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  1. Who is watching the git repository realizes that two new options have been added. -autosilence:<n> seconds. This automatically a silence list, n seconds for each segment, where n is an integer. -silencelist:<string>. This specifies a silence list. Syntax is the same as in the GUI, a comma separated list of values. I will keep testing the GENCAS to see if there are any bugs. Then I will see if I can make life easier for non-Windows users. Specifying gencas.exe is definitely more convenient than java -cp dist/turgen.jar turgen.gencas.CLIGenCas, so i will see if there are any options. For start, it could be just gencas.sh Then TURGEN 8.8.7 will be released and I will see if there is any further feedback for the CLI.
  2. The GENCAS development is taking a momentum. And it comes with an unseen function. Conversion to turbo from the command line. You can convert binary load files using selected binary convertor. The binary convertors are an old concept introduced with Wizard for files and further developed with batch processing. Now you can use them also from the command line as follows: GENCAS.EXE -mode:turbo "-conv:Super Turbo - Blockloading" -pulses:"T2925" test16k.xex test16kt03.cas GENCAS.EXE -mode:turbo "-conv:Turbo Blizzard" test16k.xex test16kt02.cas
  3. I would like to point out that cc65 already ships with non-standard header <conio.h> which provides faster routines for screen input/output. It is because the video RAM is addressed directly. Theses functions are available for the atari target. The <stdio.h> provides functions that are using the E: device through CIO. I am pointing it out, so you do not waste time developing something that already exists.
  4. The library seems to be using unofficial vectors to the OS ROM of the Atari 800, so it will glitch with XL/XE models.
  5. What is being baked now? The GENCAS command line utility, a successor of xex2cas using TURGEN's engine. It is not yet fully on par with xex2cas, but it will be soon. A sample of what is supported so far. 7.7 GENCAS Command Line Tool GENCAS is a command line tool that converts binary load files to a tape image with standard tape records. GENCAS is a replacement for the XEX2CAS utility. The syntax is the following: gencas.exe [-mode:mode] [options] <input_file> [output_tape_image] or java -cp dist/turgen.jar turgen.gencas.CLIGenCas [-mode:mode] [options] <input_file> [output_tape_image] 7.7.1 Processing Modes Mode Description binary Convert binary file to standard tape records. This is the default mode. 7.7.2 Primary Options Option Description -r Overwrite output file if it exists. -ldr:<n> Select binary loader. 0 no loader;1 TSCBL (default); 2 X-Loader. -spd:<n> Transfer speed. 400-1200 bps. -fuji:<string> FUJI chunk string. Default is an empty string. -s Short leader tone (14 s). Default is 20 s. 7.7.3 Cosmetic Options These options affect 'look and feel' of the loading process. These options are fully supported only by the TSCBL binary loader. Option Description -bg:<n> Background color. 0-255. Default is 148. -fg:<n> Foreground luminance. 0-15. Default is 10. -title:<string> Program title displayed by the binary loader. If not specified, the program title is derived from the input file name. -crsinh:<n> Cursor inhibition. 0 Cursor visible; 1 cursor not visible. -soundr:<n> Noisy I/O. 0 Silent ; 1 noisy.
  6. So, let us get back to the product survey with the three remaining questions. General rating It is obvious that the respondents are highly satisfied with the product in general. There is not much to add. I will keep up the good work. User Interface It would appear that some improvements might be in place. Please post your comments and tell me which windows and dialogs need an overhaul. Don't you like the default look and Feel? Go to Tools>Preferences>TURGEN, and set GUI Look and Feel to FlatLaf. Woo hoo! Commercial Use. Not making money using Turgen System? If you see opportunity to make some, don't hesitate. The license of the product allows it without any restrictions. Create a collection of games, record them to the tape, create a nice booklet and sell it to whoever wants it. I have been doing so for some time and made some pocket money. General Complaints The turbo decoder was removed, in order to accelerate its development. TURGEN still relies on conservative 'release system', so making changes and releasing them is slow. Turbo Decoder requires more aggressive development as the TODO list is rather extensive, so decoupling it and having it as a separate project developed from commit to commit seemed like a good idea. The DSP processing system must be completely overhauled and the user interface must be enhanced to actually visualize the signal (just as any digitized sound editor does). It is not happening yet. Firstly, I do not have enough knowledge of DSP yet. Secondly, there are products which are much more advanced already (Altirra 4.00 and modified atari800-a8cas), so investing time in the decoder is questionable. And I do like developing TURGEN and despise developing the decoder...
  7. I might have found a bug in the -test40. The emulator crashes when tape control is opened. Steps to re-create: 1. Open emulator 2. Load a tape (WAVE file) 3. Open tape control (instead of sampled signal, the window is blank) 4. Crash The emulator crashes consistently. If you cannot recreate, I can send MDUMP (if it heps).
  8. We are basically speaking of a dot matrix printer emulation with pdf output. Emulators of Epson printers exist for Windows to support leacy DOS apps. Perhaps if the output of the application can be directed to a H: device and then passed to the printer emulator.
  9. Turgen 8.8.5 is available. It fixes blunders in the small binary loaders of the KSO Turbo 2000 plugin - Speedy2700 and L3.
  10. It is a known problem described in Altirra Hardware reference. Inaccurate PIA emulation is the root cause.
  11. Thanks. You can share feedback directly in this thread later, if you feel like it. I am looking for features that are not good or lacking.
  12. So it is time to begin analyzing the survey. I've collected fewer responses than expected, so let us assume that those who didn't answer are either satisfied with the product or dissatisfied so much that the product is beyond repair for them. Let us cover the first three questions of the survey Question #1 This question can be also translated to - what are the main pain points in the product? The answers are spread evenly, we do not have a clear winner, but two items stand out. 1. Tape image extractor. Yes, I have to admit that the extractor is a good idea, but was left somehow unfinished. Extracting data from anything else than standard tape records is still tedious. I believe a system of simple tape extraction plugins for various use cases would be helpful (e.g. Extract Turbo 2000 file, Extract boot file, Extract Turbo Blizzard file). Or should the extractor be promoted to full editor? Let me know. 2. Artwork. Oh, yes. The splash screen is rudimentary at best and the icons are taken from the old, rugged Tango project. The project logo is also basic. I suspect the Icons are the pain point. Perhaps I can take a look for a different free icon set. If it is something else than icons, let me know The remaining items have one vote, so it is hard to comment on. I will do it anyway 1. Wizard for files and Batch processing. These are quite advanced already. if something is missing/annoying/clumsy, be specific and let me know. 2. Pilot Tone Test. Good that this feature has its users. Anything missing? 3. Monolithic binary file creation. Such tool cannot do wonders, but within its limitations, what I can do for you? Better UI? Ability to remove segments? 4. More technical info on turbo systems. I believe i provide decent technical descriptions. I do not include schematics, because I cannot verify them and they are elsewhere. Perhaps encyclopedic information is missing - origin, stories, names. Let me know. Or are you missing information on Turgen-specific file formats such as Omicron Turbo or ChainLoading? 5. Displaying pictures during turbo loading (the last item). No, no, and no. Atari doesn't have enough computational power to do so. Sorry. Question #2 - Favorite Functions Except the Tape Image Extractor, these are the functions TS was designed to. Make your tapes with games easily. Question #3 - How much do you like the Standard plugin Support for the Standard tape records (C:) has been added very late to the product as an afterthought. I have to admit, that was a serious mistake, as I have ignored many users from the "western markets"- US, GB and Germany. It seems the plugin is satisfactory. My personal feeling is that the only item missing is some advanced binary loader that uses longer blocks and higher baud rate. Something like the PRISMA, IRON Turbo, STAC or SITRE. Or perhaps it is the support for creating dual track tapes that is missing? Let me know. And now... point your guns covid thermometers at me and shoot!
  13. Today is the last day of the survey. If you desire to state your opinions, now would be a good time 🙂
  14. Hello @phaeron I have a question on the emulated H: device. It restricts file names to adhere to the 8.3 standard. Anything else gets the 165 error (bad file name). Is it intended restriction (in ATHostDeviceParseFilename()) or an unfortunate omission. I am asking because e.g. atari800 has no such restriction. Thank you
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