that has to be listed as ingredients. When I saw my isopropyl is low, the only stuff I could find was labeled 70% isopropylhol. Do I understand alcohol being get higher demand due to increased hand sanitization, so to make it go farther they make they put less isopropyl in a bottle of isopropyl. But the question is is this just a weaker version of a 90% isopropyl with the remaining 20% being made up by water or is it rubbing alcohol under another name the pharmacist couldn't tell me whether there was any foreign ingredients or not other than isopropyl and water. he assumed that if there was no ingredient listed other than isopropyl then what and water then there is none. I asked this question a different website and they were saying that never use the 70% stuff. I understand it's true normally but the question is is the 70% stuff of today a diluted version of the 90% stuff? They someone at that other site said they don't have to tell you what's in there other than isopropylhol, but I thought truth is labeling laws required an ingredients list of everything you either eat drink apply on your skin or otherwise consume to yourself physical self. I don't know whether they're going off the old assumption of 70% containing other herbs and other ingredients, but I have been perceived as kind of a unwitting villain in this other website for promoting my right hand stick as a way to improve a lot of games, so baby they're just playing villain back. I don't know of any law that says you're allowed to hide the other ingredients in rubbing alcohol. Therefore if the only ingredients say isopropylhol and water then there should be nothing else but those two things in there. I don't have a pre-Covid bottle of the "rubbing alcohol" that has other ingredients besides alcohol and water. So is this just a Covid phenomenon of making the alcohol last longer by diluting CD / cartridge cleaner/cartridge cleaner? And if the bottles only ingredients say alcohol and water and I use on a CD and it turns out to be the rubbing alcohol kind with things that hurt CDs then that would be a bad mislabeling problem and I could sue them for the damage of the discs. Claiming they violate truth in labeling laws, saying there are no other ingredients but adding extra ingredients. Common Sense tells me that either the 70% is just a diluted version of 90% or I found a loophole in the labeling system of isopropyl that has to be addressed and clarified.
  22. I also read that UVC capture cards sometimes don't register on certain Mac OS is very well. Sometimes you have to replug them in and try again. Does anyone know of any UVC components capture cards? It appears my Hauppauge Rocket doesn't understand 240p via component. does anyone know of a UVC capture card that does do both 240p and 480i by component, preferably an analog one, for my retro TV, to do all Sega systems plus the Super NES in full color?
  23. Shoryuken has sub pages where you can hire someone to build, or learn the trickier aspects of gaming joysticks. I learned to combine a few concepts there and hired Stan Escolano of California to build my prototype SinisterSticks.com joystick. Atari is as simple as direct connection. No coding, unlike NES and beyond.
  24. Then why do my games run perfectly fine through compositing this video but through SCART to component conversions it fails? Is it because they assume the component is going to be at least 480p and if you're giving it a 240p signal, it doesn't understand it? And would my Hauppauge Rocket be able to understand 240p via composite and S Video, but not component? If that's the case, do you know of any UVC compatible component connectors that could deal with resolutions at 240p as well as 480i that work with Mac OS 10.11. I also have a Roxio game cap but I can't seem to get it working with my Macintosh. Can anyone recommend a Mac compatible capture card that can do 240p component?
  25. Well a lot of fight stick makers use the exact same components on Shoryuken.com. Thankfully your job is much easier than the typical shoryuken joystick maker, because you just hook one button signal to the left what hook one button signal to the right hook one button signal to the fire and all three buttons to the ground. You don't have to worry about programming stuff to make it work. It's a direct controller. There's no coding. there's no organizing a bits. There's no serializing.
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