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  1. Happy New Year to you as well. Enjoy your new 2600 junior! (just kidding)
  2. The 65XE is SOLD Is anyone interested in a boxed Atari 400 or Intellivision (see above)? Let me know and I'll put them in the Atariage marketplace. I may re-list these, and other items, on ebay later in January if there is no interest here.
  3. Try again, read the thread. I was negotiating for much less than twice the "market" value. I appreciate that the evidence is in the thread as anyone can check for themselves what the truth is. It protects me from people that use tactics like you are. So you're roasting me for making an extra $10+ more than you thought I "should"? 🙄 Not sure I understand your "contribution".
  4. You're not being honest. I asked $80 USD and there were no further counter offers. That's not twice the market value implied in this thread and you know it. I would have taken $70. Paypal fees would still apply outside of ebay so that's a moot point regarding them. And the extra fee related to shipping that you refer to *was* passed onto the buyer. You assume the buyer isn't from this community. Find amusement in whatever way you want but I think you are just being sour.
  5. Thanks! I think I will start adding extras to my offers going forward.
  6. You mad bro? I didn't frown upon the price - I was thankful for the offers (see above). I was bartering in the free market. Did you involve yourself in this thread to fix prices? 🤨 I got an extra $10 to $11 after ebay fees. Not much, I admit, but every dollar counts these days. The buyer paid $123 in total for this unit shipped (he paid $47 for rush shipping) so must have thought it to be a worthwhile deal FOR HIM. Whatever Paypal fees (or credit card fees) you refer to would exist outside of ebay.
  7. Thanks eightbit. I was insane to pay $175 for it years ago. I thought there might be some more insane people out there. He he. That said, this item is no longer available as there's now a bid ($76) for it on ebay and the auction ends tomorrow. Thanks again for your feedback guys, I do appreciate it.
  8. You are right, $175 a few years back was insane. I've spent a fair amount of my life without much sanity. I appreciate the dialog guys, but this unit now sits with a bid on ebay currently at $76 and the auction ends tomorrow. So this item is no longer available. Yeah, to be honest I prefer the original VCS (4 or 6 switch) over this design. But to the right person this would be a sweet console.
  9. Thanks for your opinion. Best Electronics currently sells refurbished ones for $99. I bought this new in the box from Best (for $175 I think it was?) years ago and have only used it for about an hour. There's lots of cheap used 2600 juniors out there. Good luck finding one in this condition. Funny how adamchevy and wongojack liked your comment. 😏
  10. Thanks for your feedback guys. This is a pristine unit. I was hoping someone from the AA community could give it a good home. If one of you split the difference and offered $80 USD + shipping ... I'd pop it in the mail tomorrow.
  11. Didn't get what you wanted for Christmas? How about a mint boxed Atari 65XE on boxing day?
  12. $100 USD anyone? Going back to ebay in the next day or two...
  13. I'm taking this back to Ebay next week if there is no interest here. This is a beautiful jr.
  14. No controller or switch box but power supply and rf cable included. Here's your chance for a like-new 2600jr in the box that I bought years ago from Best Electronics. Asking $110 USD plus shipping. Also, check out my current auctions.
  15. Here are photos of my latest items.
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