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  1. At this point, I think Atari is grasping at straws for any potential revenue stream to settle legal issues with Tin Giant. I'm pretty sure a default judgement will be forthcoming in favor of Tin Giant. I'd be willing to bet Tin Giant will put a lien on Atari assets. I don't even think Atari will be allowed to sell their joysticks, let alone their Atari Vaporous Console (tm) until their own legal issues are resolved. https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/17040305/tin-giant-llc-v-atari-gamebox-llc/
  2. Anyone have a twister board they want to sell? Superufo is supposed to have some more coming (https://www.sellmyretro.com/offer/details/twister-board-for-ts2068-with-zx-spectrum-emulator-rom-on-board-28470), but if I can find one in the mean time, that would be great. Either way I plan on buying one from superfo as I want to support those who produce limited hardware runs for orphaned systems.
  3. Try checking to make sure you have only one partition on the SD card. If you've previously used it for other purposes (e.g Raspberry PI, etc.) you might have some other partitions on the card. You can check for the partitions in Windows by going to the Administrative tools/Computer Management application.
  4. Thanks for the help. I thought about using vice grips, however, my anal-ness wants me to keep everything stock and in original condition as much as possible, including the screws. I really don't want to scratch up the screws. Since I cant find the driver, I'll probably take your advice and then try to be as careful as possible.
  5. I'd like to mod my Super Pong(tm). Can anyone point me to a source for a screwdriver or security tip to remove the weird security screws used on the Super Pong? I saw in one of the forums that people have made their own, but I would prefer to go the lazy route and just buy one if possible.
  6. The Jaguar SD cart is absolutely awesome; as far as the new VCS is concerned, that remains to be seen. I hope I'm wrong, but right now it appears the VCS is doomed to be nothing but the next generation Ouya (assuming if it ever makes it to market).
  7. Somehow that makes me feel better being so far down the the list. Let the early adopters be the guinea pigs! (Just kidding, I'm sure they're all well tested, as I'd hate to wait even longer for a new rev) 😁
  8. The one weekend I'm out and didn't check Atariage. Pre-order Position: 524 😢
  9. So I assume ~$175.00 - $180.00US with shipping to U.S.? The Krikzz EverDrive V3 (N64 SD multi-cart) currently sells for $193.00US on Amazon. Your price is not at all out of line with the product you are providing (especially if/when Jag CD support is provided).
  10. Or the 3DO version. Probably the most capable machine competing with the jaguar. https://kotaku.com/heres-why-the-3do-port-of-doom-sucked-1671138312
  11. Arcadeshopper.com does appear to have the modules. Thanks for the info
  12. I recently acquired a fully working Model 100 laptop. Sadly, it only has the stock 8K of ram. Does anyone know where I can purchase additional ram modules? I'd hate to purchase another Model 100 off ebay just to pillage its ram. Club 100 (http://www.club100.org/) used to sell ram, but their online store shuttered some time ago. Hopefully one of you helpful people can direct me to another source. Greg Bennett
  13. Add me to the list as well, BTW, Is there somewhere I can find the software for the old VecFlash Serial version? I recently came across my old cart, but I'm not sure where I put a copy of the loader software.
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