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  1. I've had nothing but great experiences dealing with Atarimax. As a verteran user old enough to remember ordering from magazines and filling out customer response cards I can say anything less than an 8-12 week turnaround in the hobbyist market is a miracle. I'm in a different country so it's an extra 2 - 3 weeks just for customs clearance etc. When you order anything related to something out of production for 20+ years, expect it not to be instantly available like a pizza from dominoes. Most items are built to order and take time! Another thought, our $30 order probably might not be worth $100 of time. Don't take offence if communication is a little slow when there's no 1-800 hotline to call. Hats off to Atarimax for keeping the lights on at all!
  2. Nice work Mytek! The FUJI Force is strong in you for sure and I'm envious of your skill! I've been so frustrated for years now with ideas for new hardware but lacking the skill to put it all together. What you are doing is a great example of the mother of invention at work. I don't even think you realize or care how many people will want this and that's how truly great things happen. When the time comes (take your time) to order a board, I'm in. A rackable 8-Bit is a dream, if it will behave with a ps2 KVM, even better! Either way I'm in! Thank you so much for sharing your progress! Gorgeous board! Hats off to the other contributing/troubleshooting techno geniuses as well. One of the many reasons I LOVE this place is the abundant love of Atari hardware.
  3. Noelio

    SIO Cart

    OK Polish people, I love you already. Stop trying to win me over. Seriously is there anything you guys over there can't do? The FUJI symbol should definitely be put on Poland's flag! That is a seriously cool and useful project you got going on there!
  4. Nice job! What kind of case is that exactly? I've been looking for something along those lines for a PC/portable server build!
  5. Sounds groovy! Though I think if someone were to take a new case to the next level using injection molds, and probably have all of our mouths watering in the process, a 1450XLD case would be an absolute freakshow! Pi, miST or ITX inserts for the upper drive areas would be incredibly cool, too. A lot of room and general aesthetic appeal with a 1450XLD case. The next issue would then be settling on a keyboard. One can dream right?
  6. I hope she continues to heal. She's fortunate to have you by her side! No matter what's happening in the world it's family first. No exceptions. But Atari's are family too. Haha! Don't forget those. Good to hear!
  7. 8 bits forced you to have a clear intent on what you were doing. I think multitasking became ADD/ADHD for the IT world. It also felt like computers were actually doing something important, no matter how mundane the task. I have to say that, with the advent of bare metal & paravirtualization as well as really good open source OSs, modern systems are starting to have the same appeal to me albeit with a more ADHD approach haha.
  8. Sounds groovy! I'll be following to see where it goes. What I'd love to see *some day* is some FPGA retro fit boards for our ST/mega/STe & 8-Bit machines. With a small enough footprint one board could fit all with break out cables going to available holes in the casing. A little dremmeling or port drilling is fine by me! I know... I'm dreaming! But necessity is definitely creeping up.
  9. I *L-O-V-E* the mod Beetle did. Damn that's one crafty dude! I'm getting a 3d printer this year. Still not sure what offering. The Gigabot looks promising for sure. It would be nice if someone with the time, skill & resources could do a 3d model of the 1450. I'm going to try, either way. Maybe a 3d digital parts catalog could be an ongoing endeavor here. I see 3d digital mods on the horizon so Ben Heck, step aside buddy! HA!
  10. With 3D printing due to E-X-P-L-O-D-E this year and next, it would be nice to be able to print out a nice 1450 case using XL or XE innards, keyboard, SIO2PC. There's high enough resolution and stronger, variable color materials available now to make it so. Not only the 1450 but maybe it's soon time to catalog all the rare atari line in 3d print ready design. No thanks on the 1027 parts lol! -The 1450 upper section housing a standard 5 1/4 BluRay/DVD or floppy drive with a standard or Pico ITX motherboard fitted in to act as gateway/host via SIO2PC, which too, could be internalized. -A 1050 or XF551 drive could be internalized -for purists. Slight modification to make either happen if a base design is completed already. I haven't ordered my makerbot kit yet but when I do I'm hoping there will be a platform big enough and within reach $wise that could pull off such a job. IF there is no printable design in the wild I will be motivated enough to attempt it. Hopefully some other crazy bastard with too much time on their hands and lots of 3d design experience will have it under way by then. The key is having designs print ready for the inevitable onslaught of 3d printing ahead. Maybe Albert could house the designs here. Even a small fee to download community approved, "AA Certified" designs would fly and the AA community approved logo could be etched on the bottom or rear. Steel bracing would be an issue but a willing hacker with a drill press & a dremmel could pull that off with an old case cover or even some angle braces if necessary. The external case is definitely the focus here. I think we'd all want one and those of us with access to the gear could probably print some for those in our regions for cost + a case of beer avoiding cross border shipping headaches etc. Well, most -except Beetle would probably want one! LOL. Just throwing it out there!
  11. Very nice catch!!! I feel good about my most recent local find, 130xe, 1050, Xmm801 & manuals, Atariwriter in box. All for $100. Before this I haven't found any A8 related stuff since 1995 or so!!! I'd pay double to triple for what you got for $120. Excellent find sir!
  12. You've got a LOT of mods there. Nice! Maybe one of these mod's solder needs to be redone. Hope you get it sorted out.
  13. Yep, what he said. Atarimax's SIO2PC. There's a usb & a serial port version. I believe there's even a USB version now with pass through (2 sio ports) so you can use of end-of-chain peripherals when it's connected. I'm using both usb & serial versions now for several years and haven't had a hiccup yet using images.
  14. Good points. And yes, you as CEO would be a heck of a lot more visible than any CEO since the Tramiels! I'm hoping that if the bids get up out of our reach (if we "do this") that Nintendo takes it. Who knows, Nolan Bushnell & a pile of radicals from his biz networking group or Dubai contacts could smarten up & step up. Any of the above is better than a manufacturer taking it to sell bathroom products!
  15. On thinking about this some more and looking at the financials I believe the bidding will easily hit 22 million. Sounds crazy right now but let's see. -The IP alone can be easily exploited by a slim, efficient developer of mobile & online console store titles. Using an IP name could drive said titles to the "most popular" area overnight. -The Company name is another story. At this point it might not at all be interesting to anyone interested in going public. -However, a Chinese or Russian developer would probably cream themselves at the opportunity to sound more "mainstream" branded. I'm as much an Atari freak as any here and would love a piece of the genuine article (name intact & as a preferred shareholder), but I just don't see that happening if this is open to bidders worldwide / or even only WTO countries. Some might even drive this puppy well beyond 50 million just to have the trophy(ies). If we could do an all or nothing, properly accounted for (refundable if unsuccessful, escrowed) bid, yep count me in on the upper tier. Not fussy on dumping heavy money in a black hole / unaccountable / as is where is fund. If I had 100 million life savings right now, I'd be more than willing to spend half of it for the name & ip and try to Phoenix this mofo out of the ashes. If I was a Russian or Chinese billionaire I'd buy it to sell toilets, cigarettes and cheap panty hose, or maybe just roll up something numbing in the bill of sale and smoke it on a couch full of hookers. Thats what I think is going to happen, a stranger in a strange land swallowing it whole and abusing the shit out of the name. So f'n sad. Though you might see Nintendo sniffing around! So if we want to do a group bid, I'd think about the security of said fund first(unbelievably important), equity stake second, business plan third. Soon as the ip is acquired then there's going to be an urgent push to raise capital from somewhat nothing. Maybe license / option out a couple titles for a console/mobile generation and go from there for starters. Just my .02, not meaning to sound negative though I sure do! Viva La Atari!
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