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  1. At least at this point we have the Flashback Portable which does anything 2600 I would want, and does it decently well and is probably cheaper than a GBA flashcart anyway.
  2. SRGilbert


  3. Another probably obviously suggestion would be a Lynx Flashback, you wouldn’t even have to change the form factor much if at all.
  4. One feature request I hadn’t seen yet would be the option for a link cable for two player games! I’m sure any sort of wireless connection would be out of the question for the price point though.
  5. Hey gang. I've had this set forever, but only recent realized that it seems a little unusual and was hoping someone might have a little more information. I guess the only difference is the inclusion of Bonk's Revenge with the promo sticker and the sticker on the outer box as well, but I can't find any others like it either on Ebay or using Google Image search? I did find references (but no photos) of a "Bonk Superset" but that was suppose to include a Turbotap and an extra controller, so I'm pretty sure that's not this. The reason I'm asking is I'm thinking of selling it and just want to make sure I'm good on the pricing. Thanks
  6. Well, I think I sort of figured it out. I found my composite cable, and it doesn't do it over that, so it must be generating some sort of RF interference. That might even be why they removed the pins? Next I'll see if it does it with the official Jag RF box.
  7. This might be a weird question, but I'm having an issue. I have two different three button controllers. An early grey button with all the pins and the thicker cable, and a later black button with the "missing" pins and the thinner cable. When I use the grey button controller, pressing the D-pad causes an on screen interference that doesn't happen with the black button. Like the kind you get with moving the RF cable around. It seems to only happen with the D-pad and not the other buttons. This is using a regular RF cable straight into the F connector on the TV. I have a composite AV cable somewhere, but it's not accessible, so I don't know if it happens there too. Anyone else see this?
  8. Yeah, they do kinda look like that. He plays with them. They have lights and motion sensors in them.
  9. Jeez, I haven't posted on here in forever! It's amazing what people will sell for practically nothing at yard sales. This past weekend I found this like guy at a yard sale, a Cozmo robot from Anki. This was brand new, still sealed in the box, was just released last fall, and retails for $180! I see it on the table, marked at $10 so I grabbed it. I love these kinds of things, I have several of the Robosapian line as well as various other modern and vintage robot toys and this one is pretty neat. He's basically like what would be if Wall*E and Eve had a baby.
  10. The bear is from the Fisher Price Circus Train set. The Ms Pacman is a wireless unit, the bottom is the receiver and plugs into the tv.
  11. I was wondering about that too. Back in the day, I was ALL about the soft-modded OG Xbox. I think at one point I had at least three of them throughout the house for media streaming. Since then I've transitioned to using cheap laptops and PCs and retired them all but one. I don't really care about playing pirates, and if you can't run Kodi or at least easily run emulators, hacking doesn't seem to have much point.
  12. Thanks! Another question, it's telling me to update it. Is there any downside to doing this? I know with some consoles, you can do some interesting hacks depending on the current OS installed.
  13. Hello gang. I don't post in the Modern Gaming board, well, ever. The most recent consoles I own are probably the PS2 and Wii, if that gives you any idea. Anyway, on a whim, I bought an Xbox 360 set this weekend at a yardsale. It's a 2010 "S" model in black with a 250 GB hard drive, 2 MS brand wireless controllers with a charging stand, a Connect and a few games for $45 total. I'm a lifelong classic gamer who mostly likes arcade style games. I don't play sports games, and FPS games like Halo don't hold much interest for me either. I need a reason to put this in the rig. Do I need an Xbox live account to use this thing?
  14. Experience (which is more vast than I care to admit) tells me that this was some collectors/sellers "one of these days" dregs piles that they never got to. I'm slowly working my way through my own pile. Still, for 5 bucks, I would have grabbed it myself! That's a good amount of work though.
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