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  1. I would guess PAL, the carts that I have with the same carteidge and box from Argentina are PAL.
  2. Interested to see what game you're talking about. Another option, not exactly user friendly either (but designed to be cheap enough to send to people with rare carts): https://atariage.com/forums/topic/298018-atari-2600-arduino-cartridge-dumper/?tab=comments#comment-4384075
  3. I am not quite sure what you mean. There is a 32K EPROM in the cart, the upper 2 address lines are controlled by a counter circuit which increments every power cycle. The next highest address line is controlled by a latch that changes state with a hotspot address access. Hotspot 0 makes the state 0, and makes the bank notmally accessed by 1FF9 visible. Hotspot 1 makes the state 1, and makes the bank normally accessed by 1FF8 visible. I realized this after looking at the dump for Galaxian, didn't check the other ROMS, I guess its possible that those are not swapped in the same way.
  4. Here is another one, this time a 4 in 1 with 8K games. The games are changed from F8 bankswitching to UA. Because of this the banks are swapped, so I didn't look to far into all of the differences. But here are the obvious ones: 1) Galaxian - new ROM, UA banking, NTSC-> PAL, Edu Juegos logo 2) Zaxxon - new ROM, UA banking, NTSC -> PAL 3) Vanguard - new ROM, UA banking, NTSC -> PAL 4) Time Pilot - new ROM, UA banking, NTSC-> PAL, Edu Juegos/Martinsoft logo Logitachi_4_in_1.zip
  5. Hello, Sure, even if some are not too interesting, I think they should be preserved. I used my arduino based dumper, and as AtariUCLA said, you can switch the game by unplugging/plugging back in the USB quickly. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/298018-atari-2600-arduino-cartridge-dumper/
  6. Very nice collection of stuff, whats the story behind the collection? Just want to point out, looks like the proto/pre production supercharger on the right in the picture is missing the audio cable. just a couple small wires coming out of it. to me the value would be less if anything is not in working shape, but what I think is fair: Prototype sc - 500-750 each, less for the obviously broken one Tapes - 75 - 250 each depending on the game/wip or not using the average for these numbers, you end up with 1875 for the superchargers and 4000 for the tapes. Subtract 300 if the one sc unit is indeed broken, as it looks in the pic and times by about 0.75 because a single buyer is saving you a lot of trouble dealing with many different buyers, I think 4000 or more would be a fair offer. But I dont win auctions all the time, or bid on everything...
  7. Finally a cart with a label This is an Edu Juegos 4 in 1 cartridges, with 8K games. 1) Krull - new ROM, 3 bytes different, NTSC -> PAL conversion 2) Commando - new ROM, NTSC -> PAL conversion of Front Line title screen changed with new name and Edu Juegos copyright 3) Star Trek - new ROM, NTSC -> PAL conversion 4) Solar Fox - new ROM, NTSC -> PAL conversion Edu_Juegos_4_in_1.zip
  8. This 8 in 1 multicart of 2K games has the branding Age. The cart shell is very similar to the white cart, but has a different texture, and says Industria Argentina on the back. 1) Stampede - same as PAL release 2) Skiing - same as PAL release 3) Tennis - same as PAL release 4) Laser Blast - same as PAL release 5) Freeway - new ROM, has many differences including logo removal and change to road graphics 6) Combat - same as PAL release 7) Boxing - new ROM, NTSC -> PAL conversion, differs only by 2 bytes 8) Basketball - same as PAL release Age_8_in_1.zip
  9. Its called Retro Taku Video Games, in Madison Heights. Pretty cool place, has a lot of Japanese import stuff.
  10. There's a copy of Colony 7 at my local video game store in Michigan. I've seen others as well, but cant think of what they were. Always cool to see.
  11. Here is another unlabeled multicart from Argentina or Brazil, this time a 4 in 1. All ROMs are new, but nothing very interesting, just PAL conversions. Again, game is changed by turning console off/on again. 1) Infiltrate - only 2 bytes different from NTSC version, timer values 2) Nexar - only 2 bytes different from NTSC version, timer values 3) M.A.S.H. - only 2 bytes different from NTSC version, timer values 4) Keystone Kapers - Seems to have used PAL version as base, logo removed Does anyone have any guess to which company made these games? Any found with label? Unlabeled_4_in_1_white.zip
  12. OK, as I promised, here are the ROMS. This dump comes from an 8 in 1 multicart which has no writing or label on it whatsoever. But I do believe that it was manufactured either in Argentina or Brazil. Games are accessed by turning on/off power. Nothing too interesting on the cartridge, just 8 games that were poorly converted from NTSC to PAL. The game list: 1) Star Voyager - New ROM, differs from NTSC version by 3 bytes, all timer register values 2) Mission 3000 AD - New ROM, differs from NTSC version by 3 bytes, all timer register values 3) Submarine Commander - New ROM, differs from NTSC version by 2 bytes, all timer register values 4) Dodge Em - Same as Atari PAL ROM 5) Snail Against Squirrel - New ROM, some bytes different from Bit Corp PAL, including logo removal 6) Dragonfire - New ROM, differs from NTSC version by 2 bytes, all timer register values 7) Plannet Patrol - New ROM, differs from NTSC version, including logo change to Digivision 8 ) Football - New ROM, 2K ROM doubled up to 4K, 2 bytes different from NTSC version, all timer register values I have included all ROMS separated and combined for completeness. Unlabeled_8_in_1.zip
  13. There's also this open source EPROM emulator, which can be used with any EPROM board. Emulates 2716 -27512 (2k-64k) and what ever RAM or bankswitching your board has. You can upload a new ROM in a few seconds and it will automatically reset the target when the new image is ready.
  14. I can think of two that I'm also missing from my collection, the cuttle cart 1 and Atari 2600 Maxi cart, which supported 16k ROM no extra RAM from what I can gather.
  15. Yes, I think you guys are right. The pallet seems to be due to NTSC>PAL conversion, but the colors were not changed.
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