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  1. Let it not be said that I don't take advice.



    Last few days I was talking about how easy it is to use SCART with a CRT TV.  First I would have to get a color space changer which costs 50 bucks, versus buying individual ycbcr cables.  Plus I don't know how TVs think of the SCART sync and have another thing to worry about.


    Also I tried the ypbpr to VGA adapter and there's a critical flaw in the made flash adapter which makes it very inconvenient to run.   Apparently this device does not like 480i because when I plugged the colors into it the VGA showed up as nothing.


    Also this TV tuner I had for VGA if it's true that it takes about one frame to the interlace the frame that explains why my TV got VGA with the MTVBOX adapter.



    However, I found a low ping way to play HDMI games:




    When I plug an HDMI device into an HDMI splitter one end goes to my PlayStation 3D TV the other goes to my VGA CRT, assuming the sounds are synced, when I select something on the Wii menu I hear two distinct clicks when I stand in between them one on the left side being the CRT first then one on the right side.  The click started and stopped on the CRT before the other TV picked up the click.


    And in 2012, the PlayStation 3D TV was considered a Gamers TV having a back then best time of 31 milliseconds according to the input lag website.  So if I get savings versus a PlayStation 3D TV then the HDMI to VGA conversion is pretty quick.  Heck, it's even passive, doesn't require any power.  Some of the active ones were a lot worse than the passive one.



    Also I'm selling three 3D cameras that are in standard definition.



    Mainly because due to my limited bandwidth OBS does not like to have three video sources on the screen broadcasting at once, despite the fact I'm not actually using my computer to do the broadcasting but recruiting my cell phone which is way faster.


    In return I bought three very small high-definition spy cameras, that I could use as three separate setups for my webcams and take two of them and put them in a wearable something I'll cobble up later to get point of view 3D perspective.


    Since there's limited to two images and all you need for 3D is a left image and a right image I was going to do some in life real work doing probably the best sport that would most benefit by 3D coverage, miniature golf.   soccer football in American football are not very good in 3D because the distances are so far away relative to their distances between each other.  But mini golf looks hilly and craggy in comparison to those.


    I tested 3D on the road with a standard definition camera playing Dr Mario miracle cure and the video is not that good.


    Luckily I do have twin high definition cameras.  I just got to find a clip on rig to attach so that I can play while it films the 3DS footage in accurate 3D.  



    Finally you could only have so much stuff.  




    I was asking if there were any ludistic advantages of having a DualShock one or a standard digital controller over a DualShock 2 on the PlayStation 2 or the PlayStation 1.


    Most people said the L2 and R2 are quicker on the digital versus the analog.


    And a lot of people say the analog triggers were either not used well or unnecessary in most of the games that used them.


    so I needed a little money took a queue found out that really I only need two DualShock ones in case PlayStation 2 competition gets hot and heavy and me and my brother need a quicker L2 an R2.  and just to have one regular old-fashioned dog bone Playstation One controller is kind of cool just to say I was there.


    so those excessive PlayStation DualShock ones and digital controllers are also on the auction block.




    Even before I started my first broadcast I had a twitch fan,  who I have no idea who that person is,  calls her web self  Padme (assuming web names don't lie about gender) and said she watched me while I was in high school on TV.  She said she was young enough we wouldn't have met in school.


    Before circumstances required me to live the Covid lifestyle 19 years ago continuously.  Unfortunately I couldn't virtually socialize easily due to a lack of bandwidth here.  Now I got barely enough to do more than just type text on websites about certain things.  And I am planning to use it.


    Ps 1 original controls: https://www.ebay.com/itm/264888792602


    DualShock 1s:



    All Sega SCART cables, plus SNES SCART cable:




    Mayflash component to VGA:




    3 3d Web cameras




    I'll come up selling my MTVBOX in a minute.  Just let me list that in an hour or less and you could bid on it.


  2. Since people complain about me tldr, 3 questions.


    1. How did Americans do start before high definition televisions?  Should I just assume it was a color space conversion from RGB to YCbCr?


    2 are there such things as three RCA RGB to three RCA ypbpr color space conversion boxes that are significantly cheaper than $50 which is the price of a powered scart to 3 RCA ycbcr converter?


    3  Is that the only thing I need?

  3. The main reason I ask is I had those SCART adapters a long time before realizing how tough they wlare to work.


    I don't have enough info.    I'm seeing whether it's worth selling my SCART stuff, or getting better pictures. If there's no extra equipment needed, I'll take it.


    I know SCART-> VGA requires no color space change.  I don't see any SCART/VGA based line doublers.  All line doublers seem to be HDMI OUT


    Based on personal experience, my HDMI systems convert well "enough" to work as low ping HD consoles.  (You just have to adjust stuff.)


    So assuming my monitor won't blow up if wrongly plugged, I show just see if it works.  What's the worst that can happen?


    As for pinh

  4. 6 hours ago, mr_me said:



    A passive adapter doesn't convert any signals.


    So we got to either two options either the monitor has a 15 kilohertz mode, and it would be a simple as a pin swap adapter, or it doesn't and has to go through an upstep converter.


    What is the Hertz rate exactly pixels per second?  Do you multiply horizontal pixels by vertical pixels per frame multiplied by number of frames per second to see how many pixels per second?


    My monitor could play official VGA standard it looks like it has a 640x480x60 HZ and is official VGA.  there's one other VGA standard all the other ones are VESA.

    Based on that two questions, what combinations would work


    TVs: Daewoo, Sony Wega, compaq with 640x480x60 mode.


    Systems with SCART: all Sega systems and Super NES without modding.


    Systems with component:; PlayStation 2 Xbox Prime, GameCube.  


    Various physical adapters I have: SCART to  three RCA red green blue.  SCART TO VGA ADAPTER.  RCA RED GREEN BLUE TO VGA ADAPTER.


    A powered active adapter I have a MayFlash three RCA YCbCr to VGA.


    Just wondering what I could do now and what I need to complete something.  remember light gunping levels are not necessary if I want to play a light gun on a sagas console or Playstation 2 or Xbox I just use a component S-Video or composite downstairs in as straight as line as possible.




  5. Okay colorwise  SCART=VGA.  Most Capture devices use YUV (what is the difference between YUV and YCbCr?  I know Y is luma aka greyscale component in both, the black and white TV signal)


    Comparing 15 kHz to 31 kHz plus sync change conversion Vs  SCART RGB to 3 RCA YCbCr conversion:. Which one is cheaper?  Are both processes sub-millisecond?


    My impression is that the Retrotink converts 240p RGB to 480p YPbPr?  I can't use 480p on my 2 TVs. I thought that was for HDTVs.


    Do I have 240p via component on my Daewoo or Sony Wega?


    If so what is the simplest thing I need?







  6. I heard the most colorful way to get Standard Def systems like every Sega system and super NES (and more if you're willing to mod your systems) is to use a SCART cable.


    I have all 5 above mentioned cables.  I got 3 routes I can go.  Either SCART to one of 2 YCbCr CRT TVs, and a CRT VGA.


    The first factor is good enough ping to play anything except an uncalibratable light gun game and Sega Scope 3D.  I know light gun/3d would be a bonus, but not enough to abandon a good project for most games.


    The other 2 factors are capturabilty, and cost.


    I heard there is a test for my Sony Wega and Daewoo CRT. I play any Sonic the Hedgehog games that uses 240p and see if a chaos emerald has the same fluttering glow.  If it's either, solid, invisible, or monochrome, don't use it.


    Any results known for a Sony Wega and a Daewoo?


    Now there's the issue RGB Gaming doesn't talk about, conversion to VGA.


    SCART to YCbCr is an issue of changing color spaces.   SCART to VGA is not talked about much.


    And there are 2 oddball systems: Dreamcast and PS2    Dreamcast can do direct VGA, but I heard not every game. and I heard PlayStation 2 has both a YCbYr mode and RGB mode.  I also have an Xbox Prime and a GameCube.  And I have a Mayflash Component  to VGA converter, so if it's low ping, it should work on my VGA.


    I don't think my VGA has a 15kHz mode.  How do I tell?


    By the way, I'd the extra colors/definition worth it?




  7. I looked at the options and unfortunately when your home base internet is at 1.5 megabits and 400 kilobits out you have to sit for like 30 minutes to download a 1 cd game.


    also I need the game save data because I got all the characters for Eternal Champions CD,  and I don't want to lose it.


    I'm just looking for a Genesis cartridge based flash memory for storing Sega CD save files.

  8. I was talking about the original game save file cartridge that inserts in Genesis cartridge port.


    I don't think it's ram because it does not enhance the capabilities of the Sega CD other than giving it more room to store files.  It's not like the Saturn that lets you play X-Men vs. Street Fighter with tag teams.


    By the way I have the official Sega version of the game save card.

  9. Yes I know some things are not as simple as just moving pins.  I'm just searched on eBay Amazon and Newegg for some kind of pre-built adapter to convert scart to VGA.


    considering one isn't readily available the chances of it being cheap are pretty rare.


    Plus we don't know what would that do to ping time.


    That's why I currently on eBay I'm selling my Sega SCART adapters, because in the United States they seem to be more trouble than they're worth.  instead of sinking in more money and possibly being a frame or more behind make money and give someone else the chance to make that work.


    Look under my eBay username tripletopper for my eBay auctions for Segs SCART adapters.  I have all four Genesis 1 / Mega Drive 1/ Master System,. The Genesis 2 / Mega Drive 2 / 32 x, Saturn and the Dreamcast.

  10. 7 minutes ago, tripletopper said:

    I have found an eBay auction which lists the pin mappings of a SCART to VGA adapter so you can play SCART video games like the Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, Master System, and  SNES on a CRT VGA with low enough ping to have less than one frame delay?


    Is it as simple as a pin swap, or must it go through an active converter (which takes some time, therefore possible ping) to complete the conversion?


    They even list the pin connections on the auction.


    Here is the link:





  11. I have found an eBay auction which lists the pin mappings of a SCART to VGA adapter so you can play SCART video games like the Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, Master System, and  SNES on a CRT VGA with low enough ping to have less than one frame delay?


    Is it as simple as a pin swap, or must it go through an active converter (which takes some time, therefore possible ping) to complete the conversion?


    They even list the pin connections on the auction.


    Here is the link:



  12. Hello.  1 time of taking the super extra controller parts I kind of fixed it but I couldn't get it back together right without it being ergonomically weird.


    I know that Best Electronics California sells the gold set for the 5200 joystick buttons and keypads.


    I was wondering if there was a similar mod thatcould be done to Super Action Controllers?; I predict every couple years I have to re mail it, and I read that deep cleaning requires taking apart almost to the skeleton  (the circuit board level), and read it has something to do with sandpapering off some foreign substance.


    Instead of mailing it every few years I wonder if there's a final solution for super extra controllers but he's just being unresponsive?


    Also one of the directions have fell off one of the four super extra controllers, because I could do 7 directions all except Northwest.  I've opened one before and seen it has an 8 separate actuator pins, one for each Cardinal and diagonal.


    Does that mean that there are games that specifically support super action  controls with tertiary directions, as in 16 way, where North plus Northeast equals NorthNorthEast?


    If that's not true or if it was meant to support 16 ways but no game actually took advantage of it, then that opens a couple of doors.


    what if the top joystick could be replaced by a more current arcade self stick either American or Japanese and be ambidextrous on the joystick housing.  If all you need is 8 way and way to turn 8 way via 4 actuators  to 8 separate actuators, and if the buttons can be replaced with "finger grip"  buttons, then these suckers could go a lot longer without repair.


    Also eight separate actuators might give away to make a 16 way Intellivision joystick and turn eight ways plus the in-betweens into 16 ways of Intellivision, then the suprep should controller might be a combo stick Intellivision / ColecoVision / retro ambidextrous Fight Stick.


    I'm just spitballing night some ideas.  Maybe someone can make something out of it.



  13. On 9/19/2020 at 4:35 PM, MrMaddog said:

    I really liked the Advantage, I had a friend who owned one and a copy of Xevious and let me tell you it felt like I was playing the arcade version (in spite of it being a left hand stick).


    I had a Beeshu joystick (not Superstick) but it wore down real quickly.  If the Beeshus had better construction quality then I would use them for shooting games where I'm more comfortable using a right hand for moving the joystick.


    On the 2D scolling platformers like Super Mario, my brain was already trained to use the left hand stick even on the Vs. arcade version...

    About left stick training...  You might be able to play rates stick if you haven't had too much time left stick and you have the buttons back right.


    Beeshu thought most games had a main fire button and an auxiliary button.  Since the main button is your right index finger when the sick is Left-Handed it'll be your left index finger when the stick is right here.  One of the problems with the Sega Master System joystick is that it's not meant that way so therefore you're going to do a lot of middle finger pumping pumping the one button on the left hand side with your left hand.


    Be sure you had it right for most games flip the buttons.  But there's a few games where the Sega Master System setup would work and I don't think any games take advantage of it it's where left and right refer to a physical left or right like Side Arms or Tutankham.  Sidearms is actually backwards on the turbo graphics 16 Beeshu joystick because most other games conform perfectly.


    But I've taken all that I've learned and I'm trying to design a joystick that puts that many years of experience of searching and complaint solving into it.   What I've learned a printed on my website Sinistersticks.com .  Hopefully sometime soon I'll stream on Twitch with my fight stick.

  14. On 9/19/2020 at 1:39 PM, Austin said:



    Battlestation II. Great stick. Came with multiple adapters out of the box to work with a variety of platforms, including the NES.

    I noticed the button contours are right for the blue joystick to be used with the left set of buttons for right hand stick.  Unfortunately don't get two player mode that way.  see if that joystick can be used for one player right hand. 


    and what other systems do they have adapters for or any of them 2600 intellivision, ColecoVision, Bally, 5200, 7800, Master System?

  15. 18 hours ago, 0078265317 said:

    The thing I hate with the above choices the clicking sound.  My shinsei Hyper Stick does not make clicking sounds.

    Couple questions.


    Is the shinsei an off-the-shelf us model or was that an import?


    Now the question is is clicking noises a good thing or a bad thing?


    Funny thing is on the dragon punch website a clicky joystick is considered a good thing, giving you audio and tactile feedback, but they lamb basted my joystick, the Beeshu even though that has clicking sounds.


    Goes to figure, you're just used to what you're used to.

  16. 6 hours ago, Torr said:

    Middle finger?
    No no.

    Joystick gripped at tit's base with my right hand.

    My left hand thumb operating buttons 1 & 2.

    Luckily they're close enough together that I can hit then both with one press.


    EDIT: Part of me wants to fix my post, but too much of me laughs too much at seeing "tit's" and "gripped" so close together...

             It's staying!!!


    DOUBLE EDIT: That LAST line just seals the deal. Most unintentionally sexy post of the day.

    You hold it?


    I put that on the ground.  The 1 button is the one you rapid fire. But if your index finger is above 1, the 2 button "gets a tan".   Ideally the finger you rapid fire pump with is the index finger.  To cover both buttons, the middle finger is on 1.


    Luckily the Beeshu SMS Superstick had the buttons mirrored, and index over 1.

  17. 27 minutes ago, mr_me said:

    I thought I changed my answer in the other thread, that I do think a cable adapter in reverse would work.


    Do you want to plug a sears or intellivision ii controller in to a flashback?

    Well I have a pair of Nurmix FB controller to INTV 1 cables.


    If I develop a way to make my Sinister Sticks work, I must find the more popular default, whether INTV2 or INTVFB.  if INTV2 is more popular, then it'd be smarter to design it with INTV2 in mind, and I need an INTV2 controller to INTVFB machine adapter for my case, right?

  18. On 1/5/2020 at 7:22 AM, Rick Reynolds said:

    Here's the cheat-sheet for making these cables that I put together some time ago:


    DB9 diagrams


      MALE PORT          FEMALE PLUG

     _________         _________

    ( 1 2 3 4 5 )       ( 5 4 3 2 1 )

     \ 6 7 8 9 /         \ 9 8 7 6 /

      \_____/            \_____/


    Mapping for converter for plugging an Intellivision flashback controller into an Intellivision 


    Socket (M) end      ->      Plug (F) end

        1                                    4

        2                                    6

        3                                    5

        4                                    2

        5                                    9

        6                                    8

        7                                    7

        8                                    3

        9                                    1


    Your mapping doesn't look like a simple reversal, something else went wrong there.  This is the mapping layout I use when I make the adapter cables.  And yes, for anyone reading here who has requested a set from me, I am behind -- I got seriously sick in December and am still recovering.  I'll be making adapters soon for the handful of orders that have been sent my way...


    Encouraging to see others in the community attempting to make these on their own, however!  It's an "open source" kind of hardware thingy...




    I just took another look at Paul's video and his naming of pin-to-pin is very different than the diagram I posted above.  mr_me's posting of three pin mappings agrees with my list, and I know I've used this diagram and list to make these cables before.


    I think I see the mistake Paul was making in the video.  He was treating both ends of the cable as if they were numbered identically -- using the Socket (M) side numbers for the pins on both sides.  E.g. his first connection he describes as pin 1->2.  The actual connection should be M pin 1 to F pin 4.  He's basically saying "row 1, 1st column on the socket side to row 1, 2nd column on the plug side as you look at them end-on".



    Would the opposite adapter just go in the opposite direction, and one would just swap male and female sides so that a standard "labor for hire" can easily build one?

  19. A lot of people on a certain fighting games enthusiast websites says the NES Advantage was a better constructed joystick than the Beeshu SuperStick.  I thought the Beeshu was automatically better because it was the only one that had what I was looking for a right-handed fightstick, a back then they were called joysticks because they weren't specifically for fighting games and yes I try to use a joystick in every game that doesn't require either a analog joystick or pad ergonomics. (Shoulder buttons).


    Since very few people understood my pain on that website about having to get a custom stick for the Sega Genesis just to be able to play Street Fighter 2 New Challengers and way more people understand it at atariage just because of the fact that way more if you had their childhood arcade quarters plunked before the crash.


    The question I'm try to figure out is whether or not the only Advantage the Beeshu had was right handedness.


    I receive you primarily play video games with left stick if given a choice you have a choice between the NES advantage and the Beeshu Superstick.  I assume most people who preferred right stick bought a Beeshu.  but I'm trying to figure out how many left-stick people preferred Beeshu because the Beeshu was constructed better than the advantage.  plus how many people that were right stick wish they had a right stick version of the advantage because they thought that had the better construction but thought Ergonomics trumps construction.


    Most people on at fighter site didn't even mention the word Beeshu until I brought it in that site's vocabulary.  They thought the only option was Advantage or import.  I left the option for any other joystick you thought was the best construction.  I severely doubt any of the other pretenders got as high marks as Advantage or Beeshu, but there are all types of people in the world otherwise there wouldn't be a need for custom joysticks even in the 90s when I had to go to a handicap goods place in California to get it made.

  20. 1.  Was there an analog version of the Advantage?


    2.  Most people say I prefer the Beeshu Superstick over the NES Advantage simply because of ambidexterity, and everyone on SRK say the NES Advantage is better constructed stick than the Beeshu Superstick.  I'm going to make a poll about this topic on a separate forum topic.


    3.  I was talking about the fact Nintendo didn't describe any proper way to hold it. 


    4. Also, would it be so hard to 180 a NES pad and make it selectable as right handed as a stock feature, or Sega Master System pad or 7800 pad?  There was no ergonomic reason why that couldn't have been done.  Was it electronic?

  21. 45 minutes ago, Torr said:

    Me too! When I got my SMS thank some God I got a joystick with it. The SMS had a RIGHT handed joystick.

    If not I probably would NEVER have enjoyed my SMS (to this day I have trouble with a stock SMS controller!!!)

    It wasn't until the Sega Genesis that I finally learned to use a D-Pad.

    But I only did when it became necessary when I got my second game (which was Decapattack).

    My pack in game was Sonic. So I could continue to use my SMS Joystick, since button 2 acted as 'Start', and I only needed one button to jump (Button 1)

    I noticed the big problem with the Sega Master System joystick is that you're doing a lot of middle finger pumping.  If you're mean fire button is supposed to be on your index finger then it should be mere mapped so that your index finger on the left hand also.  This mapping would be more akin to a game like Tutankham or Side Arms where there is a definite left and right fire and not a main and auxiliary fire. 


    to cover all your bases you need both a Sega Master System joystick and Beeshu Master System joystick, which has an index to index mapping.

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