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  1. If you do pop out the 2-port's BIOS for a 4-port BIOS, does this disable support for the 2600 adaptor?
  2. Is there any other place to get these boards? 8bitdomain appears to be out of everything.
  3. Besides a brief period towards the end of the N64 days (most of the issues of which I've managed to get my hands on, as well as replacing some ragged older issues), I've been a loyal subscriber since I got my NES. If NP is killed off (and it's been on a decided upswing in the past few years, too), it would be very, very sad.
  4. Well, given that the, er, assets of DOA's female characters are the main selling point, and seem to be a tad lacking (largely for logistical reaspns) from the movie, I'd say no.
  5. Wow, it's like Qix had sex with Pacman and that windows bouncy ball game. I don't know if I should congratulate Qix for its sexual prowress, or call it a dirty slut.
  6. Red ink is like gold in Australia.
  7. Ignoring the physical difficulties, the NES can't support the FDS channel or the external sound chips. I want to say that the system can be modified to enable it, but I'm probably very wrong.
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