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In 1990, when I was 6, I've got an ATARI 130XE as my first computer. I played with it and programmed it in BASIC.

Now, many years later, after getting a master degree in computer science and engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague, I design and develop software for IBM System z (mainframe).


Though I am keeping up with rapidly evolving IT world, I still find satisfaction when working with the good old Atari.
It was my first machine that most likely determined my career path, after all.


Currently, I focus on work in the BAHA Software group. We create simple games for fun.

I am also contributing to the FLOP disk magazine, mostly as a translator, proofreader and tester.

I visit selected Atari events in the Czech Republic, sometimes giving presentations.


In the past, I developed TURGEN SYSTEM and XEX2CAS, two cassette-oriented cross-platform tools that allow you to create your own tapes with software for 8-bit Atari computers the same way as the great game studios in the past did.
I am still maintaining both tools. Fixing bugs, developing small enhancements, keeping up with new Java SE etc.


I also dispense (mostly solicited) advice at various Atari forums. I can program in assembler 6502, though I tend to use CC65 as much as possible. When working for BAHA Software, I became very good at Turbo BASIC XL too.

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