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  1. Hey, just throwing this out there, but if anyone in the n.w. indiana area is interested in a Bagman Arcade, I'm ready to part with mine, and willing to sell for what I paid ($250 - which ain't a bad price) You'd have to pick it up, however, as I don't have any way of shipping it. Would also trade for the right big ol' pile of lego.
  2. Where in God's name is the Archon love?!? For shame!!!
  3. Pffft! Try it with both difficulty switches set to A, and THEN it is harder. Maybe that is the "subtle" difference the writer was talking about. That just made my afternoon... Thx man, I have a new desktop now!
  4. I'd show up from down here in Southern Indiana if I could! That would rock...I've considered doing the same thing, if anything, just to see what kind of interested I could drum up here in the Hoosier state! I may start a thread somewhere to see who else in IN is a Atari collector/enthusiast. Dr. Galaga lives a few blocks away from me... with his bad-ass "Galaga" and "Asteroids" arcade games... *sigh*... well, I've got "Marble Madness", "Final Fight", "Bagman" and a killer Ms. Pac cocktail table...
  5. I smiled when I saw this on CNN - but I did cringe a bit when reading some of the comments below. Perhaps if those folks had read this thread they might have a bit more perspective on this whole thing. Although I guess I can relate, having overheard two people talking about the thousands they had spent on old fishing lures. Makes no sense to me, but I guess that's the beauty of life - that we all have different things that turn us on. And yea, Room 34, things have changed since the old days - I do miss the tight knit community we had back then - but I have been enjoying reading all the wonderful comments from the "noobs" (as it were.) We all were new to everything at one time. I do miss the pirate threads however, and does anyone remember the "cross-over week" with digital press and "jet-gate"? Good times... As a final thought, I'm just glad that we've got all sorts of new people to become friends with because of this. Makes me wanna organize some sort of atari fest up here in NW Indiana.
  6. I had to laugh, 'cause that's exactly how my boxed "Math Grand Prix" arrived off of ebay - packing tape all around the box, and a little post-it note with my address on it. This whole thread makes me happy for the following reasons: 1: That was one exciting auction ending! 2: We've got a whole mess of new folk poking about the site. 3: Chickybaby sums up the feel of the site thru her comments (extended family)! Peace to all, Andrew
  7. "That last point is totally unrelated, yet notable..." Damn that's funny! Thanks for the laugh!
  8. Yep... that was the link - thanks so much - I laughed just as hard the second time around... (And doesn't that dude on the checkers cart look like luke skywalker?)
  9. A while back somebody posted a link to a website with all sorts of funny 2600 box art - among which was "Buzz Aldren's Rainbow Tennis"... anyone know where that link went? My search has come up empty!
  10. It looks suspiciously like the Chief is flipping the bird...
  11. When the money becomes available... I'll get this one too! But Stan, I've got a ? for you... A few posts back, you said you've got no scratch for this... a few posts later, you've got it! Did you finally pull that bank heist you've been planning all these years?
  12. STAN-O!!! Good to see ya, good sir! Where'd your hair go?

    Peace and happiness!!!

  13. Just did a forum search, and didn't find this question addressed... so... here goes. I REALLY don't feel like dragging my butt outta bed early Friday morning to deal with the crazy crowds, so... any online deals worth setting the alarm clock for? I play and dig just about everything, so there's no limits there - and nothing I'm particularly looking for - but a good deal always makes me happy. The only "real world" deal that tempts me is the $20 Old Navy Lego Rockband deal - but I just can't justify shopping at 3 bloody a.m.! Anyone?
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