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  1. I'm open to shipping to the UK. Also, the listing has been updated to reflect items that are on hold due to pending payments and the like.
  2. More items: Excitebike manual-In fine condition. $.50 Heroes: Season 1-This is the version with the special art cards. $6 Die Another Day DVD-Works great, and case and slipcover only have modest wear and tear. $2 Austin Powers in Goldmember-Only watched once. $2 Batman Begins Limited Edition-Disc One refuses to read, and I've tried resurfacing it multiple times, to no avail. However, the rest of the package is minty fresh. $1
  3. More, new stuff for sale, and/or trade. To make things easier, I'm going to try and set aside one day a week (probably Friday or Sunday) for shipping stuff out. Prices below don't include shipping, however I will again be trying to fit stuff into flat-rate boxes before playing with plain boxes. OLEVIA BLU-RAY PLAYER Includes remote (with batteries) and instructions. The player works fine, but it's been 2 years without a firmware upgrade, and it's merely a matter of time before something (read: something from Fox) comes out that refuses to play. $50 Final Fantasy IIj repro-This uses the US proto ROM, as opposed to Neo Demiforce's fan translation. $20 80 GB iPod Classic (for parts)-This iPod has a number of issues-the headphone jack is shot (outputs only the left channel), the battery is at the end of its rope (Maybe 3 hours of music with a full charge), the screen has something wrong with it, and the case has a few relatively minor nicks. However, I think that the thing is still salvageable with some effort. $50 Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls-Complete, though I managed to spill soda on the manual. $5 GBA Namco Museum-Complete. $2 Tekken Advance box $.50 PS2 NBA 2K5-Everything is in good condition overall. $.50 UBI SOFT WII DRIVING WHEEL It's not as nice as the Nintendo one, but it does the job. $.50 Gran Turismo 1-$.50 PGA Tour Golf II-Works, and has the instructions. $1.50 The AV cables (Sony composite) are official and working. $1 each Colecovision system manual $.50 Konami Arcade Advanced-The manual is starting to fall apart, but otherwise, everything is nice. $2 Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2-Game only, in a generic case. Some scratches, but nothing that prevents playing the game. $.50 Tony Hawk's Underground-Game only, and in a generic case, but much heavier scuffing than NFS. $.50 Xbox 360 faceplate $1 DS Lite manual-In fine overall condition. $1 Lego Star Wars II-Similar to Tony Hawk, though the generic case is a PS2 case with the plastic label art holder torn off. $.50 32MB PS2 memory card-Unlicensed, and appears to work. $2 64MB PS2 memory card-Same as above. $4 Snafu (Intellivision)-The label and case are in poor shape, but the game plays. $.50 Sega Screams Saturn Demo-I haven't tested it, but everything seems fine. $.50 Mortal Kombat (Genesis)-Has the cart, case, and manual. $8 Puggsy-Includes cart and case. $2 Game Gear Battery Pack-I have no idea where the AC adapter half (same as a Genny 2 AC adapter) went to, though. $1
  4. Bump. Everything sold has been shipped as of Tuesday.
  5. Do both the Famicom and the FDS come with their power supplies, or is it just the Famicom?
  6. Kiwi Kraze and the 5200 controllers are gone (updating it now, in fact), but everything else is still available.
  7. Bump. I'll be shipping stuff out later today.
  8. I recently made a trade with Chris, and everything went smoothly, and my games arrived in great shape. Thanks!
  9. Everything has been shipped out as of Thursday, but please be advised that a 3-D World Runner cart got mixed in with someone else's order. Please PM me if it ends up in your package.
  10. atari2600land communicates well, pays fast, and seems like an altogether good guy. Thanks again!
  11. If you guys will forgive me the sin of cross-poting across forums, here's my sale items, which have been up at Digital Press for a few weeks now. I accept Paypal (probably preferable to money orders right now due to my bank's new deposit method), and have been trying to ship the bigger lots via flat-rate priority mail boxes. PlayStation You Don't Know Jack Disc 1: Disc only, in a white sleeve. Has some scratches on the surface. $.50 Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver: Disc only, in a jewel case. Ex-rental with some scratches. $2 The World is Not Enough: Jewel case is in approximately the same shape as GT 2's. Game has moderate scuffing, but plays fine. $3 Stuart Little 2: Another scuffed, cracked case. Manual is fine, and game has some scuffing. $3 Tomb Raider GH $2 Official Sony Composite Cables $2 Capcom Generation 1 (JP): Game needs to be resurfaced. $3 Saturn Composite Cable $2 NES 1943-$4 Astyanax-$3 Athena-$3 Baseball Simulator 1.000-$3 Castlequest-$4 City Connection-$4 Code Name Viper-$3 Fester's Quest-$2 Golgo 13-$4 Gumshoe-$3 Kung Fu-$3 Milon's Secret Castle-$3 NES Play Action Football-$2 Operation Wolf-$3 POW-$5 Rad Racer-$3 Robo Warrior-$3 Rush'n Attack-$4 Seicross-$3 Side Pocket-$2 Starship Hector-$3 Super Spike V'Ball-$4 Whomp'Em-$3 Yoshi's Cookie-$5 Official Nintendo AC Adapter-$5 Official Nintendo RF Switch-$3 Destination Earth Star manual $1 OR, all non-pending games and accessories for $60! Atari 5200 (RealSports) Football: It's just the plain release, without the RealSports name. Cart + two overlays. $1 Pac-Man $1 AC cable: It works great, even with the scratched Fuji logo. $3 Atari 2600 Demons to Diamonds: Label is pretty heavily worn. $.50 Generic power supply x2 $1 each Atlantis $4 Kaboom! $3 Pitfall! (heavily damaged label and exposed screws) $.50 Video Pinball $2 Defender (damaged picture label) $.50 Or, all games for $6! Colecovision Donkey Kong $1 PlayStation 2 Official Sony Component Cables $5 Tomb Raider Anniversary $4 NBA 2K5 $1 Xbox Official Microsoft Composite Cables $3 Genesis Official Sega 3-button controller $3 Game Gear Official Sega Battery pack w/AC adapter (to the best of my knowledge, it works) $4 Master System Great Football (with box) $.50 Great Baseball (with damaged manual and damaged box) $.50 Game Boy Official Nintendo Cleaning Kit: Only used a few times. $.50 N64 Wave Race 64 (used sticker on back) $4 Intellivision Space Spartans $4 VHS Assorted '80s Looney Tunes tapes $1.50 for all 6 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe tapes, "Into the Abyss" and "The Problem With Power": These two tapes were bundled with figures from the 2002 toyline. The slipcase for "The Problem With Power" is heavily worn, but both tapes play well. $.50 per tape She-Ra: Princess of Power complete VHS set: All tapes are in fine shape, in (mostly) good condition original packaging. $1 per tape, or $8 for all 14 tapes Star Wars Trilogy Box Set: The tapes and inner materials are in pretty good shape for its age, but the blue case and and hologram show signs of scuffing and peeling. $7
  12. I've had no real complaints with my systems on the HDTV. While playing Ken Griffey Presents on my Super NES (using S-Video), there was occasional, minor ghosting/break-up during throws, but nothing that came close to interfering with gameplay. Also, my AV-modded 7800 seems to output odd artifacts in 2600 mode, but I already have an AV-modded 2600, so it's not a huge issue to me.
  13. Count me in on the if/pending list for the system.
  14. As a fan of movies and TV, I have three words for you: PAL Speed Up.
  15. I see. So how do I secure this bad boy to POKEY?
  16. There's none that I'm aware of. Of course, I had to search through the AA forums for install directions when I received the thing. (Yep, that's right-it came without the instructions.)
  17. I have the Wico keypad, and it's very sturdy. If you can score one for a decent price, you won't be disappointed.
  18. After waiting some 3 months, I finally got 8bitdomain's AV mod kit for my 5200 (a 2-porter with the BIOS of a 4-port system) last month. The cords were woefully short, it came only with an S-Video out for the picture (no problem since I have purchased an HDTV in the interim), but it worked. So, today, I turn on the thing for the first time in a month, and no sound. I crack it open, and everything looks/seems functional. A quick check using the RF lead reveals that POKEY is alive and kicking (and that an unshielded 5200 using RF looks like crap on an HDTV). So, apparently, the wiring is FUBAR. I, however, have zero confidence with soldiering and the like (hence the 8bitdomain kit), so fixing this thing is beyond my means (and I really can't afford sending off the 5200 and paying for another mod atm). So, what are my chances of getting this thing to work without outside assistance? And what are my chances of getting help from 8bitdomain?
  19. Nah, it was the end of Star Trek. After all, what does ET have to rely on for exclusives without one of the spinoffs in production on the back lot?
  20. If you do pop out the 2-port's BIOS for a 4-port BIOS, does this disable support for the 2600 adaptor?
  21. Is there any other place to get these boards? 8bitdomain appears to be out of everything.
  22. Besides a brief period towards the end of the N64 days (most of the issues of which I've managed to get my hands on, as well as replacing some ragged older issues), I've been a loyal subscriber since I got my NES. If NP is killed off (and it's been on a decided upswing in the past few years, too), it would be very, very sad.
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