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  1. 2049 is a good movie. Love the ambient music despite not being Vangelis. Vintage Atari forever.
  2. I love AtariAge. There are only a few websites that I continue to visit over the years. AtariAge is one of them. It's not just the Atari related content. It's much more. It really is about the "age" of Atari and everything else going on in that era. The Arcades, movies, music, culture, Apples, the Commodores, the TRS-80s, the Intellivisions and the Colecovisions. This is starting to sound like the original Battlestar Galactica intro. Hey, I like that too!
  3. Nostalgia. It was the first "computer" in my family's home. While I was being introduced to Apple IIs in school as a child, we got a VCS at home. From Sears. Under the Christmas tree. I still remember the fascination!
  4. http://computingvoyage.com/1867/the-trs-80-pc-2-pocket-computer/ I've got a mint PC-2 and a PC-6. The PC-2 is my favorite of all the Pocket Computers. Fully-addressable 7×156 dot matrix LCD (26 characters) and a 1.3 MHz 8 bit CPU with expandable RAM options.
  5. I love FPGA. I've got a JROK in my Defender. But I also have the original boardset in there too. I can't tell the difference in gameplay. The Jrok is reliable and I'm happy with it. I have a 60-in-1 (not fpga) in a Super Pacman cabinet. When playing most of the classic games I can't tell the difference either. But there are some games it can't fully handle. For example the sound in Gyruss. Still, there are many older classics it plays just fine like Pacman. Arcadeshop has a number of different fpga boards : Berzerk/Frenzy/BZF Multigame JAMMA PCB BitKit FPGA Multigame JAMMA PCB Williams/wSYSFPGA Multigame JAMMA PCB Mylstar/MSF Multigame JAMMA PCB Taito/ZooQ Multigame JAMMA PCB As original hardware fades from the world FPGA and emulation will be there to keep things going. The real extinction seems to be the Arcade CRT Monitors. By the way, anyone have a G07 (or similar) monitor for sale? The Jamma standard makes this nice. The Jrok and 60-in-1 are both drop-in replacements for original hardware as are the other boards I listed above. Makes me want to make some new arcade cabinets ... if only I could get some monitors!
  6. Super cool. I've got a Defender upright. Such classic sounds.
  7. Adlib for a 286/12 that had EGA graphics. My first PC. The Atari ST delayed my getting into earlier PCs which seemed pointless by comparison with their CGA graphics and internal speakers. My favorite upgrades would be an ATI VGA Wonder card and a Roland LAPC-I.
  8. Hi machine, I need to work out some more details on production (mainly finishing and hanging options along with a toolpath tweak or two). Then I will have a better idea of price. Is there any one else interested?
  9. If there is interest I will consider making a small run.
  10. griz

    Audio on modded VCS

    Thanks ChildOfCV. My VCS has the longhorn engineer mod and the two audio channels were separated.
  11. Thanks Machine, I appreciate the feedback.
  12. griz

    Audio on modded VCS

    Y-cable built and working just fine. Thanks again.
  13. griz

    Audio on modded VCS

    Thanks FujiSkunk! I appreciate your quick response.
  14. Here is a super pacman I cut out using my cnc. I've painted the black and primed the surface. I have yet to add the appropriate colors.
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