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    Magic FM

    Thanks for all your reply. My magicfm is probably not good. The previous owner just probably copy the main program on a disk I order one from arcadeshopper I'll let you know how it went or annoy you with more question! 🤪
  2. yves31

    Magic FM

    The module in my peb are PHP 1240, I also have the PHP 1260 for the memory and the RS232 is a PHP 1220 and the drive is a PHP 1250. Yves
  3. Hi, I'm trying to transfer .dsk file from whtech website to floppy on my TI-99 I have a program on floppy which is called magicfm but it give me an error. It try to find a file called sload which is not on the floppy It's probably the reason why it does not work. Is it? I have a null modem serial cable, PEB, floppy drive (of course) and the rs-232 card. Do you think if I order the disk magicfm from arcadeshopper it's going to work with my equipment? I want to stop spending and get the right equipment to do it! Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Yves
  4. Thanks again for the help! I did a simple solution since I was not able to do anything with my disk image. I use tiimagetool to copy my files on the disk not working to a working empty disk. (I keep the load programs from the PC99 disk) It works ok. Yves
  5. I found something interesting today, I was able to use a disk from this website (PC99) http://www.99er.net/sftware.html I think my own dsk file might be the problem I wonder why because they works good in the MESS emulator (99ER1-01.dsk). Any idea? Yves (Stephen, I will try what you say tomorrow, thanks for your help)
  6. Thanks for your help But still not working Can someone confirm that the way I created the file "ti-disk.ctg" is the right way to do it? Yves
  7. I was able to create the file ti-disk.ctg that I've put in /opt/ti99sim/console/ [email protected]:/home/pi/ti99sim-0.14.0/bin# ./convert-ctg --cru=1100 /home/pi/ti99sim-0.14.0/roms/disk.bin TI-99/Sim .ctg file converter Found the following names: Module Summary: Title: <Unknown> CRU: 1100 GROMS: None 1 bank of ROM at 4000 1 bank of ROM at 5000 But I still get the same message in TI extended basic
  8. Hello, I've installed ti-99sim on my raspberry pie 2. Cartridge works great I try to understand how to make the disk works but with no success.... I got some disk from 99er magazine in dsk format. I just want to use them with extended basic.... I just want to know what step to be able to load something........ I try "ti99sim-sdl --dsk1=/home/pi/ti99sim-0.14.0/Disks/99ER1-01.dsk /home/pi/ti99sim-0.14.0/Cartridges/Extended1.ctg" but nothing work. I get the message subprogram not found What is the TI-DISK.ctg? where do I get it? where does it go? Can anybody help please... Yves
  9. I sure would like to buy and read your book Problem is I live in Canada and I can not order from amazon.com but just amazon.ca Is there another way to buy your book? Thanks! Yves (from Canada)
  10. Hi everyone! I bought a stelladaptor a while ago and really like it. It works fine with the paddles. My problem is when I use it with any emulator or any joystick, sometimes it get stuck in the same direction and it gets very frustrating to use it. Example : I'm playing snake byte and there 's an apple near the wall I have to go up to get it and then turn let's say left but it won't do it (I use ATARI800Win). In mess, in munch man, same problem, once in a while if I try to go in a direction it won't respond, I have to hit the stick a couple of times before I have a responce from it Has anybody had the same problem? How did you solve the problem? Is it my adaptor? I don't mind getting another one, but I would like to be sure it works fine. Thanks for your answer, Yves
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