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  1. I think I got a cheap solution to Studio monotors.


    First I heard HDMI based video games play fairly well with CRT VGAs.  Except for the fact that most video game systems don't understand the geometry a VGA.  So 16 x 9 games would have to be manually squished by using geometry settings.


    ShouldI assume that decoding a digital code to analog is quicker than end coating an analog code to digital, or worse transcoding between two different digital codes, which is what deinterlacing, interlacing, and resolution scaling are?


    however if there's way less time to convert a digital HDMI signal to an analog VGA than there is in the time and actually displaying the digital signal on a digital TV, that it seems like a net gainer to use a VGA for the last two generations of games.



    Now here's a question about classics.  The old video standards don't play as Nice with VGA use as HDMI deaths a heard.  Well this device shown in the pictures help me play composite and S video video games on a VGA CRT?


    I assume it works by pressing the buttons on the side after connecting composite or S-Video and outputting VGA. I assume it'll automatically scan it into a 4 by 3 friendly standard basically acting as a line doubler or something.


    now we just have issue with three other input formats.


    Scart. I found a scart to VGA converter. it is a passive type but I assume like a plugged passive type in the vgan after converting scart  VGA.  


    RF, I know a VCR could do it,. But my 8 mm VCR has been making some funny noises.  It does have an ntsc tuner.  Do they sell combo ntsc atsc import tuners?  some of the ones are combo output but not combo input so that you can hook it up to old TVs. 


    Finally shoe is component.  I have a device called a ypbpr VGA converter.  I assume I use that the way it should be used.  I got the mayflash one.


    I know that if a regular VCR is too slow to make a light gun game aim accurately,. Then any ear conversion would delay it for the purposes of a lighr gun or Sega Scope game.






  2. Hello. I got a little tangential with my last comnent.  I moved to a topic starter.  Modes are free to erase post 67 and put link to new location.


    I think I have every official gun for every swappable ROM system in the CRT era except 1 (Inhave zero ALG 3DO Gameguns.) In post CRT era, i got An Xbox 360 Cabela Gun and 4 sets of wiimotes, nunchuks, and wii zappers.  I even bought 4 extra nunchuks for cheap so I don't have to wind and unwind the Nunchuk cord..   Rarest official gun: Philips Peacekeeper.



    8 BIT : gumshoe, missile defense 3d, crossbow.


    16 bit: probably the worst era in gun games, no really good ones.


    32 bit: The bond Villain era (the Golden Gun era). Virtua Cop 1 and 2, Area 51, Maximum Force. House of the Dead, Time Crisis, Point Blank (only have number 3. But I assume 1 and 2 are good too) Project Horned Owl,   (I hated Scud, and found Crypt Killer went down easy at the time, but no lasting memories.  Revolution X was ruined by no 3 player mode and no Stunners.  I remembered Police Trainer in the arcade.)


    Last All-CRT era: House of the Dead 2, 3, Confidential Mission, Silent Scope Complete, Time Crisis 2.


    Motion control era: the Conduit (are first person light gun maze shooter). Ghost Squad, LA Guns/ NY Gunblade, Mario Strikers goalie super shot save mini game. (Perfect in league one, blanked on league two). Also Attack of the Movies 3D WOULD have been been good, except for 3 things,


    1. I think the game is impossible to beat level 1 in either 16x9 or 4x3 mode, and easier in the other, 

    2.  You get chipped at little by little sometimes cheaply, instead of shot big, or escaped.

    3.  If you're going to do red and cyan 3d, make it full 3d.  The only thing the 3d does is make you tell the depth of things, but everything looks like paper cutouts at different depths, almost like Star Wars the Phantom Menace 3d.  It like they used 2d + depth instead of left eye + right eye.


    By the way. i don't own a Philips CD-i,  but I got the gun..  any good CD-i gun games, or should I eBay my Peacekeeper?

  3. Well I copied a tangential comment and made it its own topic.  I'll try to remove comment from original site.


     I noticed that light gun games are less accurate because they no longer use the screen as a reference they just use a line, the fact it's placed in the middle of the screen, and whether it's placed above the top or below the bottom of the screen, and that's all the wiimote like gun knows.


    they should have put the four sensors on the four corners of the screen so it could send three dimensions where the physical screen is.


    I notice a difference playing on a large 40in screen and a small 12in screen, with the 40 inch screed forcing you to "underaim" and a 12 inch screen forcing you to "overaim", meaning if you are perfectly in the center and a Target is 25% of the screen to the left of you under aiming is having to aim at like 10% left the center and overaiming needs you have to aim off-screen to hit your target.


    Don't like gun on the Wii feels more like a positional gun.  If there was no crosshairs you cannot line it up very well.


    However true like guns that use CRT TVs have true aim you can hit those four more different positions that a wiimote gun.


    By the way has anyone tried Xbox Kinect  gun aiming or PlayStation Move aiming?  There was just one game Blue Estate, just wanted to know how the Amy was cuz I haven't had a chance to hook up a Kinect yet.  Is it more true to a CRT aim or more true to a Wiimote aim?


  4. Should I talk about this here or should I make a separate subtopic.  I noticed that light gun games are less accurate because they no longer use the screen as a reference they just use a line, the fact it's placed in the middle of the screen, and whether it's placed above the top or below the bottom of the screen, and that's all the wiimote like gun knows.


    they should have put the four sensors on the four corners of the screen so it could send three dimensions where the physical screen is.


    I notice a difference playing on a large 40in screen and a small 12in screen, with the 40 inch screed forcing you to "underaim" and a 12 inch screen forcing you to "overaim", meaning if you are perfectly in the center and a Target is 25% of the screen to the left of you under aiming is having to aim at like 10% left the center and overaiming needs you have to aim off-screen to hit your target.


    Don't like gun on the Wii feels more like a positional gun.  If there was no crosshairs you cannot line it up very well.


    However true like guns that use CRT TVs have true aim you can hit those four more different positions that a wiimote gun.


    By the way has anyone tried Xbox Kinect  gun aiming or PlayStation Move aiming?  There was just one game Blue Estate, just wanted to know how the Amy was cuz I haven't had a chance to hook up a Kinect yet.  Is it more true to a CRT aim or more true to a Wiimote aim?

  5. Sorry this was just a long ranch trying to figure out what exactly I needed before I looked on eBay or Amazon.  I think I know what I need now.


    1. An ntsc RF to VGA adapter.  One that significantly smaller in size then my 8 mm VCR.

    2. Either a VGA to USB easycap adapter or VGA to HDMI and buy a second easycap USB capture card.

    3. A component to easycap USB adapter, or a second YPbPr RCA to VGA adapter.


    I don't know how to erase this so, mine's go ahead erase this.  If I can't find something I'll come back and repost on a new topic.


    by the way earlier I tried to significantly shortened it but the shortening didn't register.

  6. Hello, I am really close to capturing video on twitch.


    First let me say that the Hauppaugr Rocket, or anything Hauppauge, has a hacky way of dealing with Macintoshes.


    And the funny thing is I'm not using a Macintosh to broadcast the game because my cellular phone gets more data outbound than my home internet.  


    Stream works for Android can only seem to capture the internal camera or the screenshot.  So probably between and honesty Cam and the game footage, it's a possible to split the Android screen because only one external input is allowed.


    Luckily I'm doing decently on the Mac version of obs.  I said it the way I want then full screen on a second monitor and send the second monitor to a capture card.


    When I first tried, I just a Hauppauge Rocket (which could capture, composite S-Video component and HDMI, and goes out to USB 2.0 and has a second HDMI output.) And at the easycap composite S-Video capture.  The EZ cap works with the Android.  I have on back order an easycap HDMI device.


    for everything except scart I got everything I need in theory to capture including a VCR for converting NTSC RF into composite plus Stereo (or mono in 2 speakers).  However the Hauppauge seems kind of roundabout requiring extra steps and forcing lag, and using the home network which is draining the Wi-Fi device despite not receiving any data, because it requires a port to be tapped for it to work.


    So I should probably get at least one more easycap HDMI.  I'll have to HDMI one for the Mac one for the Android, and a composite and S-Video capture.


    If I want to totally avoid Hauppauge, and just stick to easycap which works driverless on Macintosh and Android, I need some options for 3 setups.  Two of them are related.


    Upstairs I would like a solution for ntsc RF.  Let's just say I got a small 8 mm VCR, about half the width of a VHS machine at about significant but lesser depth and height cuts.  And that VCR might be too big.  plus one time it just spontaneously loads and loads and shuts off so I don't want to have to rely on this forever.


    any solution for a compact way to convert ntsc RF to something that I could use with a in my capture cards.  I would prefer a direct to HDMI or one of the three Channel analogs, but composite is okay as a last resort.


    I have an interesting device that I originally bought when my CRT TV didn't have an S video plug.  Back then I was trying to get my games to work and I didn't want to drop down to composite.  I found this one device called a video to VGA adapter.  Which has 3 video inputs, one of them VGA, the other two composite an S-Video.  this is an active converter with a small push button interface and requires power to be used from an outside source.   It also has a VGA output.


    Luckily I bought HDMI to VGA converters, hoping that the converter takes less than 1 millisecond to converts between HDMI and VGA,.  if that's the case then I'll buy myself quite a bit of ping time compared to Native HDMI because I've never seen a CRT TV accept HDMI. I don't think any CRT TV has an HDMI interface.  The best you could do is VGA.


    Also I came upon scart hookups for a few systems that supports cart, all for Sega machines, (includes both Genesis versions) and the Super NES are probably be all the systems that could be done without modding a system.  Also I bought an S-Video / composite / RCA audio scart female scart male adapter.


    First away I heard you could test to see if the adapters for the consoles are truly skirt and not the jp21 adapters without risking frying and equipment is a plug the scart cable in one end and use that adapter to lead out composite if it plays on my TV that is correct if nothing happens good or bad then we know we got to jp21.  also extract out the audio so that I can pipe it to the capture card without requiring separate audio outputs.


    Someone told me that RCA based RGB, scart based RGB, and VGA RGB are different expressions of the same language, meaning any one of them could understand any one of the other them with a passive adapter.  Is that true?


    And I understand even though physically the same RCA Based ypbpr is a different language of color.  I also bought a device, a mayflash VGA / ypbpr 2 way converter.


    I noticed it was both a VGA input and VGA output.  How would I be able to tell if that video to VGA device could take a VGA input again assuming the 3-3 channel RGB forms are the same, and all use "regular TVs" which have  a refresh rate of 15 kHZ, could I use at VGA to VGA adapter to effectively convert 15 kilohertz to hire kilohertz standards of VGA monitors?  


    While I'm at it is there such a thing as either a VGA input for a Mac around 2012 and uses OS 10.12?  Or would a VGA to HDMI converter be more acceptable?  I guess if easycap makes VGA to USB adapters it would work.


    By the way sorry for giving a long laundry list,. All these don't have to be fulfilled.  Assuming the video to VGA adapter does what it says,. All I really need is something for. NTSC RF that won't take up much,  and something for VGA to my Mac, either a VGA to USB directly that's easycap compatible or VGA to HDMI adapter and use a second easycap HDMI for that.


    by the way my Mac Mini has a thunderbolt 1 adapter which I heard is the same speed as( just physically different) and adaptable to USB C 3.1? I do have a thunderbolt 3 to thunderbolt 2 cable and thunderbolt 2 is physically the same as thunderbolt 1.  Just giving you another option to think about.


    Finally I understand for light gun games, I have to go downstairs and make one path as short as possible to the TV.  And yes I understand VGA monitors cannot play light gun games or Sega Master System Sega scope games, but the pain level is like that of a VCR, enough to throw a light game off but nothing much beyond that in terms of ping time.  So don't go using the RGB on the CRT TV because you have to translate it to ypbpr anyway and that's adding a VCR to the chain.



  7. Last night I was thinking of the exact same thing about anaglyph (red and cyan) 3d on Virtual Tap.


    Its maker said it can sent out 2 simultaneous pictures and natively thinks of it as monochrome black and white 


    Also the fact that it outputs both SCART and VGA, both RGB formats, makes this easier.


    Would a simple Y adapter with one eye having the R pin engaged and the other the G and B (in additive light theory Green plus Blue equals Cyan), and have them just passively merge on a  Y SCART or Y VGA cable, and viola, instant Red and Cyan Anaglyph Virtual Boy on a TV?  Is it that easy?


    If it is that easy then I can probably even design it  and pay someone to build it myself.  I know a passive y audio adapter could either take a stereo signal and combine them into one mono signal, or split a mono signal and play it in 2 speakers.  I just don't know if video signals can combine that way.  


    By the way  Someone wanted to do a game gear player Genesis cartridge but found out has to do some color guessing cuz Genesis doesn't have enough colors to accurately portray game gearz and me and others suggested why not a 32x cartridge as a game gear player on TV.  

  8. When you're a jack of all trades, you're usually a master of none.


    The N64 got analog right... Except forced analog centering is bad on Atari-made analog games, like Warlords.  (Good news is the N64 had no Atari style analog games)


    The number 1 reason why controls are awful on modern consoles is because there is no way to get Atari Paddle-like controls, except a thumbstick, and alternating between fighting a self centering force and being afraid to "ride the force" too far is exausting.


    For the types of analog games Atari made,l at that time,  non-self centering was a brilliant choice.

  9. First I read something somewhere about a virtual boy mod that's made that I'll let you connect a virtual Boy 2 some modern TV.  Anyone know where that is?


    I got a couple other questions.  one cannot be hooked up natively to a CRT TV in component video or RGB via SCART?


    Also if hooked up my HDMI is there some way to get it in 3D just like the virtual boy originally was?  My TV accepts side-by-side half as a 2d compatible 3D.


    Also in terms of the processor are the graphics considered white monochrome and red is just the theme filter?


    Also I see people wondering how you stream portable video games on Twitch and mixer.  This would be an answer for virtual Boy, a Nintendo has official answers for Gameboy on both Super NES and GameCube.


    someone was talking about a Game Gear player on the 32x cartridge where you insert the Game Gear cartridge inside the 32x cartridge.  The reason why 32x is because Genesis doesn't have enough colors to accurately display game gear.


    and since this website is called atariage why not a Lynx player for the Jaguar? insert a lynx cartridge inside a Jaguar cartridge shell?

  10. Are the Sega Master to INTV, or Genesis/Mega Drive to INTV?


    And if Gen/MD, 3 button or 6?


    A master system is direct wired, but a Genesis Is encoded to be SMS and 2600 compatible.


    There are actually 5 functions on the stick, top, left bottom. Right bottom, no buttons and any or more buttons treated as a whole.


    There are 3 pins for the buttons. A button lights AB, BC, and AC.  Pressing any 2 or all 3 gives ABC.


    I read the INTV pin code.  Kind of Complex.

  11. All right.  Nurmix showed his INTV surgery on Video.  And he sold the DB9 crossover adapters with extensions, because controls are internal.


    Maybe you can show it it's easy to external mid the O2.


    How would one extend the port out to be external?  What is the nature of the internal port?  What shape is it and how many pins does if have, if it doesn't use DB9?


    And why do I have the impression that I thought the O2 joysticks were analog?  It looks like an Apple 2 joystick, and is a square gate, self centering analog stick, except has a cut out custom gate.  It looks like there's a lot of room between 0 and 100%


    I'm surprised no one put a "sinister mod" on the original 02 stick 

  12. In Street fighter for modern consoles, (CRYd not easy to get) if you're a half frame behind, chances are you'll have to react only if you catch the first half of the frame. If you see it in the second. You're s frame behind.


    I guess typing in combos in Street Fighter is like rhythm games, you'll have to "lead" the pattern instead of timing exactly.


    That's why they give you the combos, because it's harder to compensate for typical TV lag, and perform them organically without being given the combos.

  13. By the way, I'm talking about the ADDED reaction time.  Human reaction time to something, depending on how braindead the  reaction is (land on big bucks and a spin, hit it now.  That's a  quicker easier response than a response to an unknown attack in a fighting game, where you see and gave to think of the response quickly). 


    I'm not saying I can react perfectly.  It seems on the PS3DTV, I think I'm a little late.  I guess the ultimate test is Street Fighter 30th.  If I fail more defensively on PS3DTV than the CRT TV.


    By the way. Hauppauge says their rocket has less than 1 ms recorder processing delay.


    Maybe slight lag is more noticable in Bit Trip Runner, where it's more about learned timing than quick reactions. I noticed 10 years ago,  I did well until we switched from a Sony Sega Flat SD CRT TV to a Sony PS3DTV.  On the 360's Runner 2, It seemed to have a larger spot to hit the note right.  But the first one on the Wii was spot on with no delay, and felt you had to "premeditate the rhythm" on a PS3DTV, (and that was a good low ping TV in 2012 ) On 360, there was a big enough target, but the Wii was spot on, especially some of the level 3 jumps.


    I guess I'll do some tests once the my stream works.


  14. Okay I have the SCART adapters to Genesis 1/ Master , Genesis 2 / 32xcd, SNES (along with an original US SNES with S-Video and RGB compatibility) and one for Saturn and Dreamcast.


    Some say that until you get into higher resolutions than 480i/240p there's very little difference between S Video, RGB SCART, and YPbPr.


    If that's the case, then between ping added, and complications about compatibility, then all my pre-HD stuff can go downstairs.


    I do have a VGA CRT.  I heard HDMI is not laggy in and of itself.  I do have an HDMI to VGA and a 3 RCA YPbPr to VGA converter.  Assuming  "draw time" of a minimum of 9 milliseconds, (what inputlag.com 's quickest TN monitor rates) and those 2 converters having a worst case scenario of 100 microseconds, and only needing one or the other, 0.1 milliseconds is a lot more reasonable to react to in a fighting game than 9 milliseconds, and is certainly better than my then best PlayStation 3D display time of 32 milliseconds.


    Since I don't plan to play 4x3 games on it, just keep it at the 16x9 manual adjust and be able to block based purely on reactions.


  15. Well I did read, and very few people tried to hook SCART to VGA.  I guess I'm a pioneer.


    I looked on ebay and can ONLY see passive SCART to VGA adapters.


    I hope that's all I need.


    I think I have a 31 kHz setting on my VGA CRT.


    I do have a version of VGA which can show a complete 720p picture.  It can automatically sense and adjust to multiple Rez and hz settings.


    If I just plug a SCART to VGA adapter into the VGA input, would it harm my system or monitor?



  16. I currently own the following systems ( with the best unmodded connection I have listed


    RF: 2600 (via 7800) , Bally. Odyssey 2, INTV 1, CV, 5200, 7800, Arcadia 2001, Supercharger, TG-16 ( should try to improve that)


    Composite: NES


    S-Video, N64, 3DO and Jaguar


    SCART RGB SMS, 32XCD, SNES. Saturn, Dreamcast.


    3 RCA YPbPr: PS1 (via PS2) PS2, Xbox Prime, Game Cube, Wii


    Direct VGA: 360


    HDMI: 360, PS3, Xbox One, Wii U. Switch, Wii (via Wii U.)


    Miscellaneous equipment I own: Apple Mac Mini 2011 with OS 10.12, Hauppauge Rocket, (w composite, component, possible S Video, and HDMI)

    Mac download for Rocket. Turtle Beach X41,   Compaq VGA CRT, a Mayflash VGA RGB <->3 RCA YPbPr converter.


    And I have a SCART to 3 RCA converter, but don't know if it's YPbPr, RGB or composite plus L/R audio.  Colors are red, green and blue on the RCA females.


    1. Would a passive SCART to VGA converter work we it the the Mayflash?


    2.  Is a SCART a 31 kHz system that can be passively converted to VGA?


    3.  is there an active letterboxer that can switch between 4x3 full screen, and 16x9 with a squished vertically picture to keep the characters in proportion.


    4.  Is the ping "intangible" when playing anything except rhythm. Light Gun, and other ping intorerant games? 




  17. 4 hours ago, mr_me said:

    In addition to the scanning frequency being different, the RGB video games output has a composite sync signal where VGA displays expect separate horizontal and vertical sync signals.

    My VGA monitor can do 720p and fit all lines in screen (albeit horizontally compressed, unless I shrink vertical). Is that a 31 kHz monitor?

  18. So if one wants maximum colors from SCART RGB, and play it on VGA CRT monitor, with an "intangible" amount of ping, (something that feels natural, but doesn't have to be pixel perfect for light gun games), what would one recommend?


    Also we have the issue of both 4x3 and 16x9 signals going into the VGA 4x3 CRT.  I have to adjust my CRT for 16x9 720p.  Is there such a thing as a "letterboxing device" which takes a 16x9 image, which is normally stretched vertically, and shrink the vertical to give a proper proportion 16x9 complete letterbox image?  Remember, if it's up to 100 microseconds, that is acceptable for anything except light gun games, and I have a separate video shooting range.

  19. 8 hours ago, mr_me said:

    Scart and rca are just connectors, they'll carry whatever signals you give it e.g. rgb, ypbpr, composite, audio, etc.  If it's a passive  adapter than whatever signal goes in is coming out as long as the right pins are connected.  Same thing applies to a 15pin vga cable and connector.

    SCART has an RGB mode. So,  does VGA have an RGB mode?  If so, passive should be okay.

  20. 1 hour ago, carlsson said:



    I was trying to comment on all the other issues you bring up, but you are all over the place so I can't even make head or tails of what you have, what you are trying to achieve or how you expect to achieve it.

    What I do have are:


    System to SCART cords for these systems: Genesis 2/32X , Genesis 1/ Master System, SNES (and an original SNES model that accepts SCART). Saturn, Dreamcast.


    I also have a VGA CRT with adjustments. a streamer/ recorder that accepts Composite, YC S Video, YCbCr/YPbPr 3RCA, and HDMI, and a VGA <-> 3RCA YCbCr  adapter with VGA passthrough in VGA > YCbCr mode.


    The easiest thing that would help me most is a SCART to VGA adapter.


    N64 and Jaguar can use an active S-Video to VGA adapter.  NES w/ composite can use this too.


    Old systems can use an 8mm VCR for NTSC RF to Composite, and use it with the above.


    Everything else uses either YCbCr 3 RCA or HDMI.


    I got HDMI to work with VGA.

  21. The directions seem kind of ambiguous.  I'm trying to put SCART Genesis,  SNES, Saturn, and Dreamcast outputs onto a VGA monitor.


    I have a passive SCART to 3 RCA.  But I don't know if it's RGB or YPbPr.  If a passive SCART to VGA works, would that, combined with  a  VGA to 3 RCA YPbPr / 3 RCA YPbPr to VGA active converter, which has a power plug, which I already have, make the bridge complete?


    Should I assume SCART can be passively converted to VGA, because both SCART and VGA use RGB?


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