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  1. The first thing I loaded was this demo. You can find the rom here: Pouet.net My last thing to load was my own 5 fps wireframe vectorcube code
  2. I recieved mine today and it's impressive. Very well constructed and easy to use! Quality item. Thanks Lynxman.
  3. because i plan to do MANY erases. but I doubt I would ever use 100,000 in an entire life time! anyway, 100,000 is good. it suggests high quality chips (?)
  4. Lynxman: just out of interest, do you have any idea how many erase-write cycles the chips on your card is rated?
  5. There's no such thing as a "rare" Lynx ROM image, which is one good reason to order a the flashcart No more paying over price eBay sellers for XXXX GAME - **[email protected]@k RARE***
  6. That's really nice! Just recived my tracking number so I should have mine soon. I noticed the static electricity warning on the manual in those pics. Does anyone know if static damage is a real concern? Do I need to be overly cautious when handeling? I was under the impression that modern ICs were not anywhere near as suseptable to static damage as they used to be many years ago?
  7. Has anyone mentioned the c64's SID chip yet? Now that's what I call a great synthetic sound chip, probably the best of tha era (?) Beatiful variation and soft/subtle sound (bass type sounds were esspecially amazing!). I always wished Commodore had included that chip alongside the A500/A600's PCM Paula. Having the option of the two would have been great!
  8. "Payment sent (Lee Chapman - Dubchaser) U.K. " ??? have the payment emails been sent out by Lynxman already? I have not recieved mine yet...
  9. Lynxman: Just sent you my details. thanks.
  10. lynxman: must have been a great personal project, putting all this together! great job.
  11. i agree with the previous poster. no rush, take time and do what you have to do. thanks for the update.
  12. Thanks for the info EricDeLee. I guess I shuld search the forums better before asking questions :-) Rygar's project sounds very interesting but, wow, $500 is a lot of money. Total component costs for similar mods on the GameGear and GBA total around only $20! Perhaps the Lynx mod is needing some specialist hardware though. cheers
  13. Hello guys, I have seen hardware mods for other retro handhelds which enable enable them to be hooked-up to regular TVs or monitors. For example, this mod outputs the GG's video signal to a regular TV set Game Gear video mod So I was wondering, has anyone on the Lynx scene tried a similar mod? if so, where can I find info? Is a similar mod even possible with the Lynx? just curious to know some info on this...thanks!
  14. wow, thanks for the info guys. I had no idea. But I guess they chose the best option with ROM carts. They're certainly better for retro collectors as tape tends to deteriorate pretty quickly.
  15. I was just reading Wikipeadia's Lynx description and noticed this strange statement: "The games were originally meant to be loaded from tape, but were later changed to load from ROM. The game data still needed to be copied from ROM to RAM before it could be used, so less memory was available and the games loaded relatively slowly." "tape"? Can anyone explain this? Was the Lynx originally designed to run its games from a cassette tape, similar to the c64 or something? I couldn't imagine that working very well.
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