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  1. I bought games and I had them. Damn I'm stupid and have nearly all the common games. If you guys liked the retro you may like California Extreme down in the bay area. Its just a great arcade that is around for one weekend a year. Much less buying opportunities but it makes it very focused on playing. http://caextreme.com/
  2. Last year i was out of work and didn't go because i didn't want to be tempted. I sort of wish they had a flea market corner where we could sell or trade. I went to a retro game thing held in Burlingame California that had some thing like that. I think actually trading with you folks would be better success. They have a swap meet in feb run by the PGRE people, I expected I could trade with people but nope. I even brought my crazy climber to "Swap".
  3. The one thing i don't like about the portland retro is the dealers tend to not bring their A game in terms of Atari. They just seem to bring a pile of carts. As a collector anything less than a rarity 3-4 is sort of a waste of time.
  4. actually here is a picture with an auction if you want to buy one http://www.shopgoodwill.com/auctions/Atari-2600-Console-48-Games-2-Driving-Control-20758806.html
  5. It never actually happened. Video gamers just shifted from atari to a newer better video game console that just happened to have a built in keyboard and was this magnificent beast -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commodore_64
  6. Sorry i guess I was referring to the RGB SCART as SCART. I have been going through some of the videos online and have gathered a few Scart cable and an upscaler that outputs HDMI. The cables i have ordered are for Sega Saturn and Jaguar. I have two goals in asking. The first is to have good picture quality with correct colors and not bleeding. The second is to have connection to a modern television, I guess meaning HDMI. I say that because the no name tv i bought recently only had hdmi, and I want to play river raid in my 60's. I guess i could mod my 7800 to svideo and keep my 2600 at composite. and use something like this thing. http://www.amazon.com/Portta-PETCSHP-Composite-Converter-Upscaler/dp/B003NS0UUQ I have no idea what to do with my 5200 4 controller model, though i do keep a CRT that has the screw typ connectors and coax
  7. Hi Everyone I am looking to get better video out of my systems. Do any of you have ideas? My atari 2600 is composite modded, I cant actually find my power/RF for my 5200 and my 7800 is normal. I am willing to entertain any ideas. I write this because I recently found out about SCART for other systems. I felt a little blind sided not knowing that stuff and wanted to at least ask if there was something like this on the atari front. It would be cool to scart mod my coleco or 7800. Or if there is any sort of third party box that cleans up signal. I am willing to look at anything.
  8. It sort of bugs me that there isnt a page for the xegs. I dont have one but i just want it there on the site for some reason. full list of game rarity and all
  9. Howdy I picked up an fc twin over the weekend, this is the thing that plays NES and SNES games. This got me wondering if there is anything along these lines for Atari? I mean how handy would that be, modern A/V plugs and the ability to play 2600, 5200, 7800 and maybe even XEGS games. Would be cooler than those flashback things. Maybe this gets into the realm of custom work like that phoenix 2600 handheld idea or the playstation inside a heavy sixer they have at classic gaming expo. Well if you have seen anything like this out there let me know. Thanks travelnjones
  10. ugh oh, crap is there any where that has documentation on this? I will look around but if anyone has it please post.
  11. Howdy I am hoping someone will know this random question. I never had a super nintendo but i just grabbed a FC twin clone. Did you need something special to save games on the Super Nintendo? When i try to save my game on the FC twin nothing is saved and and when i start the game up again my character is not in the list ( i am playing a link to the past). I was wondering i there is some sort of memory card i needed or if this was some sort of limitation to the FC twin or a problem with my unit. Thanks for your help
  12. Howdy I am looking to get my hands on some sort of game selector / RF modulator. I really dont know where to look or if this exists, so i need some help. Most basically i would like a game selector that outputs to the red, yellow, white (composite i think) connector. The selector would have several composite inputs for my xbox and play station2. The selector would also have one or two coaxial inputs for my NES, SEGA, etc. I have a converter to get my atari to Coaxial so i guess i am ok there. Ideally it would output in more than just composite, maybe HDMI or that six wire HD format. I dont know if i can use the six wire set up with the red, yellow, white set up, if so thats great. It would be great if it had 3 or 4 sets of the red, yellow, white wires, 3 or 4 coaxial inputs and even a couple of the old screw inputs like the 2600 uses If there is some sort of converter that switches Coaxial to the red, yellow, white set up that would work too. I have heard this called a RF modulator, does anyone know of a good one? If it had a couple of coaxial inputs, that would be nice. If all else fails, is there someone around that does atari 2600 mods so that it goes to the red, yellow, white set up. Maybe even a very explicit set of directions that someone with limited soldering experience could follow. Thanks for your help travelnjones
  13. Howdy I had a pretty ok run over the weekend at a place in San Jose, California called Space Cat. Its on Meridian and 280. I grabbed star wars the arcade, airlock, crash dive, porky's and a few commons for less than 20$. There was a miner 2049er for 35 but my wife would kill me. The rest of the 2600 stuff was limited but they had a fair amount of genesis, Nes, and other stuff. I think they even had an intellivision keyboard. So if you are in the area and havent checked them out its worth a look.
  14. basically those people have no clue. They are attacking old systems with little credit for the inventiveness of the titles. Even the warrior within, it is the weakest of the series but its way better than the new TMNT game they just released. You want a bad Atari game try "Encouter at L-7" or whatever it is. Maybe that goofy Journey game that was out in the arcades. Or visit any modern arcade, and look around those games suck. Walk in and spin around and you will see a see of gun, racing, and musical timing based games. Atari was never so boring as that
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