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    Well, the new compact flash works fine! So happy! Really nice add-on the nanopeb Thanks for your help!
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    I ordered another brand of compact flash card to see if it's the problem. We'll let you know if it fix the problem or not.
  3. Hi, Just got a nanopeb since my diskdrive die in my PEB But I can not do anything with it. First, I copy the file vol1.dsk on volume 1 of my card. It works fine. It shows the tiname as vol1 and the size is 1600. In TI extended basic, I do a call mount(1,1) then I do "bye" to get back to the title screen. Then I go back in ti extended basic. It gets me to the basic prompt. I try to save anyhting or load but nothing works Curious thing, when I reopen my card in TIDIR, it says vol 1 is unformated with a size of 0 Any idea on what I'm doing wrong? Thanks for any help,
  4. Hi! I have disk controller PHP1240 with a PHP1250 disk drive in my PEB. I'm starting to have lots of problem using my floppy now. I save a couple of files on the floppy then try to read them back and get an error 02 on some files. Then use the disk manager 2 cartridge and it will tell me the disk is not initialize, etc... I think the drive must be the problem... Is there a list of compatible drive? I saw that list https://atariage.com/forums/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=471617 but I don't really understand the meaning of the letter... 1, 2, 80, E, N... Is 1, just one of that drive? 2, two of the same ? etc.. Any help would be welcome, Yves
  5. Hi, I've managed to make my gotek work as the first drive with flashfloppy 3.15 and it works good. Now I want to use it as a second drive and use a real floppy as my main drive. It's a 1040ST. (I prefer to use floppy, makes the experience more real ) I thought it would be easy but it does not seems to be the case. I just connect the original working drive in my 1040ST and it work. Then I've just move the gotek in the sf354, connect the power, the ide cable with pin 1 to pin 1. I left the only jumper on S0. When I try to open the B drive it tells me that "Drive b: is not responding and to check the disk drive .... If I start again and put the jumper on S1 it gives me a Please insert disk B into drive A. The goal was to be able to copy some image to real floppy from B(the gotek) to the floppy on A. Now that I found a laptop with a compatible floppy, it's not an issue anymore. But I have everything so it would be nice to be able to make it work. Worst case I will use my gotek when my floppy stop working. Anyone has an idea on what I'm doing wrong? Thanks for any help,
  6. I bought the same USB key and it works fine! Thanks!
  7. Good news! I've used a usb key from my daughter and it works! I feel stupid about that I flash to 3.15 also. The only thing though is it's seems to be really picky about the usb key. I tried a Transcend 32 gig with no success, A Sandisk cruzer glide 3.0 64 gig with no success as well. Just a no brand 8 gig usb key worked so far (which belong to my daughter has work so far). I want to get a working usb key, which one are you using that you have no problem with? Thanks for all your help! Yves
  8. I've tried with and without the M0 jumper. Still the same. I didn't try another flash drive. But I'm sure I formated it with FAT32. When I go back to work, I will get some to try but not before two weeks And you're right, I don't get the file selector. In fact, after a while I get to the desktop but if I open the A drive, it's like there is no disk. I think maybe my gotek is not good. I'm thinking maybe I should buy another gotek. Where would be a good place to buy one and which model? (Aliexpress?, they have so many models...)
  9. Yes I did. Pin 1 with the red stripe on the ribbon. Thanks
  10. Hi, I hope you can help me with my gotek.... I'm almost about to throw it by the window!!!🤬 I've flash the latest Flashfloppy firmware (2.14). I copy the two files (autoboot.hfe and hxcsdfe.cfg) with some .st image on my usb key, at the root . put a jumper on S0 and M0 or without M0 I always get the F-F message. On the gotek, If I push the left button nothing happen, with the right button, It display the number 2 and after it change by itself to 14 and then go back to F-F. this happen with my usb key inserted or not. I use a 1040 STfm, usb key 32 gig. I notice that the drive light is always on. Is it normal? Thanks for any help, frustration is at is highest level with that thing!
  11. yves31

    Magic FM

    Thanks for all your reply. My magicfm is probably not good. The previous owner just probably copy the main program on a disk I order one from arcadeshopper I'll let you know how it went or annoy you with more question! 🤪
  12. yves31

    Magic FM

    The module in my peb are PHP 1240, I also have the PHP 1260 for the memory and the RS232 is a PHP 1220 and the drive is a PHP 1250. Yves
  13. Hi, I'm trying to transfer .dsk file from whtech website to floppy on my TI-99 I have a program on floppy which is called magicfm but it give me an error. It try to find a file called sload which is not on the floppy It's probably the reason why it does not work. Is it? I have a null modem serial cable, PEB, floppy drive (of course) and the rs-232 card. Do you think if I order the disk magicfm from arcadeshopper it's going to work with my equipment? I want to stop spending and get the right equipment to do it! Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Yves
  14. Thanks again for the help! I did a simple solution since I was not able to do anything with my disk image. I use tiimagetool to copy my files on the disk not working to a working empty disk. (I keep the load programs from the PC99 disk) It works ok. Yves
  15. I found something interesting today, I was able to use a disk from this website (PC99) http://www.99er.net/sftware.html I think my own dsk file might be the problem I wonder why because they works good in the MESS emulator (99ER1-01.dsk). Any idea? Yves (Stephen, I will try what you say tomorrow, thanks for your help)
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