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  1. I still have most of them available at http://malus.exotica.org.uk/~buzz/byte/ - which I can make available on ftp too. I will check and sync anything that was added to yours recently that I am missing. Are you able to set up rsyncd access so we can synchronise properly. If not perhaps we could point users to upload any new stuff to my ftp and I can give you access to rsync the latest stuff or something ? has anyone heard from thumpnugget btw ?
  2. awesome job! just wanted to mention to everyone I am still mirroing at a couple of locations including http://malus.exotica.org.uk/~buzz/byte/ but I might be missing some as it seems there have been uploads on the other site already mentioned. I grabbed some the other day. If someone could let me know if I'm missing stuff that would be great thanks.
  3. my http mirror is active - http://malus.exotica....uk/~buzz/byte/ and a slower ftp mirror at my house - ftp://aero.oxfordins...magazines/byte/ files.exotica.org.uk is just a redirector. it randomly redirects between the first link and ftp://helpedia.com/pub/archive/temp/Byte/ so that we share the bandwidth.
  4. I found your reply regarding Other/Other2 - so some of the scans could be slightly modified versions of thumpnuggets' scanned and not different scans completely ?
  5. Where are the files in Other/ Other2/ from btw ? Seems to be some overlap at least with thumpnugget's scans.
  6. You don't have the space or? I will continue to host them on my server(s) anyway.
  7. we are down to 2 mirrors now. I have removed the last 3 mirrors from the redirector as they no longer work, and I have not been updated as to new addresses for them (It's annoying to keep changing them as they have dynamic ips anyway, so if they come back, can I ask the admin to setup some domain names for them and keep them updated)
  8. Oh, you have dynamic ip addresses? I'd rather not have to keep editing each time they change, so may I suggest perhaps setting up some dyndns names for your machines, as we can use them ?
  9. crikey! If you take that to recycling you can free up some space for a nice Atari computer
  10. you cant control directory listings on a per directory basis? Sounds like you need an upgrade.
  11. Have updated the mirror redirector. Thank you! One question about the mirror redirector. Does it simply redirect to the actual files or to the index files? I have to manually build the index files and that keeps me from rapidly add new releases even though the files are there. If your redirector points directly to the files, then that solves my problem of updating the index files. it redirects to the root of your mirror. what index files are you having to update? if you mean the directory listing, then just let your webserver generate it perhaps.
  12. Have updated the mirror redirector.
  13. Well, you are certainly scanning them faster than I can read em :-) your ongoing efforts are much appreciated just to note, all mirrors are now included in the files.exotica.org.uk redirector, so you might want to list that first.
  14. I can add your mirror to the first link (that chooses a weighted random one) if you like. Right now it is split 70/10/10/10 between mine and the three others
  15. I wrote this before but incase it was missed (Actually i think thumpnugget is away right?). if the front links are switched to http://files.exotica.org.uk/byte/ I can balance the traffic between us somewhat.
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