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    Hakko 707

    Looking for parts for the desoldering station. Unfortunately they dont make them anymore. Please let me know if you have any lying around. interested in the heating element especially.
  3. a tad bit above my pay grade. I can take the case off, but other than that i have no idea what I'm looking at
  4. Let me get thru a few of these and ill see what i can do. Got 5 done and about a 100 more on this stack lol
  5. Lima Charlie. I believe i have a 1050 with a happy drive, one with a us doubler and one with a red square button i havent quite figured out yet yeah, i plan on doing everything that i can. I'm afraid that if i dont, these disk may not work in the near future. Ill be sure to touch base with you guys and if there is something i cant figure out, i may just donate to someone who knows what their doing.
  6. over the years i bought out quite a bit of collections and along with them came anywhere from about 1000 to 2000 (maybe more) floppies. I intend to downsize and maybe donate to someone. havent decided yet, but i wanted to try and make some atr images before I do. Can someone test this ATR before i proceed. I just picked a disk at random and i am using Atarimax sio2usb/10502pc with the pro image software just on my regular computer but would like to have it tested on real hardware. I'm not much of a user, just like collecting and all my computers are on the shelves. A lot of the disk are user files/newsletters/what ever else. And i need to try to figure out how to name them. Dont know if there is anything really good but I'd hate to just have them sitting in my closet literally collecting dust. Anyways, if someone could test this out, i'd appreciate it. just want to make sure I'm doing it right. test1.ATR
  7. Not Ebay but worthy enough to show. Facebook Market place 50.00 looks to be new. Think its original styrofoam bottom. Dont know if anyone wants it but if not, i may throw it out.
  8. anddddddddddddd i just found it. thanks
  9. so am i doing something wrong here? 800XL the board wont sit right
  10. Put me down for board and parts, no case, I'll figure out a way to build it
  11. I went a day or two before the store closed and spent around 140 dollars. The receipt was about a mile long since they still had to scan everything and it took about 3 hours but I saved 4000 dollars. Mainly got capisitors, diodes, resistors, breakout boards, soldering supplies etc....... this is just a small sample of what I got. really don't know what im going to do with all the surplus, maybe open an ebay store lol.....
  12. Never had any problems with Atarimax. Steve may be a little slow at times to respond but he has always provided top notch support when I needed it.
  13. About 80-120 max I would say
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