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  1. And here comes the pseudo-binary loader as a .xex file. It should be loadable from universal cartridges. You can tell Turgen not to prepend the loader. Note that this works only for files converted to the pseudo-binary format, not for monolithic files. rambit_segmented_modern_c0.xex rambit_segmented_modern_c1.xex And I happened to find an older video. That shows the original loader.
  2. I have trouble with 4.0-test7 and loading Rambit Turbo Tapes. The standard part loads fine, but the turbo signal is never recognized. Steps to reproduce: 0. Setup the emulated computer to plain PAL 800XL with 64KB of RAM and original ROMs 1. In cassette settings, set Turbo to "Interrupt Sense", no filtering, no inversion of the signal. 2. File>Cassette>Load... (and select the attached file) 3. Boot from cassette (START+OPTION) The standard part loads fine; the turbo part never loads. The OSD never shows T-Play, only Play. Notes: Tried inversion of the signal, doesn't work either. The last Altirra version where this works fine for me is 3.20. Version 3.90 doesn't work either. rambit-test.7z
  3. Turbo upgrades or not, The speed of all Atari data recorders is always 4.76 cm/s. This is the standard speed for the compact cassette defined by Philips back in 1963.
  4. No, standard speed 4.76 cm/s. The key is different and more efficient coding of 0s and 1s compared to standard tape records. It is fast semi-software decoded PWM vs. slow hardware decoded FSK.
  5. I would say yes. If you take Czech Turbo 2000 upgrade and feed signal from it to the INTERRUPT pin, Rabmit loader can sense the signal. So it can work the opposite way. Connect output of the Rambit upgrade to the DATA IN and Czech T2000 loader should sense the signal too.
  6. First, thanks a lot for the video. Much appreciated. With Turgen System, you can choose between three loaders: Original, Modern (default, shown in the video) and Modern 2. The original one displays colorful letters on screen during loading. Displaying these letters prevents certain games from loading. Both modern loaders do not have this flaw. The modern loader shows two different colors. The Modern 2 loader displays shades of one color. The modern 2 loader provides more pleasant and smooth experience. With TS you can choose the displayed colors. To choose the loader, go to Tools>Preferences>Rambit Turbo Tape and choose the loader. This also reminds me that I should publish the loader as a .xex file, so it can be launched from a universal cartridge (and not by booting from cassette). I am surprised not to hear any sound. The left channel is silent, but I would expect at least a cross-talk to the AUDIO IN anyway.
  7. Cannot wait for the video... Which loader are you going to demonstrate? Original, Modern or Modern 2? The source code of the modern loaders is available too.
  8. You can refer to the following thread: There are tools to do so. Some of them embed the BASIC file in a binary load file (.xex), some of them create a bootable disk with AUTORUN.SYS. The .xex few posts above works only with the original Atari BASIC, doesn't work with Altirra BASIC.
  9. The explanation is simple, the former COMECON countries including Czechoslovakia were generally late to the home computer party and so was I. Businesses started aggressively adopting PCs since 1990 (before that, they had to rely on mainframes and minis, personal computers were scarce and adoption was slow), while 8-bits and non-PC 16/32-bits honored many households by their continued presence until approximately 1996.
  10. What exectly you have on mind. New playback routine, file format and editor, or just a new front-end to RMT?
  11. Quite fat indeed, but it would be more fair to compare runtimes, not SDKs.
  12. My first program I was proud of was named "VEGAS JACKPOT II". It was a crude slot machine emulation written in Atari BASIC - three reels (no graphics, just numbers on the reels), but it had PMG overlays. It was written in 1995 and I was 11 years old. It took me three days to program, but meant a lot to me. Next significant one was a silly game called Mr. GAXX. A white PMG character jumping over boxes made of GRAPHICS 2 characters. Multiple screens, energy indicator, joystick controls, collision detection, ML routine for quick vertical movement of the PMG character. I once rescued the games from tape (it was "EMGETON LH" - my only Emgeton tape I ever had) and I still have these games. Good when you want to see something amusing or you need an deterrent examples for beginner programmers. Yes, humble beginnings, but also a foundation of my later career in IT.
  13. The 8.8.0 version of the tool for creating your own tapes with Atari software has been released. So, let us start bragging about it... This version represents a major leap in user experience, convenience and productivity. Create tape sides This brand new feature allows to create tape sides from playlist items. Just specify attributes of the sides (duration, initial silence, terminal silence, gaps between programs) and Turgen System automatically creates one WAVE file per side. You can create customized side listings. The whole process can be executed in preview mode without creating the WAVE files saving your time and SSD lifespan. Post-processing of the WAVE files is supported too. To try this, select the Create tape sides item from the Tools menu. Wizard for Files The new wizard is a successor of the Wizard for binary files. There are four major enhancements: Support for conversion of binary files and also tape images Support for conversion of multiple files at once Wizard can be alternatively activated by dropping files at the playlist Conversion methods are ordered by comprehensive ranking To try this, select the Wizard for files item from the Playlist menu. File Choosers Most of the file choosers provide default file filters, so you are not distracted by non-relevant files. Batch Processing The batch processing shows more intelligence. Automatic fallback to default pulses Order convertors by their ranking UI Refinements Many portions of the UI have been refined to provide more aesthetically pleasing and more consistent experience. Documentation The documentation has been refined. All screenshots are now consistent and up-to-date. Turbo Decoder The turbo decoder has been separated from Turgen System and starts its new independent life at GitHub: https://github.com/baktragh/turbodecoder. Let us wish it will make more progress. Prefixing wave files This feature has been removed and is completely replaced by the more advanced Create tape sides tool. CAS2Audio satellite project This is an Android app that plays .CAS files on your mobile phone/tablet. Releases are available as .apk packages.
  14. No, the source code was meant for the XASM cross-assembler. As others pointed out, adjustments were needed to assemble with MADS, ATASM or CA65. It was never meant to be assembled directly on Atari. So, theoretically, if we have RMT format description and source code of the player routine, a skilled programmer should be able to write completely new tracker GUI for Windows. Not an easy task, it took Radek 6 years from the first beta to the latest 1.28. On the other hand RMT seems to be based on MFC and WIN32 APIs. with C#, the development would probably go faster. One is wondering how popular is RMT among musicians and developers in comparison with native CMC, TMC and others.
  15. So, Turgen System, like SFRY, FRY, CSR and USSR has been partially dissoluted 🙂 The Republic of Turbo Decoder now starts its own life as an independent and "new" software here at github. Contributions and even forks are welcome. It is possible that the turbo decoder will annex the Tape Image Extractor province in near future. The Turgen System Empire remains where it is as a successor software and will remain under a rule of certain enlightened absolutist. Only time will tell if this was a good idea or the greatest software catastrophe of the century.
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