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  1. It's like calling Frankenstein's monster Frankenstein. My apologies to Lotharek and all. It's an SIO2SD from here on out for me. Thanks all for the help. I was able to at least get some files loaded and play a little. Thanks everyone for the time, patience and help.
  2. I can't get as far as the onscreen menu. Seriously. I've looked at his support page but it doesn't address this. Maybe my Start or Shift or Select keys are bad? That's all I have but I'm sure they've worked in other games.
  3. I bought this Lotharek a few months ago and fooled around with it some with no success. I'm hoping someone can get me on the right track. I have a few of my favorite games on it just to test before I load it up. It's a 4gb SanDisk card that I bought myself. I'm thinking I'm missing a file on the card maybe. Here's what's on the SD card: Atari file with .atr game files. System file that is empty. MISC file that has two .DB flies, EREVIEW and ESHARE. SIO2SD.CFG file in root. When I boot my Atari 800 I get the following from the Atari and the Lotharek. Sorry the pictures aren't the best. The lighting in my computer room isn't great at the moment. Couldn't get these to upload so here are the links: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeffjackson/15114510484/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeffjackson/15710757866/ At the top of my screen I have a [OPTION+] START or SELECT but that isn't doing anything for me. Thanks for any and all help. It's very much appreciated.
  4. That is an easy fix, wow, thanks for all the help! My local Radio Shack only had the one stereo jack so I eBayed the correct one. I appreciate the info.
  5. Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I went on eBay and ordered a different plug. I used a GameCube playing a game because I knew it would have constant sound for me to test with. I noticed as I plugged it in this time if I keep the plug pushed in about 1/3 of the way I have sound. Plugged in all the way and I get nothing. RodLightning - is this maybe what you mean by not grounded properly?
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  8. Hello all! I started listening to the Antic podcast several months ago and doing so encouraged me to get out my Atari 800 and drives again. It's been a long time. Then, by chance, I saw on my local Craigslist that an Amdek Color-I had popped up and it seemed well received here so I bought it. I have no idea what it's worth but I paid $40 for it and it looks great. Goes really well with the Atari 800. On the back it looks like it has an RCA jack and a 1/8 stereo jack. My monitor cable is DN05 to audio/video RCA. So for the back of the monitor I went and got a RCA female to 1/8 stereo jack. But the Amdek won't output sound and I wondered if it was something with my setup and hoped someone here could help me. I appreciate any comments!
  9. Thanks for the replies! So, does the USB Edition of SIO2PC allow me to shuttle games to my 800 to play on my 800? Or do I control the 800 from my PC? If not I guess I'd have to hook my 800 up to a TV again.
  10. I bought my Atari 800 around Christmas 2007 and it's in amazing condition (see my avatar). I tracked down an 810 for it in similar condition, nearly new looking. Then, just because I thought they looked sweet next to the 810 I bought an 820 printer new from Best Electronics for... dang was it $75? Then it sat. One of my favorite games, as frustrating as it may be, is Hard Hat Mack. I found it new for the 810 and bought it. I played HHM for quite some time but eventually it all got put back away because it takes up so much space. I saw a thread here for a VBXE2 and realized I had no idea what it was. Are there upgrades I can get that will let me have fun with my 800 again or should I sell the whole lot? I know there's a way to hook it to a PC to play games (right?) but how about a flat panel monitor or something? Better sound? Thanks for any and all help!
  11. Ok guys, your t-shirts went out with today's mail. I sent one Priority on accident so that was a good deal for Matt. Hope you guys like the shirts!
  12. I'm interested in one but what size are they. Allan I printed Large, X-Large, and XX-Large.
  13. Only what I paid for them, $10 shipped USPS flat rate.
  14. Ok guys, if this is against the rules please delete the post. I work for a screen printing company and created something I've wanted for a long time - a Cloak & Dagger t-shirt. I printed 10 of them (the minimum I could print). I'd send one to Dave Comstock for sure just to let him know we're eagerly awaiting. If anyone else wants one let me know. I'll keep a few for myself obviously but do have a few (10). What do you guys think - it's just the Cloak & Dagger logo. Not the best photo, taken with my iPhone.
  15. Have you ever wanted something too much? I mean, as a child I wanted to be and in many ways was Davey Osborne. I looked through Atari catalogs and had my parents on the hunt for a Cloak & Dagger "tape" during Christmas of 1984. I even made my own C&D game by taping paper down over another game and drawing the best art I could with my 9 year old hand. I realize this game can be emulated and played on my computer but there is something really cool about holding the 5200 C&D cart in my hand and being able to put that in my 5200.
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