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  1. I think what you may want to look at differently is what downloadable content is available. Also, I'm pretty sure songs from Rock Band 1 are compatible with 2, the downloadable songs. That is what I would really care about and I think for the time being Rock Band wins that fight. I would be gun shy about Guitar hero based on the other ones I own and played. Most of the songs I didn't recognize or totally never heard of, most of the songs were not my type of song, for me being a fan of rock and roll, heavy metal, etc. Rock Band suits me more..in my opinion anyway. But that's going to change when Guitar Hero Metallic is released. I absolutely cannot wait for that game.
  2. I've always liked Sonys stuff, in general. But I really have no desire for the PS3. My PS2 sits dormant, as it really has since I've owned it. I've had mine since a few months after launch and I only have 8 titles for it, it never got played. My PSP I absolutely love, but I tend to play portables more than consoles as for my situation it's just easier. When Barney the big purple dino is on tv, i'm on my psp. The 360 really has been the first system since the SNES to give me that WOW factor, i'm sure the PS3 is the same way for people that just have the 360. The Wii has absolutely no wow factor. I'm not saying it's not fun, you can see my reviews. The games I've had I really like, but the system itself is what does it for me, especially when I have a 360 and a Wii, it's a no brainer. They are truly for 2 totally different types of gamers. I might be interested in a new Wii depending on the games. #1. I don't want rehashes. #2 I don't want cute and cuddely, #3. I'm burned out on the same old Nintendo franchises. #4. I want waay better online service. #5 I want games like Assassins Creed, Gears of War, Oblivion, Dead Space, Socom, GTA, Bioshock, Mass Effect, not saying these games exactly, but games like them. And honestly, what would make me believe the software side would change. Xbox 720 and PS4 is probably still going to be the way to go for these types of games. I think Nintendo may have the hardest time following up. Catering to the non-gamer crowd, they really need to give consumers a reason to stop with the Wii and move on, if the games are the same old same old, they may be less reluctant to do so as graphical and technical enhancements probably aren't going to matter as much to casual gamers.
  3. oh no. throw your Wii's away.. http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=133331 :) Its still rumors and frankly, I think both systems would have more life in them to last longer than 2010. Though it would make more sense for Nintendo. by 2010 there should be a lot more people with HD Tv's, people might be screaming for a hard drive, by 2010, maybe Nintendo will have a comparable machine in the market.
  4. i'm so disgusted with the current Nintendo system, it will probably be the last one I own, so could care less.
  5. lol, I forgot about that line. mega man 9. well, I downloaded the demo. Couldn't get halfway through the demo stage, so needless to say, I won't be wasting my money on that game.
  6. The game does control quite well. The only real issue I've had so far, and i"m not that far is the camera. Sometimes it's hard to see things and if your in a room, centering the camera does nothing. other times the when walking the camera will shift at another angle and it screws me up because then I'm walking backwards or something. But all in all, so far the controls are pretty good. Fighting is stiff though, punch punch pause, etc. for one on one fights, it's not a problem. but for multiple enemy fights, forget it. I'm stuck because I can't kill 2 enemies at once, even with weapons, they break far to easily, it's ridiculous, this is really taking the enjoyment out of this game for me.
  7. I'll second the difficulty, my first time encountering 2 monsters at 1 time and I can't get passed it. Even tried throwing stuff at them and by the time I knock one down, I can't finish it so it just gets back up by the time I knocked the other down and repeat process. Finally got frustrated to the point I just had to put the game down. Combat is way to slow and the weapons break wwwwwaaaayyyy to easily.
  8. if people were more informed by the main stream media, maybe people wouldn't be surprised by this. Just do a little research, maybe try fox news. If you knew the shit that was halted, or how "tolerant" this Country, and I really feel bad for England, are trying to be, it would probably make you sick. Just a few examples foot washing stations in Minnesota airports taxi drivers refusing to take people who have purchased alcohol. cashiers refusing to check out people purchasing alcohol. Try to be any other religion and get special treatment, you'll be laughed up, but it's different when your Muslim, and it's not like it's all of them, it really is a small minority, but like Liberalism, small minority, large voice. It's a total cultural take over and 99% of the people in the US don't see it coming. England is really starting to feel it, we're not that bad yet.
  9. well instead of buying one $59 game, I ended up getting 2 games,1 PSP and 1 360 game. The 360 game I chose was Assassins Creed, so far I'm very happy with my decision, this game is awesome all around.
  10. of your list there, the most disappointing in my opinion are Fatal Run and Moto Psycho. I so wanted to like those games, they both seemed like great "back of the box" concepts, but when you actually play the games you are let down right away.
  11. I don't understand how backward compatibility could be such a huge issue? Maybe it's just me, but up until the PS2, how many back compatible systems were there? The 7800 the only one?? No sega system had it, no nintendo system had it up until the Wii, Atari had one system with it, and Sony PS2 had it. I'm sorry if I think there's more to your post than just bashing something because of backwards compatibility. It's not like Microsoft is the first company to release updated hardware to it's current hardware. It's just not as easy, but what the difference between this and Sega having the 32x? It's still a genesis with an add on, but oh. It's not Microsoft so it's ok then?
  12. Sounds Like GOW, which was excellent. But with Gears, you could either left justify or right justify, sounds like Dead Space doesn't give you that ability. I didn't even realize this game was out yet, for some reason I was thinking it would be out much later in the year. Damn, way to many good games, and shit more on the way...wallet will be hurting.
  13. Tempest, I just noticed your sig. I love it. "The beatings will continue until morale improves."
  14. i feel fortunate to even own one. I couldn't imagine owning an entire box full. That is totally awesome.
  15. I just read the review on Gamespot and I think this will probably be my next 360 buy and GTA IV will be put away again for who knows how long this time. Also I read somewhere that SR2 had an arcade that you could actually go into and play games. I didn't read anything about it in the reviews, can anybody confirm or deny this?
  16. I fired up the GP32 to play some R-type. I was doing awesome and then realized, this game is too easy. Yeah the GP32 TG-16 emulator screws up R-type and it's impossible to die.
  17. and the rumor the next Wii will be in 2011 so that seems extremely plausible. I don't understand the argument of the thread, this is pretty much just life span issues, plus the fact that apparently the games would still be able to be played on a regular 360, so whats the big deal if this is true?
  18. but like it points out, this was done kinda with the N64 expansion pack, oh wait, that was Nintendo so it's ok. And the new Wii-mote add on, oh yeah, again, that's Nintendo, so it's ok. And the 3rd DS version, oh crap, I forgot again, Nintendo. So Nintendo is allowed to make a bunch of different versions of it's stuff, but not MS? Who's money grubbing?
  19. Then when he is eight, he'll play Pokemon on your neglected DS. lol there's no doubt there. And if I ever have a daughter, probably 50% of the DS library will be Imagine and Petz games, so I should be good there as well. lol
  20. have you played GTA IV, can you compare the 2? I would happily totally give up on GTA IV, if this game is better, of course my opinion of GTA IV is so low that it would almost have to be better.
  21. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,438208,00.html this is sad. at least in my opinion.
  22. My son is almost 2.5 years old. We have the V-smile baby and he can't really figure it out. so needless to say he doesn't play that much, basically he likes the slider so he will slide the game modes back and forth, which does nothing. What I got for him was actually a Sega Pico and he loves it. He can work that thing much better than the V-Smile baby, which is strange as the pico is probably more geared for kids older than 2.5 years old, but he plays through the Richard Scarry game and the Mickey Mouse game without problems. I have the regular V-smile but haven't even bothered with it yet.
  23. the fact still remains that there are already products on the market that can do the older stuff and a hell of a lot more. GP2X, now the Pandora. They may be little known, but they are still available. The original GP32 is still to this day an impressive little system. Now Iphone and I pod touch are getting into the mix, and systems like the didj, I think Nintendo is the one that has to worry. Their dominance in the handheld marketing is probably going to be getting gobbled up sooner than later, especially if they want to continue producing systems that are technically sub par. OFF TOPIC: what is this HDCP? And how do I know if my tv is affected? gonna go google as well. EDIT: well i tried google and I don't understand any of the technical side of it. I think I might be safe though, my HDTV is only a couple years old and has HDMI
  24. i don't know, sounds to me like a bad pin connection. This happens all the time with my NES that I'll either get a blinking grey screen or blinking title screen. Just need to wiggle the cart a little bit while hitting reset and eventually the games work.
  25. yep. I saw commercials the other day for a wii knock off and to be honest, it looked better than Wii-sports. This is one thing that MS and Sony won't have to deal with, knock off competition. But again, I'm probably the only person that thinks it sad that a crap knock off can produce close to the same caliber of games, at least visually?
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