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  1. So, the images on my sale listing are gone, but the bigger issue is that I can't seem to edit the post. Am I missing something?

    1. jaybird3rd


      The posts and indexes are still being rebuilt, so for now, things will appear to be broken or missing.  Please be patient while this process completes.  As for editing the post, let Albert or one of the moderators know (just submit a report which includes your desired changes).  The ability to indefinitely edit a post was a change made to the old forums; this will need to be re-added to the new forums.

    2. Albert


      What @jaybird3rd said above. The images that are currently missing across the forums will reappear as post content is rebuilt, which is taking place in the background. And the "indefinite" editing feature will return.

    3. _The Doctor__
  2. [attachment=628870:IMG_0219.jpg] [attachment=628874:IMG_0220.jpg]   Sega Mega Drive/Genesis collection $325 shipped Lot includes games, Power Base Mini FM, Rhino Pad controller, HD Retrovision component cables (with Genesis 1 adapter), and Duo M1 power supply. The system itself has been modded for SVideo and has JP/US and PAL/NTSC region switches, and appears to be a VA5 or VA6 unit (it has the AV terminal text on the case, but has TMSS). Bayou Billy $5 Retro Game Cave Duo-N AC adapter $20 Works with NES and Super NES systems. Turbo Duo composite cable $5 Super R-Type $5 Darius Twin $10 A Boy and His Blob $7 Zanac $10 The Immortal $8 Top Gun $5 Top Gun: The Second Mission $5 Clash at Demonhead $10 Renegade $5 Tiny Toon Adventures $5 Tiny Toon Adventures 2 $10 Puyo Puyo (FDS) $30 Sega CD 2 spacer and shielding bits $20 8bitdo FC30 Pro controller $30 All boxes and manuals FOR OFFER   [attachment=638765:IMG_0270.jpg] [attachment=638766:IMG_0271.jpg] [attachment=638769:IMG_0272.jpg] Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box Volume 1-$80 Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box Volume 2-$85 Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box Volume 3-$80 Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box Volume 4-$110 Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box Volume 5-$85 Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box Volume 6-$90 Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box Volume 7-$115 Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks-$4 Dragon Ball Z: Bardock The Father of Goku-$8 Dragon Ball Season 1 (UK Release) $12 Dragon Ball: Commander Red Saga-$4 Dragon Ball: Tournament Saga-$15 Dragon Ball: Red Ribbon Army Saga-$10 Dragon Ball: Fortune Teller Baba Saga-$7 Dragon Ball: Tien Shinhan Saga-$5 Dragon Ball: General Blue Saga-$4 Dragon Ball: King Piccolo Saga Part 1-$10 Dragon Ball: King Piccolo Saga Part 2-$10 Dragon Ball: Piccolo Jr. Saga Part 1-$5 Dragon Ball: Piccolo Jr. Saga Part 2-$4  He-Man/She-Ra A Christmas Special $5 Star Trek: Voyager Season 1 $10 Star Trek: Voyager Season 2 $12 Quantum Leap Season 1 $8 Quantum Leap Seasons 1 and 2 $5 Sports Night: The Complete Series $5 The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (Blu-ray/DVD) $5 X-Files: Season 2 $8 X-Files: Season 2 $5 Doesn't have the packaging, but includes the 7th disc that isn't in the other version of this set that I'm selling. Batman: The Movie $2 Airplane! $2 Apocalypse Now $2 The West Wing Season 1 $4 The West Wing Season 2 $4 Doctor Who: Black Orchid $15 Doctor Who: The Sontaran Experiment $2 Doctor Who: Robot $10 Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks (UK release) $2 Doctor Who: The Ark in Space Special Edition (UK release) $5 Doctor Who: The Visitation Special Edition (UK release) $5 Doctor Who: Earthshock (UK release) $2 Doctor Who: Four to Doomsday (UK release) $2 Doctor Who: The Leisure Hive (UK release) $5 Doctor Who: Meglos (UK release) $5 Doctor Who: The E-Space Trilogy (UK release) $10 Doctor Who: New Beginnings (UK release) $10 Doctor Who: Dalek War (UK release) $8 Doctor Who: The Green Death Special Edition (UK release) $5 Garfield and Friends Volumes 3-5 $10 each Dirty Harry Ultimate Collector's Edition $40 Darkman (HD DVD) $1 Clerks 2 (HD DVD) $1 Mallrats (HD DVD) $1 Gone With the Wind $4 Paula Abdul-Forever Your Girl $2 Journey-Greatest Hits $2 Van Halen-Van Halen $2 Sarah McLachlan-Fumbling Towards Ecstasy $2   [attachment=605024:IMG_0142.jpeg]   Star Trek Original Series cast plate $35 Star Wars plate $15 Empire Strikes Back plate $15 Enterprise mini plate $3 Star Trek Generations stamp plaque $15 Star Trek 25th Anniversary stamp/envelope set (signed by William Shatner) $30 Captain Picard silver coin $30 Joe Montana career card set $5 Joe Montana football card (signed) $75   Now for the boring part: prices do not include shipping, but are negotiable. If it's not listed (see: all the boxes and instructions), make an offer.
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