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  1. I will add project file for Train 2. It can be a good source of elements. I hope the build process driven by the batch file is easy to understand.
  2. That is there for the sake of testing. All official releases were compiled with this symbol not defined. For a hacker, making a trainer would be easy anyway.
  3. The editor has been pushed to the repository.
  4. Who will discover which file holds the primary data?
  5. Train 3 has been released in open source edition (OSE). Download from https://github.com/baktragh/train3ose and reveal the game's secrets. As BAHA Software ceased operations, there is no point in keeping the source code hidden in a cellar.
  6. That would interest me too. There is always the xex2cas 2.6 utility that can take the dump file created by writemem and make .cas of it. Despite its name, xex2cas can use plain file as input.
  7. I have published one more HardCores's tunes at baha.webowna.cz. Dziennik Telewizyjny. It is a rather soothing cover of the Polish TV news opening from 1970s and 1980s, originally composed by Wojciech Kilar. Petr was clearly the better half of the BAHA Software, whatever we was doing for Atari was never without passion and, more importantly, diligence. As of now, BAHA Software ceases operations. I will keep running the web that will serve as an archive. With my future Atari efforts, if there will be any, I will go back to the BAKTRA Software brand.
  8. Work on a new minor release is in progres. There will be one gift for the U.S. users. With one checkbox (and restart of the program), all Turbo plugins will be disabled. This will unclutter the UI for those who are using just the Standard and Tape Image Plugins. And one gift for all. The Wizard dialog will become 'lazy initialized' instead of transient. This means that second and subsequent invocations of the Wizard will be much faster.
  9. I would just let it be. How do you distinguish genuine bad votes from the malicious ones?
  10. Another possibility here: https://joy.sophics.cz/dual-joystick-usb-adapter/ I have one, and it just works.
  11. Not sure if such definition would please the vendor of Delphi. There is so much more. For someone who knows Turbo Pascal 5.5 or newer, reading the code is doable. The question is if Delphi can target ARM. If it doesn't, perhaps Lazarus IDE does.
  12. There are ttf fonts emulating atari character set. The problem is how to deliver the font to the web viewers. I guess there is a mechanism. Google webfonts?
  13. I am happy for turbo tape systems - "Proceed sense" - Turbo 6000 and "Interrupt sense" - Rambit TT working again. I intend to update TS page with a small section listing emulators and their versions with turbo tape support.
  14. Perhaps the source code of the Curse of the Lost Miner game can provide some guidance. It uses the ld65 and ca65 to incorporate RMT.
  15. Both of them at the same time, actually. Inside 1010, you will need to correct the RED rambit circuit wire with 1010 wire that connects to the DATA IN pin of the SIO connector. I am no hardware expert, and I have never had 1010 in my hands, so perhaps someone else can advise.
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