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  1. Analogue has occasionally updated the firmware after a major restock, but this isn't applicable right now since the Super Nt and Mega Sg are in stock and appear to have been for a while. Quite frankly, the community is going to have to create its own firmware (as happened with the Powerpak) to see the remaining issues with Analogue's hardware ironed out if the status quo maintains itself.
  2. I haven't been able to reliably play my FDS in YEARS because the Nt Mini can't properly (as shown in the deep recesses of this thread) read the RAM adapter. So, please, tell me more about how I shouldn't expect more updates to my console because there was a surprise re-engineering. And then tell me how the Intellivision WASN'T a long-promised core on the original Nt Mini.
  3. Another Mega Sg issue that needs tending to concerns playing Lunar on the Sega CD. The game literally reboots when you push Start on the title screen, and a quick Google search reveals that this has been outstanding for quite a while.
  4. If Kevtris is not going to do it himself and/or Analogue isn't going to provide him with the time and/or resources to implement these fixes, then maybe the community will have to step in, as is the case with the PowerPak, which Bunnyboy abandoned development on WELL before Krikzz came on the scene, and has since been improved greatly (to the point where it's still a viable flash cart option).
  5. I was hoping/expecting firmware upgrades to fix things (such as the fact that it's been years since I've been able to reliably play my FDS because of the RAM Adapter read issues discussed in this thread) when this final run was announced with the details given. Now, with us being told literally as a huge delay in shipping was announced that the system has been massively improved, I'm left wondering if existing Nt Mini owners are going to get the shaft with some of this. The term "bait and switch" definitely applies right now.
  6. Not in the jailbreak mode (i.e., ROMs). And a number of people (myself included) have issues with the NT Mini properly reading the RAM adapter, as has been discussed in this thread.
  7. This is just a random thought I had, but is it possible that the Analogue 8 is a catch-all for various 8-bit computers, like the C64, Atari 8-bit line/5200, MSX 1/2, and so on?
  8. The SegaScope 3-D (and the Famicom 3D System, for that matter) uses a shutter-based system that doesn't work with LCD TVs because it's designed around CRT technology.
  9. THE CORD IS PINCHED. Period. That's not perfect. And that's without even considering that you can't fully close the large door when playing Famicom games, or how this all fails to take the short cord length of the RAM adapter into account. And come to think of it, wasn't there some issue with the cart slots that required replacement parts to be sent out? Complain as you will about the Nt Mini's cart doors scuffing games, having to send replacement parts to buyers is generally a sign that something got messed up.
  10. It can't even properly fit the system's major add-on, so between that and the lack of a microphone input, the AVS is a travesty of good design in light of how the prototype got it right. Who cares if it resembles a long-forgotten NOAC? Also, is there any word of a Mega SG jailbreak firmware update to match the official update that just came out?
  11. The issue would be getting Marshall to actually mass-produce his board, or to allow someone else to mass-produce his boards, because everything I've read implies that he's SUPER picky about the UltraHDMI, perhaps excessively so, and the availability of units continuing to be wildly inconsistent and limited bears this out.
  12. FDS games were a bit limited in memory size, so some of these issues can be chalked down to the format, as the switch to cartridge (and abandonment of the save system) saw an increase in available memory.
  13. It's so much fun checking in on this thread to see if there's any updates with all things Kevtris/Analogue, only to find someone waging a holy war about the evil taxes he has to pay.
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